Epilogue: A Triumphant Return

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Summary - Kurogane seems to have woken up in a world with Sakura, with doors that lead to places that they least expect, and other doors that lead to disappearing people. Sakura comes back, but is she or the kid more embarrassed? KuroFai, SyaoSaku
Note: Uhh… I'm going to base this off of the NON-yaoi version. For my dearest pure-hearted reader who didn't read the lemon version (I'm sure there must be more of you out there, but oh well), Raveresque-Fantastique. I'm just letting you all know, since I changed things slightly in the lemony version, so you won't get confused. Yea. Syaoran interrupted, not Mokona.
Second Note: Yes, Fai does get quite creative when it comes to similes and metaphors.

Fai's Point of View.

I woke up before Kuro-rin, in his arms. I attempted to turn, but he seemed to think something was wrong, and held on to me tighter.

I then tried to wiggle out of his grasp without him waking up, and it seemed that every time I got even relatively close to escaping, he would just pull me back in and hold on tighter.

You know, when he's sleeping, he's not very helpful. I kept on trying everyway I could to get out of his arms, but to no success. I ended up wasting forty-five minutes and a lot of energy with no results.

I, being stuck in his arms, began to slightly pout about being held there.

I waited for about an hour or more before his eyes opened.

"Good morning, Kuro-chan!" I smiled, happy that he finally awoke.

He seemed to notice the pout I previously had, and he released me from his grasp. "How long have you been awake?" he asked, obviously blushing, even though he was attempting not to. He'd say something about how 'ninjas don't blush'.

I lied. "About five minutes? There are no clocks around the bedroom, Kuro-tan, so I can't tell." In truth, I probably had been awake for about two hours. Kuro-yam must have needed his sleep if he slept in THAT late!

He looked at me, and I could tell that he knew that I was lying, but he didn't say anything. I closed my eyes, not really wanting to look at his glare so early in the morning.

As I reopened them, I could tell he was about to ask something I didn't want to answer. So, like usual, I avoided the problem by acting before he did. I quickly kissed him and then darted out of the room. "Breakfast won't make itself, Kuro-pon!"

I ran through the hallway and into the kitchen, where I met Syaoran. He was blushing so much I was afraid his head might explode from all the blood in his head.

"Is something the matter, Syaoran-kun?"

"F-Fai-san! It's just that.. um.." He twiddled his fingers, unsure of how to continue. "the princess woke up this morning." His voice became softer and softer, and I could almost no longer hear him.

My smile grew, though, once I understood what he said. "Oh, did she? I'll go check up on her. Can you start breakfast, Syaoran-kun?"

He stared at me for a minute as if I had asked him if he had a spare wildcat on drugs on him.

Hmm… would Kuro-chan get annoyed if I sent one of those after him? Nah, it would have to be a fluffy not-wildcat on… a pillow... or something. Yea, something cute. If it put up a challenge, Kuro-pon would like it.

Is Kuro-wanko allergic to adorable things? Maybe that's why he's so grumpy. But… wouldn't he be sneezing a lot since he's himself? I bet he'd get really sick if I put him in a puppy outfit! I need to go get one of those. I'll have to go see if there's a Tomoyo in this world that would be able to help me…

"Of course," I added, smirking mischievously "if you aren't used to cooking, I could always ask Sakura-chan to help you."

I knew he wouldn't accept working with Sakura, because if he's blushing like that, something must have happened. Well, more than just last night. If Kuro-tan and I were the reason the kid was blushing so mad, he wouldn't even look at me without turning ten times redder. The kid shook his head "N-no, Fai-san, I'll do it." He darted over to the kitchen and began to work.

Maybe I should send Kurogane to help him and make sure he doesn't set anything on fire…

…Does Kurogane even know how to cook anything more than tea and ramen?

I walked slowly out of the room, curiously watching Syaoran fumble over the ingredients in the kitchen. I wonder if he even knows what he's doing.

Stepping back into the hallway that leads to the bedrooms, I see Kurogane step out of our room. "Kuro-daddy? Can you go make sure Syaoran-kun doesn't burn anything?" I ask innocently.

He raises an eyebrow but doesn't say anything, and starts walking toward the kitchen.

I knocked on the princess's door. "Sakura-chan?" I ask, not really sure if she'd be up. She seems to have a knack for sleeping whenever she's needed or wanted.

"F-Fai-san?!" I hear her run to the door, and fumble over the handle, trying to open it.

I wonder if my adopted children need to take speech lessons or something. They both seem to be quite failing in making sentences without stuttering. But, of course, I can kind of understand why Syaoran was so shy, seeing how I am part of the reason.

I wonder if he knows about the birds and the bees, or if I need to go make Kuro-daddy teach him sex education. Out of Syaoran or Kurogane, who would blush more? Oh my, that would be interesting to see, now wouldn't it?

A click of the door opening snaps me out of my thoughts, and I watch as the door gets opened slightly, just enough for her to see me, and vise versa. The green eyed princess stares at me, and I notice how much she's blushing.

