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Chapter 11

Ed slowly came back to his senses sighing contentedly as the last tremors racked his body. His heart slowed, and his breathing eased. That had truly been a mind-blowing orgasm. He opened his eyes slowly to see Mustang mouthing and licking his cock as he recovered.

Ed looked down at him lazily with half-lidded eyes. "Holy fuck! That was amazing!"

Mustang let his organ drop from his mouth, withdrawing his fingers at the same time. Ed couldn't help but wince, every nerve was sensitized.

The Colonel got to his feet taking a moment to stand and admire the youth leaning back on his hands on top of the table, with his skirt hiked up as high as it could go and his legs spread wantonly. It was tempting to just take him right here and now. His cock was rigid with anticipation.

However, Mustang was the master of his desires not some mindless animal. He always enjoyed teasing himself a bit. And if truth be told he preferred to be comfortable in his own bed.

So he turned away from that very erotic scene and went to the sink to wash his hands. "Don't you mean 'Holy fuck! That was amazing, master!' or 'Holy fuck! That was amazing, sir!'?" he asked chuckling.

Roy loved having Ed moaning and gasping at his every touch but for him to admit that he was an amazing lover really stroked his ego. He let out the dirty dish water and picked up a towel to dry his hands.

Ed slid lazily off of the table. "I'm not really in the mood for that any more," he said as he stretched a bit.

Mustang glanced sideways at the youth and threw the towel he was drying his hands on down on the counter top. Did Ed really think they were done? Roy might not be selfish but neither was he gallant enough to give up what he had owing. He was the master, Ed was the slave. He would decide what Ed wasn't in the mood for.

He reached up and took a well-worn recipe box off one of the shelves, leafed through it and removed a small card. He walked back over to where the young alchemist was still stretching.

The blond said yawning, "In fact I'm pretty tired I think I'll just go to bed."

Roy reached down to the floor to pick up the ripped lingerie and discarded pocket knife. He dropped the blade into the pocket of his housecoat and held the panties in his hand with the white card.

"If that's what you want, Fullmetal," Mustang said giving him a wicked smile.

Before Ed had any time to react the older man grabbed one of his hands and pulled him close. It forced Ed to pivot and Roy grabbed the other hand as he flailed, trying to regain his balance. With the card and panties in his hand there was a flash of blue alchemic light and the blond's wrists were bound in front of him by white lace rope. His hands lay along his arms in opposite directions so it would be impossible for him to do alchemy.

Ed cursed under his breath as he struggled to get out of his superior's grasp. "That's playing dirty!" he complained peevishly as he tested the strength of his restraints

Mustang held the blond back against him. "I'm learning from the expert," he purred in his ear making Ed shiver. The brat was just so responsive. It was such a turn on. His hand snuck under the skirt once again to feel the smooth curve of the youth's bare ass.

"Pervert!" grumbled Ed. He'd barely gotten the word out when he jumped and cried out in pain. "OW!!" Roy had pinched him hard.

The colonel just snickered behind him. "You have a pretty short memory, Fullmetal. Didn't we just have a 'conversation' about you addressing me respectfully?" Roy asked him amused. "Do you need another 'talk' already?"

The spot where Mustang had pinched ached painfully. Ed wanted to rub it but he couldn't reach. He was sure there would be a good size bruise.

There was no way he was going to encourage the bastard in this sick little game. If words would save his ass then it was a price he would pay.

"No," he answered quickly. "I mean I remember, Master."

"That's better, slave," Roy said with satisfaction. "Now off to bed."

With that he gave Edward a shove and the youth stumbled out into the hallway. He had to brace himself against the wall to regain his balance. Roy walked up behind him guiding him until the two of them were in his bedroom.

Ed stood in the middle of the room unsteady on his feet doing his best to pout. The bastard didn't need to follow him so close. It was pretty obvious where they were going and what they were going to do when they got there.

He licked his lips nervously. His stomach was doing cartwheels. His words from earlier about wanting Mustang to fuck him seemed a bit hasty.

