Naruto avoided the eyes that fixed upon him with shock. He walked through the school gates a little later then he usualy would, so more kids were waiting around the front steps and lawn area. Naruto wanted very much to run and just hide himself behind a tree or skitter away to a dark cornor of the campus. However, the large pale hand wrapped around his smaller tan one would not allow this.

"S-Sasuke... they're all staring..." Naruto whispered up to the taller boy's ear. The raven haired senior just tilted his head in a casual, uncaring fashion.

"So? I could care less at this point." he drawled, gripping Naruto's hand tighter and pulling him closer. The blond blushed furiously, then noticed the attention he was receiving from the young ladies of Yonikabura High.

Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, and Hebi Karin were all glaring with such malice. Clearly, it was a display of far too much comfort for the three, as it took only seconds for them to approacht the two males.

"Ohayo, Sasuke-kun!" Karin smiled sweetly, adjusting her glasses back further up the bridge of her nose. Naruto let his hand go limp in Sasukes and tried to pull away without notice. Yet Sasuke still held firm.

"Sasuke-kun, come hang out with us over by the stairs, ne?" Sakura offered. They all began chatting toward a silent Sasuke, and quickly Naruto found himself dissolving. He didn't belong to this.

"Would you three get out of my way now? I'm not interested." The Uchiha suddenly interrupted. The girls gaped as Sasuke pulled Naruto along by his hand, taking them both away from the fan club members. The blond blushed at the warmth that flooded his body.

"Sasuke... you could have talked to them more if you wanted, you didn't have to leave just because of me." Naruto whispered. Sasuke scoffed.

"It was obviouse you were uncomfortable. Besides, I can't stand those girls. Most girls, acctualy." he muttered.

Yet even still, as they walked farther across the school lawn, more and more eyes were on them. Naruto could feel the heated glares on his skin. Despite this, the warmth of Sasuke's hand never changed, and Naruto felt his grip firm and unyielding. Large blue eyes stared up at the older boy with adoration, and Sasuke looked back down quickly before looking away, his lips slightly turned up at the corners.

"Oi, Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun!"

Both boys turned at the shout, and Naruto's face light up in a large smile. Sasuke just nodded in the direction of his look-a-like who came limping towards them with the help of crutches. Sai smiled as Naruto broke away from Sasuke and ran over to him. Sasuke watched as Naruto smiled brightly and said things to make Sai laugh, and really Sasuke knew that this was it for them. This was what he had removed himself from.

Though he'd be sure to never allow such a thing to happen once more.

He loved Naruto. Naruto loved him. And so that was enough, simply feeling.

"Sasuke-! Come here! You have to greet Sai properly!" Naruto shouted, and Sasuke huffed, hesitantly walking over. Sai stared at him and he stared at Sai, and slowly the two inclined their heads. They had an understanding of sorts, after all, how couldn't they? Sai had not only almost died for their sake (well, more over Naruto's), but he had also given up tons of information to the police which lead to the inprisonment of that Pein, and Itachi.

Sasuke had been relieved that he felt no resentment as Itachi was taken to jail. His elder brother had done something unforgivable, and he deserved to be locked away. For all his troubles, Sai had been put on probation for several months, a light sentencing, though Naruto was still heartily against even that.

After hospital stays all around, Naruto had stormed into the police department, shouting loudly (something Sasuke hadn't heard in quite a while), that he forgave Sai and demanded that no changes of any kind be pressed. Sasuke had to quite Naruto down himself and explain how the legal system worked before Naruto pouted, but gave in.

Sai was the only one of them to still be recovering physically. Naruto was going to Tsunade more often, though, which Sasuke didn't mind, as he got to go with him on occasion. The blond woman looked strict in Sasuke's opinion, but her amber eyes held a motherly sort of softness when she looked at Naruto, and that was was alright with the Uchiha.

And so here they were, Sasuke in his final year of highschool, Naruto having just a bit more to complete, and then they could be together as much as humanly possible. Sasuke didn't mind that he would be away from Naruto due to graduation, because he intended on leaving a... 'lasting impression' on any other student that Naruto was his.

"Oi, dobe." the Uchiha said, holding out his hand. Naruto turned, blinking bright blue eyes.

"Yes-" Sasuke pulled Naruto into his chest, pointedly aware that all eyes were on them, and bent down to capture the lips he had denied for so long.

The world watched as Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto's destinies entwined upon each other once more.

This didn't have to be a great work of litterary genius, its just to tie up loose ends.

Sai's alive, hes alive! Itachi is in prison! And Sasuke intends to keep his promises this time!