The hanyou slowly opened his amber eyes as did the miko and the two held a lingering gaze as they broke apart from their tender kiss. Inuyasha smiled and wrapped his arms once more around Kagome, holding her tightly to him. She returned the embrace, closing her arms around his back and held on as if she never wanted to let go. Kagome pressed her face up against the softness of his fire rat, breathing in deep, and taking in his scent. Nothing could even ruin a moment like this. The feeling of Kagome's lips lingered on the hanyou's, and he could never recall feeling anything so powerful, so tender and so warm. The time Kikyou had forced her kiss on him, her lips had been cold and hard.

Nothing felt as amazing as Kagome's kiss, and he would remember their first one for a lifetime to come. From Kagome's lips, to her touch, to her caress, he felt the intense love for him pour through his very skin into the core of his heart. Inuyasha couldn't remember ever feeling anything like this before. Anything that may have came close was the love his mother had for him when he was very small and the way she held him, especially if he had been teased or tormented by human or demon alike. Izayoi and Inuyasha had always suffered through discrimination by humans and youkai because of Inuyasha being only a half-demon. Whenever he had been teased, Izayoi would hold him in her arms and squeeze him gently to let him know she was there to protect him and love him. The hanyou always felt the love the human woman had for him. Inuyasha had also felt the love from Kikyou when she had been alive, but nothing was as strong as the sensation he picked up from Kagome. Her scent even grew stronger as the two held one another, and that's when he knew and finally realized that Kagome was truly in love with him and he with her...

"Inuyasha, I...," came Kagome's voice almost breathlessly.

"That was...," the hanyou struggled to find the right words, gazing down into Kagome's warm eyes.

"Amazing," she finished off for him smiling.

The young miko felt like she was standing on top of the entire world. Kagome couldn't even remember a time where she had felt this elated. She felt light headed the moment she broke from the sweet taste of his lips, and the miko couldn't determine whether it was from her loss of blood or if it was clearly from the feeling Inuyasha had let flow through to the depths of her heart. Kagome had wondered and questioned herself for the longest time if this moment would ever come. She had wondered time and time again that if it did come, what would it be like? Kagome never pictured it to be as romantic as this.

The birds were singing softly in the trees, a gentle breeze was blowing her handsome hanyou's silvery-white mane of hair back, making him look even more inviting. His normally, cold, cranky amber eyes were glistening with happiness and enlightenment. Nobody was around, and the sun's rays were pouring down like a spotlight over the couple. It was like they had the whole world to just themselves, and nobody would interrupt this moment of tenderness and tranquility. The miko pictured it, they were alone, locked into each other's arms, and she almost waited for Shippou to pop out of some random hiding place and tantalize the hanyou for kissing Kagome, but there was nothing. The miko found herself giggling into Inuyasha's shoulder inspite of herself and she gazed up at him adoringly.

"What's so funny?" Inuyasha questioned her, a small flicker of worry crossing his golden eyes. Maybe she didn't like the kiss? Maybe I'm a bad kisser and she's laughing at how bad it was...

"Oh it's nothing," Kagome replied, still looking up at him. "I'm just glad the others weren't here to see this," she added still snickering. "Could you imagine their reaction?"

"Feh, especially Miroku," replied Inuyasha, rolling those amber eyes of his. "He'd probably be chasing Sango all over the place trying to plant one on her right about now."

This caused Kagome to burst out laughing and she took Inuyasha's hand in hers, leading him towards the well so they could sit down together. "We should consider ourselves lucky that Shippou-chan didn't see us either," she added with a grin.

Kagome gazed up at Inuyasha's golden eyes, trying to catch his expression and much to her relief he was smiling, exposing this little, white fangs of his. "Keh, yeah, if Shippou would have caught us, he'd have wish he hadn't by the time I got to him," the hanyou replied arrogantly and stuck his nose in the air as they walked slowly back to the well. Inuyasha was the first to seat himself, allowing Kagome to lower herself between his legs and rest back up against his chest. The hanyou wrapped his arms around Kagome's waist, allowing the girl's head to fall back against his shoulder. The miko continued to look at him and he tenderly kissed her attractive jawline.

"Oh, c'mon now, Inuyasha," Kagome began. "You know they're all going to find out sooner or later. Are you going to pound Shippou to a pulp every single time he catches us?"

