A/N: Okay you must be wondering if this has anything to with Pokemon Angels? Well yes... it's a rehash/ spin-off... It's also a spin-off of the New Lives Series... Okay if you read Pokemon Angels a few cast members will appear in this... not all I only plan to bring a few... In fact none of the villains will appear... Also this takes place in the same universe as New Lives... if you haven't read New Lives, New Lives R, New Lives: Outers Awaken or New Lives Galactic Guardians, it's a Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, One Piece, Ranma 1/2 and Naruto crossover... here's the basic story: Crystal Tokyo fell and Neo Queen Serenity sent the senshi to be reincarnated in different worlds... however in her grief she sent them to be reborn as males in these worlds... Mina in this version is a Senshi fan girl... to such an extent that she draws a comic about them... Anyways Mina, Beth and Sammy (who won't appear for a while due to reason involving New Lives R) were kidnapped by the Black Sun (the villains of New Lives R) and forced to use their powers (which the Black Sun told them about) against the Sailor Senshi fortunately they were saved... Also this means this story will crossover with Sailor Moon and One Piece (you'll see why...) many times, the Sailor Senshi will be mentioned at least once a chapter... and a One Piece character is sort of dating Beth and he'll appear every now and then (his first appearance is in the 2nd chapter)... also there should be cameos from the characters of Naruto, Zatch Bell and Ranma some time (I'm also planning for a full blown appearance of the Sailor Senshi at some point)... Oh yes each chapter will begin with a character monologue (most of the time done by Mina)... Well here's the first chapter...

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Neo Pokemon Guardians

By Emma Iveli

Hello my name is Mina Koki… I'm 11 years old, I have waits long blonde hair, I often put a pink head band and I also have bleu eyes. I'm a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn Region but now I'm traveling the Sinnoh Region… I only train Ice Types, Smoochum is my first Pokemon and often hangs out her Pokeball I also have a Glaceon, Froslass and Dewgong on me, my hobbies include drawing, any thing anime… oh and I'm the Biggest Sailor Mercury fangirl… but for some I think the Sailor Senshi refer to me as their biggest fan girl… I'm not sure… I travel with rival Peter… and don't say we're in love… cause we're not! We may fight a lot but that's always how's it been… And Beth… a breeder and my dad's assist… my dad let her travel with me… mostly so she can see one of her boyfriends… she has two... they don't like each other… from what I heard they never gotten along… even before Beth entered the picture… recently I found out that my ancestors were part of Clan of Women that could use the elemental powers of a Pokemon… my powers took the form of Ice Types, which could explain why I like them so much… Beth's ancestors are from the same clan but her powers involve rocks I also met another girl named Sammy who found at the same time who has Steel Powers… I'm sure that my mother who loves Normal Types, my aunt who always loved Grass Types and my cousin Anne who loves Dark Types also has this power too… I gave it lot a thought… and even though Gary… a friend of mine told me that I should use my powers unless I have to… I have decided to become a super hero… No matter how tough it will be… and I lack an enemy… I'm, still going to be one…

"Start the opening!" yelled Mina.

"Who is she talking to?" asked Peter with a sweat drop.

"I have no idea…" said Beth who also had a sweat drop.

Chapter 1: Mina's Super Idea!

Mina was modeling a costume she made, which conceited of a sky blue pleated skirt, a deep blue vest and ice blue blouse… as well as blue tennis shoes, pale blue socks and a sparkling blue mask covering her eyes and a sky blue head band replacing the pink one she often wore.

"So how I look?" asked Mina.

"You look like a generic cosplayer at an anime convention…" said Peter.

Smoochum nodded in agreement.

"Oh come on!" said Mina.

"Oh come on guys…" said Beth, "It's not bad…"

"That's great that's what you think…" said Mina, "Because I thought you could help me!"

Mina held out a grey short sleeved dress with several stitched outlines that resembled rocks on it and on the hanger she held on was a mask similar to the one Mina wore but grey and grey tennis shoes and dark grey sock, "I was hopping that you would help me…"

"Oh no… I couldn't…" said Beth.

"And beside Mina…" said Peter, "There's no enemy you'll be fighting…"

Mina pouted, "But a girl can dream can't she…" she said.

"You can always help the Sailor Senshi…" said Beth.

"I guess…" sighed Mina, "But…"

"You're still upset for what you did right?" said Peter.

"It's not our fault… you know that…" said Beth.

"I know…" said Mina, "But I do wish there was an enemy to fight…"

Elsewhere a Cave somewhere… A strange council was meeting of 10 members… 5 men and 5 women, each member was covered in shadows.

"So three girls have used their powers in the past few months… that's a bad thing…" said a man covered in shadows.

"There are hundreds of their decadents but all of them have forgotten their heritage I have a feeling these three girls have found about it…" said a women covered in shadows.

"Their remnants must be destroyed if we want to take over this world…" said another woman.

"What about the Sailor Senshi I've heard about?" asked another man, "I'm sure they're a threat too…"

"Yeah right their only an urban legend…" said another woman.

