A/N: And so it ends, with these last two scenes. Big thanks to everyone who bothered to read this far.

In the first scene I swapped King Boo's and Kamek's roles around (Kamek's character isn't even in this scene in the play – Wart's is instead). This scene is mostly based on the play, but I took some of it from the Richard III movie adaptation starring Ian McKellan.

I took a lot of liberties with the final scene. In Richard III, it was mostly optimistic dribble spoken by Fawful's character about valor and justice and all that jazz. My version's a bit funnier, has expository information concerning the battle, and the 'good-guys' don't necessarily live 'happily ever after'….

Act V. Scene vi.

Kamek landed his broom – flying was impossible by this point. The air was thick with sand: people were fighting mere meters away but Kamek couldn't see them. The battle had begun less than an hour ago and it was already looking grim. Suddenly King Boo appeared, and for once, Kamek didn't jump. "What?"

"The Clown Car's crashed!" reported King Boo, shouting in order to be heard above the howling wind. "Fawful shot it down!"

"Where did it land?" asked Kamek, also yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Over there!" King Boo waved his stubby little arm over his shoulder. "But I've gotta go, the sun'll be shining down on us any minute now!"

"But it'll never be able to shine through all this dust!" protested Kamek, wondering how Fawful had conjured up a wind that could create such a blinding sandstorm.

King Boo shrugged and disappeared. Suddenly Kamek heard Junior's voice on the wind: "An Ostro! An Ostro! My kingdoms for an Ostro!"

Junior stumbled into sight, his sword was drawn and his scarf was hanging loosely from his neck, his snout exposed to the open air.

"Your Highness! Over here!" called Kamek, rushing over to Junior, but what he saw made him stop dead in his tracks. "Th- those black spots! What happened?"

"None of your business!" snapped Junior, griping his sword tighter.

"But sire, that's black magic! The Mark of the Dead! And those scratches too!"

"I said it's none of your business!" screamed Junior, pushing Kamek away.

"Junior! I must insist-"

But as Kamek jumped to his feet Junior thrust his sword forward and into the Magikoopa's stomach. Kamek gasped and Junior pulled his sword back, letting the old wizard fall to the ground. He didn't mean to do it – Kamek shouldn't have kept pestering him… But Junior had killed too many people to care anymore, and he turned and stumbled through the dust storm, his sword still gleaming red with Kamek's blood. "An Ostro! An Ostro! My kingdoms for an Ostro!"

Kamek watched him go. Junior was marked by the dead: he had black magic flowing through his veins, black magic he had extended to Kamek, black magic that damns all who it touches to a slow and painful death. Well, thought Kamek as his world faded into blackness, at least he'll die too.

"An Ostro! An Ostro! My kingdoms for an Ostro!"

Act V. Scene v.

Junior struggled through the winds, blinded by sand and rage as he searched for Fawful, or any other enemy he could slice open, for that matter. Suddenly, out of the blowing sands appeared Fawful himself, hovering with his headgear.

Junior roared and lunged towards his opponent, but Fawful easily flew out of his sword's way, blasting the Dragon-Koopa with a bolt of electricity as he went by. Junior grunted in pain and whipped his sword around, once again missing Fawful and getting electrocuted for his troubles.

"Coward! Real men fight, not fly away," mocked Junior.

"Idiot of foolishness! I am not being a man, I am being a Bean!" responded Fawful, before zapping Junior once again.

The King roared and spat a massive fireball at Fawful, but the flames were doused by the sandstorm before they could reach their target. Junior hissed in anger and once again lunged at Fawful. While the maniacal Bean dodged the attack, instead of shocking Junior, he used the vacuum on his headgear to suck up the king's sword.

"Hey!" exclaimed Junior.

"Now you are having NOTHING!" cackled Fawful.

"Oh yeah?" sniggered Junior, whipping his scepter out from his shell and firing a powerful spell at Fawful. It took the Bean be surprise and hit his headgear, spinning it out of control.

"Oh no! It is the malfunction!" screeched Fawful as the headgear smashed him into the ground.

"Now who has nothing?" sneered Junior, once again blasting at Fawful.

The nimble Bean somehow managed to wrench his skull free of the ruined headgear and escaped the spells, but the tail of his tattered red cloak was singed by a hex. Fawful noticed this and was not happy. "My cloak of redness! I HAVE FURY!"

"That and nothing else!" mocked Junior, laughing.

Fawful turned red with rage; he prepared to lunge at the much larger Dragon-Koopa, but noticed something glittering out of the corner of his eye. He turned and looked at the wreckage of his headgear: the containing area had been blasted open by Junior's last spell and the hilt of his sword now lay in the desert sand. Fawful's eyes glittered as he jumped over and pulled the blood-stained and sand-encrusted blade out of the mechanism, Junior was too busy laughing to notice, still thinking the fight was as good as over, and that he was on the cusp of winning the war.

But he was wrong.

Fawful heaved with all his might and jumped into the air. "Fink-rat! Have you readyness for this?"

"What?" gasped Junior, raising his wand, but a large gust of wing tore through the scene and knocked the Dragon-Koopa over, his scepter falling to the ground. The same gust of wind caught under Fawful's cloak and lifted him higher into the air. He cackled and dived at his adversary, driving the tip of the sword into King Bowser Jr.'s chest.