"Keh, if I have to I will," the hanyou retorted, turning his head away from Kagome's and sticking his puppy-like nose in the air once more.

Kagome laughed and cupped her hand around his chin, pulling his face back towards her. "Are you going to make me use the 'word' Inuyasha?" Kagome replied, a small devilish gleam glistening in her dark eyes. "You're not going to make me say oswu-," the miko added teasingly, but was cut off by Inuyasha's pleads.

"No no, Kagome! Anything but that word! Please don't say the word!" the hanyou exclaimed, panic spreading across his handsome features, followed by a few sweatdrops.

The little miko couldn't help but just laugh as she snuggled up more into his chest. "I was only kidding, Inuyasha," Kagome spoke softly, fingering the subjugation beads lovingly. "I'll only say it if you force me to say it." I just hope it never comes to that again...I do wonder though...I wonder what exactly Inuyasha said to Kikyou?

Inuyasha let out a soft groan and lowered himself more to the ground, allowing his body to lay on the grass. Kagome lept up the moment she heard it and watched as his head met the ground gently, his golden eyes closed. Was he pain? He had to of been. It was a very serious wound that had been inflicted on him. The girl laid next to him, running her fingertips across his forehead. "Are you okay, Inuyasha?" she questioned worriedly. Kagome always worried whenever her hanyou was wounded in battle.

Inuyasha opened his eyes and smiled at Kagome's worried face. "Keh, baka, of course I'm alright. It's just a little scratch is all."

Kagome sat up and raised an eyebrow, folding her arms stubbornly across her chest. "Just a little scratch?" she asked him, staring skeptically. "You're hurting aren't you? You should be careful or you'll re-open your wounds. Maybe we should go back to the-," but Kagome stopped in mid-sentence as she felt Inuyasha's hand on her arm pulling her downward to lay on his chest. Kagome's eyes widened a bit. She hadn't expected it, but the moment she met his body, the miko let out a relaxing sigh.

"Are you kidding me? How many moments are we going to get alone like this?" Inuyasha replied, as he began stroking the back of Kagome's head with his clawed fingertips. "I'll be fine, so quit worrying so much."

"Hmmm I guess you're right. We could always go back to my time if they're all bothering you that much?" the miko suggested, but the hanyou wrinkled his nose.

"Nah, if we go there, I'll have Souta all over me and we'll never get a moment's peace. It's not like I can just carry you up to a tree right now," he added with a pouty expression.

Kagome leaned up and giggled, staring down into his face. She lifted her fingertip and tapped his nose gently. It was warm and damp, just like a puppy's nose. If there was one thing Kagome always loved about him it was his nose and his ears. Okay, so maybe it was two things, but still, she couldn't help but touch his nose or tweak his ears whenever she got the chance. "What's wrong, Inuyasha? Don't like it when my kid brother hangs all over you. You are his hero you know," the miko teased.

"Keh, don't remind me. Do you have any ideas of how many kids are like that around me, no matter how rough I get with them?" Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "It's flattering but it get's annoying."

The young priestess just giggled into his shoulder and she felt the hanyou squeeze her a little tighter to him. She felt that this was the perfect moment to ask him just what was said between him and Kikyou. What was the harm in it? She didn't see any and hopefully Inuyasha wouldn't get angry with her for asking.

"Ummm, Inuyasha?" the miko began nervously.

"Hmmm?" the hanyou replied, still laying with his eyes closed and stroking Kagome's hair.

"Well, I was just wondering...ummm, when you did go and meet Kikyou, well...what happened? What did you two talk about?" she questioned softly. Inuyasha ceased the stroking of Kagome's hair and the girl hurriedly sat up, not wanting to look at him for fear she had upset him. The miko squeezed her eyes shut and turned her head.

"Hey, why'd you get up?" the hanyou questioned. "Come back down here."

Kagome opened up one eye to peek down at him with her fists drawn up to her chin. She was relieved to see that he wasn't going to get angry for asking him. She smiled slightly as the hanyou rolled over on his side. Kagome lay down on his outstretched arm and he continued stroking her hair once more. "The other night when I found you out by the river and told you what I did, I wasn't lying, Kagome..."