Bound like this Ed was totally at his mercy. He could do whatever he wanted to him. He really was his slave. Still, the bastard wouldn't really hurt him, would he? The thought was scary but a turn on too.

Mustang came up behind him. He could tell how tense Ed was from how stiff he was standing and he enjoyed his discomfort. It was a refreshing change from the arrogant cocky the brat he knew.

A blushing young virgin slave.

A blushing young virgin slave that belonged to Colonel Roy Mustang.

He resisted the urge to grind his erection against his captive. Instead he leisurely tugged on the strings of the apron loosening it. He brought his hands up to the base of Ed's neck pushing back the silky blond hair and pulled the zipper down slowly exposing the pale skin.

Completely and totally his.

Mustang lowered his lips to the side of the smooth neck. Kissing softly he pushed the garments forward off Ed's shoulders revealing more wonderful flesh and dull metal.

The blond sighed tilting his head and the older man took full advantage working his way down his throat. His hands wandered forward, the right running lightly over the scarred skin on edge of the automail and the left finding the caramel coloured nipple. The colonel pressed on it and rubbed gently in a circle. Ed's breath caught in his throat and he leaned against the taller man.

Mustang smiled and brought his hands back up to his shoulders to push him back in place. "Turn around, slave" he ordered. Just saying the word made him incredibly hard

Ed turned in small steps to face him. He looked for a moment like he might make some comment about how Roy addressed him but then changed his mind.

The apron and dress hung off of his forearms. They definitely had to go but neither would come off with the hands tied together. Roy took the pocket knife out of his robe pocket and snapped it open.

A look of fear flashed Ed's face at the sight of the blade and he took a step backwards.

Mustang smiled, crooking a finger at him and he came back. Roy grabbed a fistful of the offending clothes draped over his arm and cut them off. He liberated the other side as well and the garments dropped to the floor. He covered the blade and returned it to his pocket.

Roy moved back to appreciate the view. Ed with his hair hanging loose, arms restrained, wearing heels with garter belt and stockings. He was half hard too. A fact he was trying to hide awkwardly with his bound hands.

God he was hot but the clothes had to go.

Mustang wanted him completely naked. Completely hard and wanting him. To possess him totally.

He knelt down at the youth's feet. He put out a hand. "Give me your foot," he said.

Ed lifted a foot, Roy deftly slipped off the shoe. Without being prompted the blond lifted his other leg and he removed the second one as well. Then the older man ran his hands lightly up the muscular legs, stroking the thighs suggestively as he unclipped the stockings. He leisurely rolled them down. The left one kept getting snagged on Ed's automail but he supposed it couldn't be helped. Once he'd taken them off he stood back up behind Ed. He let his fingers run over his ass, teasingly as he unfastened the garter belt. He let it drop in the pile of clothing pooled around Ed's feet.

Much better. Not only was he now naked but Ed's erection had returned.

"Get on the bed, slave" Mustang instructed the youth unable to resist giving the flawless ass a light smack.

At first Roy thought there might be a problem. Ed shot him a defiant look tossing his head, looking for a moment like some wild creature. But he did as he was told, climbing across the bed on his knees and elbows. Watching the beautiful view of the blond crawling awkwardly across the bed an idea occurred to Mustang.

He went to his closet to rummage through some boxes at the bottom. He found what he was looking for but when he turned around Ed who was lying on the bed watching him wasn't impressed.

"That's a dog's collar," Ed stated flatly.

Roy looked at him disapprovingly.

"Master," he added not changing the tone of his voice.

"You're right," agreed Mustang, his good humor returning. He climbed on the bed kneeling beside the blond. "And a leash. They belonged to a dog I loved as a child. Remind me to tell you about him sometime."

Ed had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. Like hell he would. It was bad enough the perverted bastard was treating him like an animal.

"There isn't a problem, is there, slave?" Roy asked sweetly, loving the pissed off expression the brat had. Harassing him was just too much fun.