"I'll get rid of them first…" said the first woman.

"Okay…" said the first man.

Meanwhile with Mina, Smoochum, Peter and Beth…

"So Mina where's our next destination…" said Peter.

"Lily Town… I have an autograph session there…" said Mina.

"You're busy enough as it is…" said Peter, "Why would you become a super hero? I mean other than the fact you have the powers…"

"Because I'm an Otaku!" said Mina doing the Torpedo Girl pose.

"I should have known…" sighed Peter, "You're a famous comic artist and a great trainer... I still think you becoming a super hero is a bad idea… do you even know how to control your powers…"

"I've been learning…" said Mina.

Her eyes turned ice blue as she shot shards of from her hands... the shards went in all different directions…

"My arm! Where did this piece of ice come from!" yelled a random voice in the background.

"Run!" yelled Mina as her eyes became sky blue once again.

After all of them ran away very quickly.

"Maybe I should work on my aim…" said Mina.

"Smooch…" said Smoochum nodding.

"Is that you only attack?" asked Peter.

"Nope I've been working actually Pokemon Attacks too... I'm able to a decent Ice Punch and my Aurora Beam rocks!"

"I doubt it…" said Peter, "Like anything you can do will rock…"

The tow of them began to glare at each other.

"Maybe we should sit down and eat…" said Beth.

Mina took out a picnic blanket… and everyone began to eat rice balls and drink tea.

There was a strange roar… everyone flinched… that's when a giant Growlithe it's fur was messy and had an evil look in it's eyes and a strange gem on it's forehead.

What's that!" yelled Peter.

"I know what that is!" said Mina, "My chance to be a Super Hero!"

"Oh great…" said Peter.

Mina ran into the bushes quickly and quickly change into her super hero costume… in less than a minute…

"How did you get changed so fast?" asked Peter with a sweat drop.

"You know… I have no idea…" said Mina, "But all I know is that I have to fight this thing!"

Mina's eyes turned ice blue as her hand began to sparkle with ice.

"Ice Punch!" she said as she punched the Growlithe using the Pokemon Attack… however…

"Barely anything happened!" said Mina.

"Maybe it has something to do with the fact… oh I don't know… that it's a fire type Pokemon and your using Ice Type Attacks!"

"Oh that makes sense…" said Mina sarcastically while rolling her eyes.

"Honestly you don't believe me!" said Peter, "You're such a weirdo!"

"Take that back!" yelled Mina

That's when the Giant Growlithe growled…

"My Aurora Beam is better! I'll try that!" said Mina cupped her hand "Aurora Beam!"

The hit but the Giant Growlithe didn't seem fazed one bit…

"Oh man!" yelled Mina.

"Maybe you can help Beth…" said Peter.

"No, no… I'm fine…" said Beth with a sigh.

"let me try one more!" said Mina she shot shards of ice from her hand at it… but Growlithe used flame thrower on the shards which melted.

That's when Peter noticed something odd… "There's something strange about that gem don't you… I mean it's glowing…" said Peter, "And I also just realized something… I don't think you be using your powers on a Pokemon… even if it is giant and looks evil…"

This last part when unheard by Mina… "It's glowing… There is something odd about it… let's see what happens when I aim for it…"

"Aurora Beam!" said Mina aiming for the Growlithe forehead Jewels… the gem shatter when it… and in a blinding light the Growlithe returned to normal and looked like any other normal Pokemon… the look around then ran off.

"No way…" said Peter with a sweat drop.

"What kind of person would do that a Pokemon…" said Mina.

"Your good!" said a voice.

A woman jumped down from the trees but no one could see what she looked like because she wore a lavender cloak.

"I see you mastered your powers quite well… and the other girl did nothing…" said the women.

"How do you know about our powers?" asked Mina.

"I know a lot about the Pokemon Guardians. I know that there are many that hold the power… hundreds that are alive I'm sure if your mothers, sisters grandmothers, aunts, cousins all have the power too… and because f the power you hold all of you must be eliminated…" said the women.

"What to fight?" asked Mina.

"Not now… but you two better be on your toes… you will be eliminated first along with that other girl who used her power recently…" said the woman who ran away.

There was a silence.

"Smoochum…" said Smoochum shocked.

"No way…. I can't believe it…" said Peter.

"All right!" cheered Mina, "I have an enemy! I'm a real super hero!"

Meanwhile in the cave…

"So it seems that this girl… seems to have gotten a hang of her powers…" said one of the men.

"Yes…" said the woman who went after them.

"Let's go after the girl who didn't do a thing…" said one of the men who laughed.

Elsewhere in the forest… Mina was humming 1000 Percent Sparkling… Peter was Grumbling under his breath while Beth was giggling… This was going to be one interesting adventure…

Next Time: Beth is unsure of her powers... why? Because she used her power agaisnt her boyfriends when she first used them... Now it will take the love of one of them and Mina in danger for her to use them... Will Beth use them? Find out next time!