'I knew I smelled her! I wasn't sure at first, but now I KNOW it's her! Inuyasha thought anxiously as he ran towards the undead priestess. What on earth could Kikyou be doing out this way?' Unless she had new news of Naraku's where-abouts, the hanyou didn't know, but he had to admit he was anxious to find out and in a way, he wanted to tell Kikyou to get out of here before Kagome figured out what was going on. 'Why in the hell am I going to see her again though? I just finished promising Kagome that I'd never leave her side what's drawing me here? I mean...I don't want to leave Kagome's side, not ever again. Kikyou, unless this is something important, I can't stay long.' The hanyou stopped as he had finally reached her scent. Gazing upward, he saw Kikyou laying leisurely in a tree. Her bow had been sat up against the base of it and her shinidamachuu slithered in mid air around her, singing their calming, siren song.

"Kikyou," Inuyasha stated as he stared upward at the woman.

"Inuyasha," she replied, allowing her soul collectors to gather her and lower her cold, clay-made body to the ground.

"Kikyou, what are you doing out here?" Inuyasha asked, still continuing to stare the woman. "Do you have any new information on Naraku's whereabouts?"

"No, Inuyasha, I do not. I merely fancied a stroll in the forest and found myself out here. I should be asking you what you are doing here. Shouldn't you be with Kagome and the others?"

"I...well..," stammered Inuyasha, turning his head away from Kikyou. Both Kagome and Kikyou always had a way of making him feel guilty for being with one or the other.

"Hmmm, you smelled me nearby and so you decided to seek me out, did you not?" Kikyou questioned, staring down at the half-demon. "Was there any reason behind it?"

"Well...I just...," Inuyasha began, but couldn't finish his sentence. 'Damn! How do I tell Kikyou that I...I can't meet with her anymore? How do I explain to Kikyou that I've promised to stay by Kagome's side and promised to protect her? How will Kikyou ever come to understand that I...I think I'm falling in love with Kagome? No...I think I am in love with Kagome, I've just been too stupid to see it until now. I mean, I still love Kikyou but...the one thing keeping us apart is well, Kikyou's dead and I'm alive. I'll still avenge her death on that bastard Naraku, but that's all I can do for her.' "I thought maybe you might have had some news on Naraku is all. I figured you were coming after us to let us know."

Kikyou stared down at Inuyasha with her cold, dark gaze, but it held a curiousness in it. "Is that all you've come to see me for, are you lying to me, Inuyasha?" the undead miko questioned.

Inuyasha could feel his heart pounding in his chest. I have to tell's time to let go. I can't see her'd be wrong. I've hurt Kagome so much, I can't do this to her anymore. I don't want to lose her because of this. It's tearing her apart and if I lose her, it'll tear me apart.

"K-Kikyou, I...," Inuyasha stuttered slightly. Was it really going to be this hard, telling her goodbye? 'I mean this isn't really goodbye, is it? It's just I can't be with her anymore...Kikyou., you're not of this world. I finally realize all this time of what Kaede-baaba was trying to tell me...' the hanyou thought silently to himself. He cleared his throat and continued.

"Kikyou, this is really hard for me to say. I mean, we shared so much, and for so long I thought you had betrayed me. I...if it weren't for Kagome, I never would have learned to trust people again, do you understand?"

Kikyou's shinidamachuu now gathered around the undead miko's body and lowered her to the base of the tree where her bow and quiver of arrows lay. The priestess lay back against the tree and the hanyou crouched low. He gazed at the woman almost sympathetically. This was so hard. Kikyou was his first love. He would've gone to Hell and back for her and nearly almost did, but since Kagome had walked into his life, things had changed now. Kikyou would understand. Inuyasha would have to tell her that it's time to let go.

"I believe I do, Inuyasha. I know you feel that you must protect Kagome, but you shouldn't underestimate her either," the priestess pointed out. "We've witnessed first hand that Kagome is a big girl and can take care of herself."

"I know that and I don't underestimate her or her power. It's just...I've seen sides of Kagome and Kagome has seen sides of me that I have never shown anybody before. I've watched her shed tears for my sake, she's protected me on more than one occasion when I've needed her, as I have her. She's gone through the nights with me when I'm human, she's helped me realize that I'm not a filthy hanyou. Kagome told me that she liked me for me, as a hanyou," Inuyasha told the woman. He stopped and watched her. She gave him a small nod and he continued.

"Kikyou, if this were 50 years ago and we were never decieved by Naraku, then it'd be the other way around," the hanyou tried desperately to explain. He didn't want to hurt Kikyou and it was hurting him to let go, but he knew where his heart was laying and that was with Kagome now. "Kagome has...Kagome has began to heal the wounds in my heart that I never thought would be healed."

