Story: Dirty Little Secret

Author: gorgeousbowneyes

Chapter: Chapter Two

Rating: M+ in later chapters

Warnings: Violence, abuse, dub-con, character death, some BDSM

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all the Potterverse does not belong to me it all belongs to JK Rowling and her publishers and affiliates. Also, the idea for this story comes from the video on youtube by the same name. You can find the video at www dot youtube dot com / watch?v n3j5rf7zM but in the normal form.

Summary (from original video): After some insistence from Snape, Harry becomes involved in what he thinks will be some very exciting, passionate sex "classes" with his older and more experienced teacher. Soon, but still too late, he realises he is falling deeper and deeper into a terrible nightmare with only one way out. Will the price be too high to pay?


Dirty Little Secret

By gorgeousbowneyes

Chapter Two:

"So, Potter, I take it by now you must be bursting with questions about what we are doing here?" Snape stated, taking a sip from the glass of brandy he had poured for himself.

"Yes, Sir. What's this about?"

"So hasty to jump into business Mr Potter? You can't just sit and enjoy the quiet for a while?" Snape smirked at him "Of course you can't just sit there, you're a Gryffindor, they never sit still in the quiet. Well then I better get to explaining."

Harry looked at him confused. He just wanted to know why he was here. "Sir?"


"Um…Nothing. Please continue."

Snape looked at him curiously. "Very well. You're here because I want to offer you something. This isn't something every student gets the chance at mind you, just you."

"You don't mean to start the Occlumency lessons again?" Harry said hastily. He definitely didn't want them again.

"No, no, Potter, this is something else entirely. I wouldn't exactly call them lessons, but in a way they are. I've seen the way you look at me Potter, and no doubt you've noticed me looking back." Alarm bells were going off inside Harry's head. He'd noticed that Harry had been practically lusting over him? What's more he'd been looking back at him? So he hadn't been imagining the extra interest in him that Snape had taken?

"I'm offering you a chance to learn….well. I'm offering you sex classes."

Harry blanched. Sex classes? Surely he didn't mean that! He'd wanted to get closer to Snape, he had been getting hard-on's because of him, but actually have sex with him? He held no notion in his mind that this was a class. Snape was propositioning him to have sex with him and to do it frequently. He was scared, but also excited at the idea. As he thought, Snape had watched him intently, waiting for a reply. If he'd judged Harry's reactions to him wrong, he could be in a lot of trouble for suggesting this with a student. If Harry told Dumbledore, well…He could loose his job, and be sent to Azkaban for sure. But not if Harry agreed to it.

"Well?" Snape questioned after a few minutes of silence.

Harry stood, and slowly sauntered his way over to Snape, at least Harry thought he was sauntering. He looked at him in a seductive way and as he came to be standing in front of Snape and mere inches away from his body, he whispered to him.

"I accept."


"You what!" Remus almost yelled.

Harry covered his face in his hands. He had been over sixteen at the time, over the legal age of consent, so his accepting of Severus's terms meant that they couldn't legally hold whatever they did against Snape.

"I accepted," Harry whispered again.

"Harry," Arthur said, his voice almost breaking, "why would you accept something like that?"

"It's what I wanted at the time, OK!?" Harry all but yelled. "I was infatuated with him. And at first it was good. It was like my dreams had come true, never mind that I wasn't really ready for how fast we were moving."

"Oh, Harry," Remus said, pulling him into his arms.

"I can't believe that bastard!" Arthur exclaimed. "How could he put a sixteen year old in that position?"

Harry looked up and over at him. "He did it because he wanted to. Who knows what was going on in his head? It gets worse. Much worse."

"Oh sweet Merlin, Harry."

"Our first act of sexual interaction was that night…"


As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Snape had reached down and pulled his body as close to him as he could get, Harry's skin burning where it touched with Snape's. Snape was rough, and he ground his suppressed erection into Harry and Harry let out a moan, throwing back his head.

Taking that as a good sign, Snape bent his head down to the teenager's and captured his lips in a fiery kiss. Harry was amazed. It was like nothing he'd ever experienced, it had never been like this with Cho the year before. Snape's mouth was an expert, and when he felt his tongue touching to his lower lip he gladly opened his mouth to tangle with the Potions Master's tongue. His mouth was warm and hot, and his body pressed against Harry's was such an intense feeling, making him feel like he'd never felt before.

