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Chapter 2 - The Enemy

It was a dark room on the moon. Bound tightly to a stone bench in the center of the room, an unconscious Billy lay. Rita swept into the room, followed by Goldar, Scorpina and Lunestria. "Well done! You captured the Blue Ranger. With him under my control, it won't be long before the others will be mine too! Try to catch them one at a time and pick them off. If you can't get them one at a time, then just use him to destroy them all!" Rita turned to Lunestria, "How long will it take for your dust to fully control his mind?" Lunestria stepped forward and in a siblant whisper "He will wake in an hour and will be completely in my control at that time." She gave an evil hissing laugh. "My mistress, I am at your command. What would you have us do?" Rita turned back to look down at Billy. "Destroy the Power Brats, of course!". They all turned and walked out of the room.

Back at Angel Grove Park, Tommy, Jason, Zack, Trini and Kim were talking. Trini looked at the others, "We should all stay together. They will probably try to capture us if we separate. I'm so worried about Billy. How are we going to keep from hurting him if they send him to fight us while controlling his mind?" Kimberly nodded in agreement, "Me too, we can't hurt him, he's our friend!" Jason looked at the others, "You realize, we may not have a choice. We may have to hurt him in order to help him. If we can maybe knock him out, then get him out of the fight, it may be the best way to handle it." Tommy and Zack nodded agreement. "Are we agreed?" The four teens looked at each other and then slowly nodded. Suddenly, their wrist units beeped. "Power Rangers, please return to the Command Center, I have some information." came the voice of Zordon. Tommy answered for all of them, "Right away!". They looked around to make sure noone was nearby or was looking their way. They quickly transported back to the Command Center.

"Rangers, I've found out that as long as you stay morphed, the dust will have no effect on you." Zordon said. "Alpha should have weapon adjusted in about two hours and installed on your zords soon. There is just one problem. I am not sure if on the lower level if it will break the control of Lunestria on Billy. On the higher level, it may harm him. I suggest trying it on the lower level first and then gradually increase the power. If you can, recapture Billy and bring him here. We can set up a stasis containment field to hold him and then we can use the weapon on him to try and break Lunestria's control. We must break her control of Billy before we destroy her, because if he is still in her control when she is destroyed, it will destroy his mind too!" The four teens looked up at Zordon in shock. Tommy was the first to speak, "What? Destroy his mind! But..." Then the others chimed in "But Billiy.." "Billy's mind?" "Wha..." Zordon looked down, "That is why we must free him first. You know what Billy would choose." Tommy and the rest were quiet for a minute then Tommy spoke up "Yes, Zordon, we know. We have each made that choice when we became Power Rangers."

Suddenly an alarm went off.."Rangers, look at the viewing globe...there are putties in the park, along with Goldar, Scorpina, Lunestria and the Black Ranger." Tommy looked at the others. "It's Morphing Time!
Zack: "MASTODON!", Kimberly: "PTERODACTYL!", Trini: "SABER-TOOTHED TIGER!", Jason: "TYRANOSAURUS!", Tommy: "WHITE TIGER!". Zordon looked at the Rangers, "May the Power protect you!"

The five teenagers transported down to the park. Goldar, Scorpina, Lunestria, the Blue Ranger and about 50 putties were in the park. "ATTACK!!" screamed Goldar, waving his sword. The putties rushed forward with multiple putties attacking each ranger. The White Ranger quickly punched and and broke two apart then spun, with a swift kick with his back leg, taking out two more. The Red Ranger flipped over the heads of a group of putties, kicking back to take them out. The Yellow and Pink Rangers were back to back, working as a team, each punch and kick taking out another putty. The Black Ranger, with his graceful dance moves was taking out putties right and left. The four teens were mowing down the putties, moving quickly toward the monsters and the Blue Ranger.

Goldar looked at Lunestria. "Have the Blue Ranger attack them!" Lunestria hissed, "Yessss..Blue Ranger, attack the other rangers!" In a dull monotone, the Blue Ranger replied, "Yes, Mistress." He then ran toward the other Rangers and attacked with his Power Lance. The Pink, Yellow and Black start fighting with the Blue Ranger, trying to keep from hurting him, while the White and Red Rangers circle around to get to Goldar, Scorpina and Lunestria. Goldar laughs, "You think you can take me? Come on!!" Scorpina and Lunestria quickly join the fight. Even with all three working together, the White and Red Rangers are winning. "We will meet again!" Goldar and Scorpina fade as they transport back to the moon. Lunestria hisses and transports too. The White and Red Rangers quickly go over where the others are barely holding their own against the Blue Ranger. The Blue Ranger laughs, "I will destroy you!" as he strikes the Black Ranger with his Power Lance. The Black Ranger falls back. The Pink and Yellow Rangers having already been knocked down.

The White Ranger whispers to Saaba, "When I get you against his temple, give him an energy burst, enough to knock him unconscious." The White Ranger looked at the Red Ranger and with a swift glance a plan was set between them. The Red Ranger moved forward and swiftly kicked and punched, drawing the Blue Ranger's attention, while the White Ranger moved silently up behind him. Suddenly, the White Ranger grabbed the Blue around the shoulders and slapped Saaba up against the Blue Ranger's helmet. "Now!" the White Ranger said, and a burst of energy jolted out of Saaba. The Blue Ranger sagged in the White Ranger's arms. "We've got him!!" The other Rangers limped up. "YES!!". The six rangers teleported back to the Command Center.