Disclaimer: I don't own Mario, Nintendo does, nor do I own Richard III, William Shakespeare does. But, I do own the way I substitute Mario characters for the Richard III characters, and the liberties I take with the lines of the play while converting them to this Mario-centered fanfic that's written in (mostly) modern English.

Author's Note: I just finished studying Richard III in my High School English class, and I though it was a great story, but the old English was very hard to read. We watched a couple movie adaptations including one set in 20th century England, but it still used the old English, which made no sense (in every sense of the word). I started wondering if anyone made a modern English 'translation' of Richard III, like West Side Story is for Romeo and Juliet. But, instead of going out and finding one, I figured it would be much more fun to write one myself, but I didn't like the play that much. So, I decided to make it about Mario characters – that way I could make it way more easy to understand and way more interesting for videogame nerds like myself. Therefore, you don't have to be a Shakespeare fanatic to read this fic, just a Mario fan.

Rated T for language, violence, character death, and some mature themes.

But, before anything else, here's a cast of characters so those of you familiar with Richard III will know who's who. Please note that the relationships between the Richard III characters don't always apply to the Mario characters. For instance, the Koopalings are still siblings even though their Richard III equivalencies are siblings, children, cousins etc. The only difference for the Mario characters is that the Koopalings are all adults in this play, although I'm not going to describe what they look like (save for Bowser Jr. and Wendy) in this fic. to make it simpler. Feel free to image them however you want. (I personally have Lemmy looking like he does in the classic games, with the others more like how they're described in my fanfic, Super Koopa World, except for their heights, making them only a bit taller than humans and regular Koopas, rather than Bowser-sized.) On a final note, some Mario characters will be playing the roles of multiple (minor) Richard III characters, to make things even simpler, and a bit more interconnected.

Cast of Characters

Houses of York, Lancaster and Tudor (in Richard III):

Richard: Bowser Jr.
Clarence, his brother: Morton Jr.
King Edward IV, their other brother: Roy
Queen Elizabeth, Edward's wife: Kammy
Prince Edward, their eldest son: Iggy
York, their other son: Wendy
Princess Elizabeth, their daughter: Toadette
Rivers, Queen Elizabeth's brother/Grey, her son that's not by Edward IV: Lemmy
Dorset, Queen Elizabeth's other son that's not by Edward IV: Lakitu
Duchess of York, Richard, Clarence and Edward IV's mother: Bowser
Buckingham, Richard's cousin: Larry

King Henry VI, murdered by Richard prior to play: Mario
Queen Margaret, widow of Henry VI: Peach
Edward, Prince of Wales, their only son: Luigi
Lady Anne, betrothed to Prince Edward: Daisy

Stanley, second husband of Margaret Beaufort: Ludwig
Margaret Beaufort (not appearing in the play), mother of Richmond: Cackletta
Richmond: Fawful

Non Relatives (in Richard III):

Hastings: Petey Piranha
Mistress Shore, Hasting's and Edward IV's servitor: Candy Kong
Archbishop/Scrivener/Three Citizens/Clarence's Kids (also part of the House of York): Hammer Bros.
Catesby/Cardinal: King Boo
Ratcliffe/Tyrell/two murderers: Kamek
Lovell/Ely/other Lords: Wario, Waluigi
Norfolk: Wart
Brackenbury: Toad
Mayor: Toadsworth
Richmond's allies: Yoshi, Birdo, Prince Peasley, Queen Bean

All other characters are not listed (i.e. Messengers, etc.).

Now, with all that out of the way you can finally proceed to the actual fic.