Snape's hands were holding Harry's hips, and as they kissed, they slowly moved down to his arse, to cup it. Harry had wrapped his arms around his professor's neck. Suddenly Snape gave a tug at his arse and lifted Harry up off of the ground, guiding Harry's legs around his waist, causing more friction between their already hardened pricks. Snape spun around and slammed Harry's back against a wall, all the while maintaining their kiss, devouring Harry's mouth. With Harry firmly suspended against the wall he began to rub their bodies together even more, causing Harry to break away from the kiss to moan in pleasure. Snape captured his mouth once more and continued his brutal attack on his mouth. Harry was enjoying every minute of it.

Needing more contact with the boy, Snape took hold of him once more and moved away from the wall, bringing him over to the sofa that Harry had been sitting on earlier. He none too gently placed Harry down on it, before resuming their kissing, trailing from his mouth, down the side of his neck and to the top of where his shirt and sweater were.

"What do you say we get rid of all these layers hmm?" Snape said from above him, Harry wriggling under him for more contact with him.

"Yes, get them off!" Harry pleaded, frustration and arousal entering his voice. But Snape must have had a change of mind because he came back to kissing Harry senseless and just rubbing their bodies together. Suddenly Snape moved off of him and stood, moving back over to the fire place, leaving a highly aroused Harry moaning on the sofa.

"Why'd you stop?" Harry managed to pant out.

"I think we need to get some ground rules straight first." Snape said in a cool voice. Harry let out a sigh of frustration.

"You will continue to address me as 'Sir' or 'Professor', do you understand?"

"Yes," Harry gasped out. He was still catching his breath and slowing his heart beat down. It didn't help that he had a rock hard erection digging into his pants.

"You will tell nobody of our arrangement," he continued. "Is that understood?"

"Yes," Harry repeated, although less breathy this time.

"Third, and most importantly, you will do exactly as I say. If I tell you to jump, you say how high? If I tell you to kiss me, you do it. If I tell you not to orgasm before me, you control yourself and make sure that you don't."


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Sir." Harry corrected.

"That's better."

"If I call you to my rooms and I am not here when you arrive, you are to kneel by the sofa with your head bowed until I arrive. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"If you do not follow my commands you will be punished, clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, get back to your dormitory."

"But, Sir! What about – "

"What did I just tell you, Potter?" Snape demanded.

"I am to do exactly what you say?" he said tentatively. "Sir," he added as an after thought.

"Correct. You do as I say, when I say it. I just told you to get to bed. Do it."

"Yes sir," Harry said, ignoring his raging arousal as much as possible. He stood and headed to the door, a bit wobbly on his feet after their make out session.

"Oh, and Potter, you have detention with me tomorrow night at 8pm for being out of bed after hours. Report back here at that time." With that Snape went through a door on the right wall, leaving Harry to exit his private study on his own. He hurriedly made his way back up to Gryffindor Tower, not wanting to get caught out of bed at this hour and in his current condition. His cock was aching with need and he desperately needed to get some relief, so he rushed back to his dormitory. Just as he was about to enter her remembered the reason he had been out of bed before Snape had found him and hesitated. Would they still be up? Would they hate him completely? Would they shun him? And how was he going to get past them without them noticing his hard-on if they were awake? He gulped down his fear and decided he'd just have to face he worst if need be.

He entered the room to find everyone asleep in bed, a load of empty bottles strewn about the floor. If McGonagall came in here with the room like this she'd hit the roof! Harry quietly moved about cleaning the bottles into one pile and then banishing them before moving into his own bed. He'd cleaned up in the hope that his small act would go some ways to redeeming himself in his friends' eyes. When he was finally in his own bed, the curtains drawn and shut tight, a silencing charm placed around his bed he could finally attend to his little problem, although it had wilted slightly from the walk back to the tower and then his quick clean up of the dorm.

He lifted the waist band of his pyjamas, which he suddenly realised Snape had seen him in and was mortified. No matter, he thought, hopefully he hadn't noticed the lack of style his flannel pyjamas possessed. He moved his hand down into his boxers and took hold of his erection into his cold hands at last. Finally he could get some relief.

He began to leisurely stroke himself, thoughts of the black haired Potion Master filling his mind. He imagined it was Snape who was holding his prick in his long slender hands, his cold hands that gripped him as he slowly pumped himself, his tugs becoming faster and faster the closer he came to orgasm.

He didn't take long to come, his back arching off the bed as a stream of creamy white semen left his dick, his eyes glazed over in passion, his mouth open wide in ecstasy. He rode out the waves of intense pleasure of his orgasm, every bone in his body finally relaxed. He reached for his wand and cleaned up the mess his cum had made with a quick Scorgify and then lay back. He drifted off to sleep with thoughts of the Snape at the forefront of his mind.


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