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Of Dreams and Things of that Nature

Elliot Stabler wasn't asleep; he was quite the opposite. He was wide awake. However his eyes were closed as he didn't dare open them for fear of losing this precious moment. Instead he listened, focusing intently on the delicate breathing of the person sleeping soundly next to him. The rhythmic ups and downs of her sighs made Elliot comfortable. He began to think about his life--about how she made it complete. He shuddered to think how horribly different he would be if she had never walked through that door and into his heart. He had waited so long for this moment to arrive, and now that it had he couldn't believe it. Something about being with her seemed like a dream, seemed too good to be true. She was an angel; she was his heaven.

Without opening his eyes, Elliot rolled over and put his arm around the sleeping woman. Her skin was so soft--she was so beautiful. He pulled her close to him, not wanting to let go. He was afraid it was all a dream, and afraid he would lose her to all reality. He placed a gentle kiss on the top of her shoulder, and touched her silky hair. "I love you," he whispered into her ear.

"El." Her serene voice interrupted his thoughts. "Elliot...are you sleeping?"

"No." Elliot answered quietly, still not opening his eyes.

"Elliot, if you're awake: look at me." The voice seemed to have become more gruff, which surprised Elliot. Curious, he blinked open his eyes and found himself staring into the scraggly face of Detective John Munch. Letting out a yelp of surprise, Elliot jumped back, landing rudely on the floor. Looking around, he discovered he was, in fact, not lying in bed with the most beautiful woman in the world, but rather on the ground next to his desk and overturned chair in the SVU squadroom. The object of his desires stood across the room from him, failing to hide her amusement. Munch still bore the unique expression of shock and entertainment as he scuttled back to his desk. Fin, shaking his head, couldn't control his laughter.

"Man...I have that same reaction EV'RY time I look at yer face, Munch! Fricken nightmare, I tell ya."

"Shut up, Fin. You only have that reaction because you see your own reflection in my glasses. Twice!" Turning his attention back to Elliot, who was now standing up and brushing the dust off of his pants, he continued, "You know, I don't get you Elliot. First you profess your undying love for me, and then you go and screech in my face. Maybe it's just me, but you sure know how to confuse a girl."

"Oh, I'm not even gonna go into how whacked-out that just sounded," Fin gave a sickened sideways glance at Munch, who smirked innocently back.

Olivia strode across the room, handing Elliot a cup of coffee. "Sounds like you were having an interesting dream, huh? Anyone I know in it?" she winked playfully, before returning to her desk to finish paperwork.

Elliot quickly glanced at the other two detectives to make sure they hadn't just seen him blush in response to her question. He figured his reputation was safe as Munch and Fin were once again bickering something fierce. Sitting down to work on his report, he couldn't help but peek every now and then at the woman seated across the desk from him. He smiled as he remembered the dream and could do nothing but hope it would soon become reality.

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