Ed shook his head, deciding to go along with it. If he didn't it would probably just be painful for him or Mustang would think up something worse.

Roy reached up and fastened leash around a bed post. Ed lifted his head and allowed the older man to slide the collar around his throat and buckle it, the old license tags jingling. Ed swallowed Adam's apple rubbing against the leather. Not the most comfortable thing in the world.

Mustang had never seen anything hotter than a pissed off Edward collared, tied up and in his bed. The sight was so damned erotic he could hardly think straight. He reached over and pulled open the drawer to the bedside table. He took out the massage oil.

He opened his robe, untied his pajama bottoms and pushed them down. He poured a generous portion of lubricant on his hand before snapping the cap closed and tossing it back in the drawer. He applied the slick fluid liberally to his rigid length.

Edward was watching Roy apprehensively. His cock looked huge. He hadn't remembered it being that impressive when he had been the one who was doing the fucking but now that the tables were turned the bastard looked like Godzilla! How the hell was that supposed to fit inside him!

"Roll over on your stomach," Mustang commanded.

Ed swallowed hard. This wasn't the time to be pissing the bastard off and bringing out his mean streak. He dutifully but slowly turned over.

Mustang positioned himself between the young alchemist's legs and grabbed his hips pulling them up towards him. Using his knees he pushed the blond's thighs apart. Then he applied the excess lubricant on his hand between Ed's perfect ass cheeks. He worked two fingers inside while his other hand found its way to fondle the youth's fading erection.

He had expected Ed to still be fairly loose from their session in the kitchen but the hot muscular channel gripped Roy's fingers almost painfully.

"Relax," the older man said in a soothing voice.

He wasn't telling Ed anything he didn't already know. But it was easier said than done. It hurt and the idea that something even bigger was coming made him tenser. Gradually though the pleasure of the hand on his cock outweighed the burning of having his ass stretched. Mustang started moving them as Ed gradually relaxed.

The scenario repeated itself when Roy added a third finger. When Ed's body adjusted to that intrusion he pulled them out.

With both hands on the blond's hips Mustang aligned their bodies. He rubbed his cock against the youth's anus teasing both of them a bit before he slowly pressed forward.

He managed to get the tip in before Ed cried out. A fine sweat broke out over his body.

The colonel stopped. The youth's body clenched him and the sight of his cock half buried in Ed's ass was so arousing the desire to simply plunge in was almost unbearable. Roy forced himself to wait.

He reached around and stroked the blond's softening shaft. He ran his thumb over the head and into the slit. Gradually as it became harder Roy began to pump it. He could feel Ed's body gradually relax around him.

Mustang wiggled in a bit more as he worked Ed's cock. He took his time and slowly began thrusting, moving deeper each time until he was completely inside. The blond was panting hard beneath him.

Roy stopped for a moment and savored the position he was in with his cock sunk deep in Ed's ass, a firm grip on his hip, ready to give him a good hard fucking. The situation was so much more erotic than any sexual encounters he had in years. There was something about Edward, his wild energy and impulsive nature that made the idea of possessing him thrilling.

Ed moaned and pushed back impatiently against him.

Mustang smiled, taking that as a sign he should start moving. He began thrusting in earnest. Even after the preparation the ring of muscles gripped him tightly.

Each time he plunged into the body beneath him he changed angles slightly searching for the spot that would give Edward the most pleasure. He knew he found it when Ed's throaty moans changed to needy yelps and he ground himself backward to meet each of Roy's thrusts.

"Feeling that, are you, slave?" Roy couldn't help but gloat as he rocked into him.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah!" Ed groaned in pleasure.

The cock in Mustang's fist pulsed as Ed bucked underneath him. Hot liquid splattered across his hand. Ed's vocalizations coupled with the muscular contractions around his engorged flesh Mustang couldn't hold himself back any more. Taking hold of Ed's hips in both hands he pushed inside him hard in a series of short powerful strokes and came hard. His body shuddered deliciously as he emptied himself completely deep in that tight virgin ass.