Kikyou let out a small, almost saddened laugh. "She has, I know this Inuyasha. I know that Kagome desires to be with you. For so long I tried to push the thought away. I tried to brush it off as though it weren't real, but now I know. I know that if anything happened to Kagome, you'd be devastated. I knew that from the moment I tried to kill her. Why do you think I have not harmed Kagome anymore? I've done it for you sake, Inuyasha. Besides, I have no more desire to harm Kagome, rivals we may have been."

"Kikyou, I...I'm so sorry," the hanyou told her, lowering his silvery-white head in defeat. "I made a promise to Kagome the other night. I promised that I would never leave her side again. She's gone through nearly every battle with me, she makes me strong and gives me the will to fight."

"Hmm, I see. Does that mean you're going to completely forget about anything that has ever happened between us?" Kikyou questioned him and Inuyasha were sure that if the woman hadn't been dead, tears would have filled Kikyou's eyes at this point, for look she was giving him was of pure sadness, yet her gaze held the understanding.

"No, I will never forget about you, or us, but Kikyou, everything we had was in the past. It's just something that could never be. Kagome needs me, she needs me to protect her from Naraku. Kikyou, I will slay Naraku for you, so you can rest in peace. I will avenge your death and his deciet on you and I 50 years ago, but that's all I can ever do," he told her softly, placing a hand over Kikyou's cold one. "Kikyou, I'm not ready to die yet. I can't die and leave Kagome all alone. It would tear her apart and I can't see that happening to her, ever."

"You know, if we were never torn apart, it would've been I who could have tended to the wounds of your heart," the undead miko replied silently. "I understand however that is something I cannot do now. You need to go and be with Kagome. I owe a lot to her, especially for saving me from Naraku's miasma. If Kagome would not have found me, I would have perished and my suffering would have lingered. I'm grateful."

"Kikyou...," the hanyou remarked sadly. "You know, Kagome has always considered herself second best to you. She doesn't feel she's up to your standards, even though she's your reincarnation."

Kikyou smiled a bit and let out another laugh. "Kagome does not give herself enough credit. She was able to purify the miasma to protect me. If anything were to happen to Kagome and I could do that for her, I would instantly return the favor. Kagome's power is like my own, she may even be more powerful than me, but only time will tell. Inuyasha, encourage Kagome. Encourage her and cheer her on, especially when she fights. Only then will she realize her true nature as a miko. Don't hurt her either, Inuyasha. You're Kagome's strength just as she's yours."

Inuyasha nodded his head. "I understand." He sighed and removed his hand from Kikyou's. "Kikyou, you have to know that this is hard for me too, but I think it's time...time to let go. If you have to meet with me, please don't make me go off alone with you, because I can't. I can't do this to Kagome anymore. It's hurting her too much and if I lose Kagome too, I won't...I won't be able to go on," he admitted openly to Kikyou. The closer to time the new moon was coming, the more his human emotions were in tact. Inuyasha realized that if it weren't this close to the new moon, there was no way he could say all of these things to Kikyou. "Kikyou, I'll never stop caring for you."

Kikyou raised a hand and placed it gently on the side of Inuyasha's face. "And I'll never stop either. Take good care of Kagome, Inuyasha. She needs you now more than ever, especially since Naraku is after her and her jewel shards. Naraku will try and turn you two against each other, just as he did with us. Do not let that happen, Inuyasha. Especially if you want to keep Kagome alive, never let him come between you two."

The undead miko's shinidamachuu gathered around her body and slowly lifted the woman up into the air before disappearing. Inuyasha stood up with his head turned up towards the sky and watched as Kikyou vanished. "Goodbye, Kikyou."

"Inuyasha," Kagome said softly, bringing her hand to her chest. The two were now sitting up, the hanyou leaning against the well and Kagome perched on her knees, gazing at his somewhat torn expression. Everything he had just told her was so heartfelt that the miko could feel the pain that Kikyou and Inuyasha had probably felt at that very moment. "I know that you and Kikyou have a strong bond. I don't ever want to come between that, so you must understand that...," she began softly. "'re really staying with me? You really told Kikyou that you're going to be with me?"

