Dream With Me

Prologue. Note: Its KUROFAI. Obviously. And..uhh.. I don't think theres any spoilers.
Second Note: KUROGANE HAS A POTTY MOUTH. (And an interesting way with nicknames.)
Summary: Kurogane seems to have woken up in a world by himself, with doors that lead to places that he least expects, and other doors that lead to disappearing people. Of course he'll make it, but just how much of his sanity will he lose?
Disclaimer: I don't own Tsubasa Chronicle. Clamp does.
OH! And the song Fai sings is "You're Not Here" by Akira Yamaoka.

I woke up, my dull senses finally coming to. My head seemed to be in a daze, and as I looked about the seemingly deserted hallway I have been abandoned in, I realized that I had no memory of arriving here. I studied my surroundings, seeing how there's a lack of mages, children, or annoying white buns around, and was the slightest bit surprised about how many doors there were.

Why the fuck would somebody have this many doors? Maybe it's a hotel? I examined the doors, noticing how each one is different, like how the one I'm currently leaning against is a door that's completely black with no handle.

Maybe too many dumbasses entered without knocking? What a brilliant person.

I stood up, brushed myself off, and took a better look at the doors. The one in front of me is blue with white lace on it. Too girly to be anybody other than a particular frilly magician that I know.

I knocked on the door, knowing fully well that there is a possibility that this could be some random person's door. Either way, I was going to get some information about where I am, and how to get out. The door opened by the slightest touch of my hand. I couldn't help but peek in the room, but it was fully unintentional when my legs started walking in by them selves.

Sounds like something that is completely the Space Time Bitch's 'destiny's fault.

Glancing about, I noticed I was now upon a grassy hill, standing next to a certain blonde idiot mage, who didn't seem to notice my entrance. "Oi, mage." I called out, hoping to snap him out of his thought-filled dream and give me some freaking answers.

Damn it, I don't like not knowing where I am. Especially when the only person who seems to know is the King of the Mental Basketcases.

He ignored me, and he continued to sit there lost in his own thoughts. Shortly after, though, his head lolled back and turned toward me, but not quite at me, and sang.
"Blue skies to forever,
Green grass blows in the wind, dancing."

He stood up and began walking down the hill. I followed, not quite sure if I'm supposed to. While I was lost in my own thoughts, he began to sing again.
"It would be a much better sight, with you, with me.
If you hadn't met me, I'd be fine on my own, baby.
Never felt so lonely,
then you, came alone."

I'm not sure if he's spurting out some words of emotions, or if he's just singing. Hell, I don't even know if he realizes I'm here yet.

I decided to take things into my own hands, and I reached out for his shoulder, ready to shake some sense into him. Instead, my hand went through his shoulder and he continued walking, completely oblivious to my attempt to stop him.

He turned and opened his arms, as if to invite somebody to hug him, and indeed, somebody did come along for him to hug. I would have rolled my eyes, or said something about how idiot mages aren't supposed to hug random strangers they find on random worlds, but something caught my attention.

Well, someone caught my interest. "What the Hell?" was all I could muster, but it didn't matter what I said. The hormonal twit still didn't seem to hear me. I'll have to ask him about this whole thing later; when he decides that it's no longer fun to ignore me.

Fai leaned his head against the person who he had his arms around, and as if on queue, the man, who still has my interest, wrapped his arms around Fai, who continued to sing.
"So now what should I do?
I'm strung out, addicted to you.
My body it aches, now that you're gone.
My supply fell through..."

I was getting tired of this song, and my patience was wearing thin. "Oi, mage!" I tried calling him again. He opened his mouth to sing, but I interrupted him. "SHUT UP AND TELL ME WHERE THE FUCK WE ARE!" That got his attention. He let go of his hugging partner, and stared toward me, but still not quite at me, with a scared look, before he literally fizzled out with reality. Or, reality is some pissy bitch who decided that I should be kicked out on my ass because I ruined Dumbass Mcgee's song. Either way, I'm back in the hallway where I started.

Something tells me I'm going to be stuck in this hallway for quite a bit of time.