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Cherry blossom petels drifted throught the hazy spring air as two young boys ran through the empty playground. Small hands were clasped together as the little boys' laughter became the only sound.

The first boy, around seven or eight years old, had on his clean beige short-pants and a crisp dark blue polo shirt, a small emblem of a white and red fan on the chest. His black hair was combed nicely into spikes at the back and parted nicely on either side of his face. His eyes were closed, hiding the onyx orbs as he laughed with his smaller companion.

This boy, small for his age that would probably be around six or seven, had golden honey colored spikes of blonde hair that layed atop his head, bangs falling into bright blue eyes. On each chubby, tan cheek were thee horizontle scars, making him look feline, or, maybe it was a bit like a fox. He wore a calf-length light blue kimono, offset with a pale orange obi. The clothing itself was no where as pressed and clean as the other boy's, with rips in the sleeves, and grass stains at the knee. The state of either boy's attire didnt seem to be an issue as they still held hands on the swing set, going back and forth. They played constantly, running over their footprints from the past days they had spent together.

There was a sudden interruption then, as a loud cough came from a tall man in a black suit and sunglasses standing on the other side of the playground gate. The two boys stoped in thier antics, the blonde looking sad at the man's arrival. The black haired boy noticed, and leaned in to his small friend, lifting golden bangs and kissing his tan forehead. The whisker marked child blushed and pouted, his attempt at a scowl, but in seconds it turned into a little smile once again. Happy with the blonde's smile returning, the raven haired boy waved, and ran to the parked limo. With a final wave farewell out of the open window, the blonde boy whatched his friend drive off. He didnt seem all that upset, becuase he knew that they would both play again the next day, and forever after. With a little hop, the small boy skipped out of the park alone, his small hand touching his forehead and a bluch on his scarred cheeks.

Naruto winced as he was thrown into the row of desks, their screetching metal legs against linolium being the only abrasive noise to fill the empty classroom. Before Naruto could recover, his head was tossed aside as a fist collided with his whisker marked cheek. He stayed still, taking each hit in silence, knowing from experiance that it would only be worse for him if he cried out or shouted.

But, as much as he begged his body to stop all noise, he couldnt help the whimper that left his lips when his stomach received a harsh kick, and his golden spikes of hair where pulled fiercely into his abuser's clentched fist.

"Ah, I thought so. You in pain, dobe?"

Naruto refused to look into the smirking boy's onyx eyes that evaluated him. The smaller shudderd at the tone, and tears welled up in Naruto's watery blue eyes when the pale hand tightend.

"U-Uchiha-sempai..! It hurts! Le-let go, please!" fuck dignity, it was fucking painful!

Uchiha Sasuke smirked, tossing Naruto by his hair to to floor, standing over his smaller form as the blond shook. There was a bit of blood smeared here and there on the desks and flooring, but that hardly mattered, Sasuke knew that no one would see it, and the janitor that cleaned it up would never question it for fear of what the Uchiha could do to his low-paying job.

"Had enough for today, dobe?" The raven haired boy asked, not caring whether he got an answer nor really expecting one that was different then usual.

"H-Hai...Uchiha-sempai.." Naruto said, slowly getting to his knees and scooting away from the older boy. Sasuke smirked.

He loved it, the power he had over Naruto. He didnt know why he loved it so, nor why it was so important. Hell, he was Uchiha Sasuke, he had pretty much the entire school wrapped around his finger, so why exactly did he go so far to show his power to little Uzumaki Naruto, the reject of Yonikobura High? Naruto had no friends at all, not even someone to give a passing smile to in the hall. They boy had nothing, so why was it that Sasuke felt the need to call him out every couple of days a week and beat the shit out of him?

Sasuke frowned. Of course he knew why, and the reason was the sole fault of Naruto. It was Naruto's fault that Sasuke had to smack his books out of the quiet boy's hands durring passing period. It was the blonde's fault that Sasuke had to show him who truely owned the school he went to everyday. It was Naruto's fault.

"Hn. Later, usuratonkatchi." and just like that, Sasuke left the classroom, leaving Naruto alone. Blue eyes shimmered with unshed tears, the blue fading into a hazy gray as Naruto picked himself up from the cold floor, leaning on a desk to help him stand up. After a few deep breaths to make sure that Sasuke hadn't broken anything this time, the blonde bent down and picked up his tattered orange backpack. After waiting a few minutes to ensure Sasuke had in fact left Yonikobura before himself, cementing that there would be no other run-ins, Naruto left the class room, and after making his way through maze-like hallways, left the school.

He knew no one would question his new injuries back at his small apartment. No one would be there. There was never a time where Naruto could come home to a warm greeting. No, it used to be that he wanted to be at school more then home. He used to have a friend, at some point. A best friend.

But since three years ago, everything changed. His best friend chose instead to persue his growing popularity, and leave Naruto alone. Well, not entirely alone...

Sasuke would always make time for Naruto every now and then. Even if it was just to beat him into the sad, pathetic state he was in now.

'But still' Naruto thought, his hand moving up to touch on his scraped forehead, 'He his own way.. he still kind of makes time for me..."

And this thought made the whiskered boy smile as he walked the fifteen blocks to his apartment complex, the sky sending down a light mist from dark clouds.

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