Inuyasha turned his silver head towards the young woman, gazing down at her with that golden stare of his and Kagome could see the truth in his eyes. "I'm staying right here with you, Kagome. I'll never leave you alone again ever. One too many times have I left you alone and you could've been killed because of my stupidity. I've seen all the things you've done for me and I took them for granted, but now I realize what you truly are to me." The hanyou raised a clawed hand and cupped Kagome's cheek. The miko leaned into the caress of his skin and closed her eyes, allowing her lashes to flutter against his fingertips. "I don't blame you for acting out the way you did...," he continued speaking softly.

"Inuyasha, I'm so-," the miko began, but he cut off her words by placing a finger over her lips.

"And I don't expect an apology from you either. After all, I did sneak off with Kikyou a lot, but Kagome...during those times I snuck off to see her, I never did anything with her. I never held her like I'm holding you. I never kissed her the way I kissed you. We've only kissed one time and that was when she tried to drag me into Hell with her. She forced that kiss on me. I didn't expect it at all, but it was out of my control. It took me this long to realize what an idiot I've been," the hanyou sighed.

"I just feel like such a fool," Kagome admitted, her cheeks blushing warmly against the hanyou's hand. "I mean if I had known that's why you were going to see Kikyou, I never would have blown up, ran off and you never would've gotten hurt. It's because of me and it's all my fault that you're so injured."

Inuyasha shook his head firmly. "Don't blame yourself, Kagome. I should have told you I was going to see Kikyou, but I didn't. That was so stupid of me. I just felt that it would be the perfect opportunity to tell Kikyou goodbye," the hanyou admitted. "It was hard, but I realized something. I realized that Kaede-baaba was trying to tell me all along that Kikyou and I could never be together. She is not of this world. You're alive, Kagome and I'm alive. Our meeting wasn't just a coincidence. I believe were destined for this. Kagome...what I'm trying to say is that I...I-I..," the hanyou began struggling with his words.

"It's okay Inuyasha. I know what you're going to say," the miko replied softly, placing her hand tenderly on the side of his face. She gazed up at him with bright, glistening eyes. "I love you too."

"Kagome," was all the hanyou could say as he gathered the young priestess in his arms and held onto her tight, burying his face into her shoulder, allowing her silkened, raven locks to tenderly touch his face. "I truly do, Kagome...I do love you," Inuyasha spoke softly into her ear.

Kagome felt these words reach inside of the depth's of her soul and the core of heart, billowing inside of her, feeling her entire body with warmth, newfound strength and a feeling that she couldn't even begin to describe. It must be true love, the miko thought to herself. This feeling I'm's amazing to be here. It's amazing to hear these be in his arms like this. This is something I've always wanted to hear from him. I never want this moment to end..It's almost too good to be true, but it is! It's true! Oh, Inuyasha...

Kagome pulled back from Inuyasha's embrace and the two were staring at each other once more, gazing deeply into one another's eyes, with their foreheads pressed gently against one another's. Kagome leaned forward and captured the hanyou's lips once more with her own. She felt his small, surprised intake of breath, but he soon relaxed. Before they knew it, they were exploring each other's mouth, massaging each other's tongue's, falling into the feeling of one another once more. Kagome ran her tongue gently across the hanyou's fangs and she felt his body shiver with pleasure. They could have been lost to the world and not realized anybody were around. Kagome reached her hands up and began rubbing his soft, fluffy dog-ears on top of his head, causing Inuyasha to moan softly into her mouth. The hanyou and miko had never been so in tune with one another.

"You know," Inuyasha began through kisses. "I'll have to tell you one of these days what playing with my ears does to me."

"Yeah, you will. I'll tell you what it does for me too," Kagome replied, deeping their kiss, not realizing what was going on behind some bushes not too far away from them.

Nearby in the bushes Sango, Miroku and Shippou were hiding, peeking over the green leafy branches. Sango had a brillant smile plastered on her face as she watched Kagome and Inuyasha uniting with each other when she felt a hand rubbing her rear-end. Damn this monk...he picks the perfect time to ruin everything, doesn't he! "C'mon, let's leave those two alone. We shouldn't bother them at a time like this," the demon slayer stated through clenched teeth, her face steadily becoming red, but not from embarrassment.