Suddenly the wind stopped, first around Fawful then radiating throughout the whole area. In a flash, the entire battlefield was cleared of flying dust as the sand fell to the ground through the now unmoving air. Everyone stopped fighting and turned in the direction that the wind first stopped, and gaped at what the saw.

Fawful was still gripping the sword that was sticking out of Junior's chest, before gasping in shock and letting go, hopping backwards from the dying king. But Junior wasn't going to go without a fight – he pulled the sword from his body and turned it on Fawful. But as Junior stepped forward the black spots of ghostly blood spread, turning Junior's entire face and then his entire body varying shades of black and grey. The collapsing king barely managed one last, anguished scream before he melted into a seething pile of black goo at Fawful's feet.

"The Mark of the Dead," breathed Peasley, who happened to be nearby.

Everyone started muttering but Fawful spoke up. "Silencing! You who are being Koopas, Mushrooms or other people who are inhabiting the Kingdoms of Koopa or Mushroom, or of the Land of Sarasa, the dog who is bloody like a butcher shop run by a man who is untidy, is being dead! You are not having a king! So now you are all being subjects of the one who is I, Fawful! Rurururu!"

There was silence for a second, then Wart – who had been near the back of the crowd – broke it. "Never!" he screamed, stabbing both Wario and Waluigi (who he had been fighting before the storm ended), and then running through the crowd, cackling like a maniac.

To stop Wart, Yoshi jumped in front of him. The giant frog screamed and turned around, but it was too late. Yoshi wrapped his long sticky tongue around Wart and pulled him back, miraculously swallowing him in one bite. "Tastes like chicken," remarked Yoshi, as everyone stared at him (except the other Yoshis, who were used to that sort of thing).

"Greatness," said Fawful before people could start talking about Yoshi's freaky eating habits, or about Wario and Waluigi's sudden departure from the world, or whatever else popped into their minds. "Is anyone else being stupid like a Dodo that does not have a brain because it was cut out by a doctor who was insane?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"That is being good, I HAVE FURY! I mean, I HAVE CHORTLES!" announced Fawful. "My army is winning the war. But we are all winning in that the fink-rat Junior who was being King is dead! Now I am owning the title of King! King of the lands of Darkness, Mushrooms and Sarasa! But… not of the Land of Dinosaurs, because that is being Yoshi's, and not of the Land of Beanbean, because that is being the mother of Prince Peasley's," Fawful looked a bit less than pleased when he admitted that he wasn't the king over everything just yet. But he soon perked back up – he was still the king over three large realms, after all, and he was quite pleased about that.

As Fawful laughed merrily about this fact, the newly conquered army smiled uneasily. They weren't sure they particularly wanted a nutcase like Fawful on the throne, but anything was better than Junior. After deciding this, they started cheering, as did Fawful's own army. Fawful grinned and basked in the fame as Ludwig made his way up to him.

"Ludwig, I am being happy to see you," said Fawful. "I had the desire to be fulfilling the promises I made to the one who is you. So, what are you wanting? Power of dangerousness? Land of vastness?"

"Sort of," said Ludwig. "I vould like land, but not for me – for my fazzer, Bowser: I vant you to reinstate him as zee King of Dark Land."

"But he is not having any power, he can not be fighting his enemies."

"Perhaps, but he does not have very many enemies left. Besides. Kammy Koopa vill undoubtedly be at his side at all times, and she is zee most powerful Magikoopa alive. Also, I know zat she and Fazzer vill keep searching for a way to break the curse zat took his powers," explained Ludwig.

"Kammy is being the most magical Magikoopa, but the most powerful witch is being someone else: we should have focus on reviving the Great Cackletta – then she can be returning the power that is Bowser's in no-timeness!" stated Fawful.

Ludwig looked at Fawful; he knew the little Bean still missed Cackletta, but he had no idea he was this obsessed. Still, a promise is a promise. "Vatever you vant to do, I don't care: I just vant Fazzer to be zee King of zee Koopas again."

"O of Kay! Your wish is being granted!" said Fawful.

"Szank you," said Ludwig, bowing his head. The others applauded, glad their new ruler's first royal act wasn't as heinous as King Junior's (everyone knew he had Iggy and Wendy killed the night of his coronation).

Fawful once again beamed at his positive reception: it would make his plan to bring Cackletta back so much easier. Not that she was totally gone, that is. Fawful knew it was his old master that had whipped up the sandstorm – he knew it was her who blew Junior over and allowed Fawful to kill him. He wasn't sure if she had anything to do with the Mark of the Dead that finished Junior off, but she was still the key to Fawful's victory. Now he was in charge of over half the continent, and once Cackletta joined him, they could easily take over the rest of the world. There was no one who could stop them: the Mario bros. were gone and Peach's spirit was tarnished. Even if Bowser regained his power, he and Ludwig would know better than to challenge the Great Cackletta. Yoshi would fall in no time, and with the army Fawful inherited from Junior, the Beanbean Kingdom wouldn't be a challenge at all.

Fawful had it made in the shade, and since the people will love him for killing Junior, that wasn't about to change. It was 'happily ever after' for the world now, but soon the world would be Fawful's and Cackletta's. The Bean knew this, but unlike Junior, he would have patience, not fury: he would hide his machinations with an innocently mad grin, celebrate the fall of his predecessor with the rest of them, and play the part of the people's avenging hero. For now. But one day, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was going to prove himself to be a better villain than King Bowser II ever was – just wait and see.

The End