"Welcome back to reality, Sakura-chan!" Mokona pops up from behind me, and jumps at the brown haired girl, successfully pushing the door open, and making the girl fall backwards.

I peek behind me, wondering idly where Mokona could have hid until the door was opened.

I bet it was one of Mokona's 108 secret abilities.

I blink and shake my head, trying to get rid of the thoughts. My mind is really drifting today, isn't it?

It doesn't really matter, though. I'm probably just dazed from the drama from last night.

"Sakura-chan!" I walked in the room as soon as she stood back up, hugged her, and closed the door behind me. "How were Syaoran-kun's dreams?" I asked, not quite knowing what kind of response to get out of her.

She blushed harder.

I had a hypothesis about what Syaoran did in his dreams, which probably was nothing like my own, but I could venture a guess, couldn't I? I bet my smile grew again, because now poor Sakura was looking at me like I could borrow her most frilly pair of panties for my own use. Which, to people who don't know what that expression looks like, looks like quite scared with a small dash of amusement. Quite funny to see, to tell you the truth.

She scrunches her lips together, debating whether or not she should tell me what happened.

I guess the side that wanted to tell me won. "Syaoran-kun…" she glanced away and blushed harder "...sang to me."

He sang? Oh, Kuro-chan would have a hissy fit if he knew that his dearest masculine pupil SANG. "..That's all?" Ahh, I should really watch my mouth! I didn't even realize I said that until after her expression changed.

"No…?" the princess looked up at me, as if, once again, unsure of whether or not to tell me what happened. Hmm…

If Sakura can't decide if she should tell me, and is blushing THIS much, I don't think that Syaoran needs a lesson the sex department.

I almost slapped myself for thinking that about dear Sakura and Syaoran. Of course they wouldn't do that! They're just teenagers.

Of course, when I was that young…

"He kissed me." Sakura's voice snapped me out of my thoughts. I blinked a couple times, not believing my own ears. Syaoran's not that brave, is he?

But, then again, I was just thinking about sex and Syaoran in the same thought. Those are two things that probably won't be in the same place for another couple decades or so.

"..on the hand." Sakura seems to have a habit of snapping me out of my thoughts, but it can't be helped. This sounds more like what Syaoran would do, though.

"FUCK!" A shout was heard from the kitchen, and Sakura, Mokona, who I forgot was listening in the bedroom, and I all ran to the kitchen.

"I'mreallyreallysorry, Kurogane-san!" We ran into the kitchen to see Syaoran on the ground with a cloth, cleaning up a mess of dough and pickles, and Kurogane, whose front side was COMPLETELY covered in the dough and pickle combination.

I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Kuro-yum glared at me, but it didn't have any effect besides making me topple over in my amusement. Sakura, who just came out of her shocked state, giggled a little as well, before apologizing for it and running to help Syaoran and Kurogane clean up.

After a couple minutes of nonstop laughing, which should have discouraged Kuro-pickle to stop trying to glare at me since it obviously didn't work, and a chase around the house caused by Kuro-dough, who really wanted to 'wipe that smile off my face', I walked over to the counter. "Y-you guys go get yourself cleaned up. I'll make dinner." I was still laughing, and had to use the counter to balance myself.

Sakura looked up from her spot on the ground. "Can I help you, Fai-san?" she asked.

"Sure, Sakura-chan." I smiled, and she gleamed, as she often did whenever she didn't feel useless. I'm just happy that Syaoran isn't offering to help. With anymore help like his, I might need couple fire-extinguishers.

Although, I wonder if I could somehow get Syaoran to cover Kuro-chan with chocolate…

Mmm… chocola-

"Fai-san!" Sakura stood up, looking worried, but her actions were a bit too late. My foot slipped on a bit of the dough that Sakura and Syaoran hadn't cleaned up yet, and I fell, landing in the same pile I had just slipped on.

"Oh my…" I lightly chuckled, finding slight humor in my own misfortune.

Does Kuro-tin have a secret fetish for things covered in food, too?

I'll have to try that with honey.

"Are you alright, Fai-san?" Sakura crawled her way over to me, making sure not to get into the mess herself.

I nodded. "Of course, Sakura-chan." I leaned over, checking myself to see how much of my pants was covered in the dough. …I mostly sat in it. Great.

What would Kuro-yim's reaction be to me walking in with a dough-butt while he's probably still changing?

The princess stared at me, noticing I was not paying much attention. "What's wrong, Fai-san?"

Without really thinking, I answered. "I'm just thinking about Kuro-quin." I didn't add in the part about fetishes and dough-butts, but I'm pretty sure she could make up an idea of what I was thinking that was close enough to the actual thing.

She blushed slightly, glancing away from me. I suppose she's still embarrassed that the dream world acknowledged her love for Syaoran and let her hear things that she wouldn't have been able to hear otherwise, and I'm not helping her overcome that embarrassment.

It's not like I'm much different, though. Does Kuro-click really love me?

"Idiot. You're not getting much done when you're sitting in a pile of gunk." I glance up, and the man of my thoughts is there.

I smile. Didn't the dream world already prove he does?

And in any case, I've still got my dreams if he ever changes his mind.


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