I don't own the definition of 'Flying Buttress' That came from Wikipedia, OF WHICH I OBVIOUSLY DON'T OWN! And btw: I don't own Metropolis or any of its charicters either.

Another episode of ASK ROCK!

Starts... NOW! XD

1: Rock, have you ever had to face -gasp- valley girls? Have you ever
one (or more) ?

2: Dukie, is Enmy secretly Tima's mom?

3: Enmy, are you secretly Tima's mom? It totally works...I have issues.

4: Tima, technically you're human in every aspect except, well, you
know. So
doesn't that mean you'd have "human" thoughts about Kenichi?

5: Shunsaku Ban, do you know what a flying buttrice is?

6: Everyone, if I was a character in Metropolis, DESCRIBE ME!

From Rock's Former Semi-Fangirl and Thinker of Disturbing Thoughts,
Kairi Uzeniba

Dear Kairi Uzeniba (Rock: odd last name, eh?)

1. Rock: ... Does Tima count? 0.o (thinks about it) There was this time where I had to face one. Yeah... didn't shoot her though. I just threw her off the top of a ninety story building.

2. Dukie: No. Straight forward, no.

3. Enmy: (whispers) Yes. Definately, yes. But it is a secret. So don't tell Dukie. XD

4.Tima: Huh?

Kenichi: '//.//' Ah! Nothing, Tima!

Rock: Tima?

Tima: Hm?

Rock: Do you comprehend, 'sexual'?

Kenichi: AH! SHUT UP! (imagine this in his annoying Japanese voice XDDD)

5. Shunsaku Ban: A flying buttress is usually on a religious building, used to transmit the thrust of a vault across an intervening space, which might be an aisle, chapel or cloister, to a buttress outside the building.

Rock: I think she said 'buttrice'.

S.B.: That must have been a typo.

Rock: No.

S.B.: ...

Enmy: That brings bad images to mind.

Rock: ...

6. Rock: Okay... You would be a Marduke.

Kenichi: Nu-uh.

Atlas: Upper class, by the way you form your words.

Rock: Where the hell did you come from?

Atlas: ... (runs away)

Enmy: Maybe not upper class... But close to it. A maid, maybe? XD

Kenichi: A perverted maid.

Rock: Helps me kill Tima.

Enmy: XD

Kenichi: She is nice, and SAVES her from Rock. Unlike Enmy...

Tima: She is a robot.

Everyone else: ...

x Rock, Tima, Kenichi, Atlas, Enmy, Shunsaku Ban, Duke Red.

(just an after note:

Kenichi: HA! She is your FORMER fangirl.

Rock: Better watch your back on the way out, kid.

Kenichi: O.O)

I needed something to do. So I updated. Yeah...