Is it just me or do I sense some sexual tension? The houshi thought to himself as he watched Inuyasha and Kagome locked into one another, not even realizing that their friends were just feet away."Sango, why don't we experiement?" Miroku began as he continued rubbing her butt, a very content and happy grin on his face. "We could try what Inuyasha and Kagome are do-," but the houshi was sharply cut off by a harsh slap in the face from Sango. He grinned and rubbed the rather red handprint left there by the demon slayer.

"C'mon you two, let's go back to the village and let them be," Sango began, but she didn't even get the chance to finish what she was saying. Shippou had taken it upon himself to leap out of the bushes and go running towards the hanyou and the miko. Sango put her palm against her face and shook her dark head in irritation. Leave it to Shippou to completely intrude on Inuyasha and Kagome's private time.

"INUUUUUUUUYASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AND KAAAAAAAAAGOOOOOOMEEEEEEEE ARE KISSSSSSSSSSSING!!!" the little kitsune squealed as he bounded towards the couple, doing a silly little dance as he approached them.

The miko and hanyou broke apart, both blushing furiously. The last thing the two wanted was for their friends to spot them. This was what Inuyasha had meant by not getting any alone time with her...although he didn't think Souta would have wrecked the moment as bad as Shippou just had. Suddenly, going to Kagome's era didn't seem like such a bad idea.

"Dammit Shippou! You scared the hell out of us!" Inuyasha snapped, going back into his normal, tough guy act. "You should really WARN people next time you're going to sneak up on them like that!" he picked the little kit up by his tail and held him upside down.

"WAAAAHHH INUYASHA! I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!" squealed Shippou. "I JUST WANTED TO KNOW IF KAGOME AND YOU HAD GONE BACK TO HER TIME BECAUSE WHEN WE WOKE UP YOU WERE GONE AND I WAS WORRIED!" The hanyou ignored Shippou's continuant and dropped the little kitsune on his head.

"Baka Inuyasha!" he shouted, standing himself upright and staring at the hanyou with his little fists clenched at his sides. Inuyasha just rolled his eyes in annoyance, while sniffing the air at the same time.

"You other two might as well come out from your little hiding place," sighed Inuyasha in an exasperated manner. "I can smell you over there." The hanyou hadn't smelled them earlier during his rather private and intimate moment with Kagome. His senses had been in tune elsewhere.

Sango appeared first over the bushes red faced followed by a rather stupid looking houshi. He got up and approached Inuyasha. "Niiiice wo-," Miroku stated and was going to say more, but Kagome and Sango shot him looks of death. The monk just laughed nervously, rubbed the back of his head and grinned, deciding not to say anymore. It was bad enough when he pissed Sango off, the last thing he wanted to do was piss Kagome off as well.

Inuyasha had now taken the liberty to knock Shippou upside the head, as the little kitsune had now taken to picking on Inuyasha about getting together with Kagome. Shippou sat on the ground rubbing his head and crying loudly while Inuyasha pursed his lips, turning his head upward with an arrogant look on his face. his amber orbs closed.

"I was JUST wanting to come and see you guys! I'm just happy that you and Kagome are together now and you finally kissed! Why'd you have to hit me like that!" the kit whined loudly, causing Sango and Miroku to exchange silent, annoyed glances.

"Keh, because you're an idiot who doesn't realize what a private moment is apparently," Inuyasha replied haughtily.

"AN IDIOT!? OH I'LL SHOW YOU!" Shippou exploded, leaping up in the air, flailing his little fists, but Miroku had taken the liberty to pick him up by his shirt and hold his twisting body away from Inuyasha.

"Why don't we go back to the hut and leave these two alone," suggested the monk.

"Yes I couldn't agree more," the slayer added, nodding her dark head.

She flashed Kagome a small smile and Kagome smiled back dazzlingly. Sango couldn't remember ever seeing the priestess look so happy. The houshi and the demon slayer waved to the still rather frazzled couple and turned to head back towards the village. Inuyasha and Kagome both watched as the two disappeared from sight and then turned to look back at one another. They were both smiling contently, happy to be in each other's presence. The hanyou stood up and held his hand out to help Kagome off the ground. She gratefully accepted and placed her hand on his, allowing him to pull the miko up.

"Our life starts here," she miko spoke softly as she leaned upwards to Inuyasha's face.

"And it'll carry on for a long long time to come," Inuyasha replied softly as the two held hands and started back down the hill and towards the village. All that could be seen were the backs of them as the two walked in step with each other, their long hair blowing out from behind them as the moved forward to the new life they'd share always and forever.