A/N: The twist in this ending was not something I was originally planning... but I hope some of you will enjoy it any way. Enjoy the chapter!

Megan here… Well if you don't know about me, I'm the teams water trainer. I was dragged here by people I barely even knew at the time. Now that I know them, they're okay. Still, I just hope a certain thing never happens… otherwise I don't know what I'll do!

"What are you talking about?" asked Sammy.

"Nothing!" yelled Megan, "Star the opening!"

Chapter 22: Megan's Family

Everyone was eating breakfast… when a strange buzzing sound was heard. They turned to see what it… it was Sanji running away from Beedrill.

"Sanji!" cried Beth.

"Beth… where does your boyfriend even live… its unnatural to have that little knowable about Pokémon." Said Akane with a sweat drop.

That's when Sammy grabbed Beldum.

"You're still angry with me from last time… aren't you?" asked Beldum.

"No… of course not." Said Sammy in a dangerous tone… meaning she was still angry about Beldum.

She then tossed Beldum into the swarm of Bedrill.

"Beldum use Zen Headbutt!" shouted Sammy.

Beldum used it's new attack and plowed though the Beedrill like it was nothing. Sanji sweat dropped as he saw Beldum do that.

"Do I want to know?" asked Sanji.

"No… no you don't." said Peter with a sweat drop.

That's when Beth glomped him.

"I missed you so much." Said Beth.

"As did I." said Sanji.

"Great… it's going to be one of those days." Said Peter.

"It could be worse… Brock could be here." Said Sammy.

Megan decided to ignore this and read a guidebook. She began to sweat when she saw and entry.

"Megan what's wrong?" asked Sammy looking over her shoulder. Then saw the entry, "Oh wow that nearby! I always wanted to go there."

Sammy grabbed the guidebook.

"Hey! I was reading that!" yelled Megan.

"I've been wanting to go there for the longest time!" said Sammy, "I heard it's really good."

"What?" asked Peter.

Sammy pointed to an entry.

"The Forest Pokémon Café. A restaurant where Pokémon act like waiter and waitresses." Read Peter, "That actually sounds pretty cool. We should go for lunch."

"That's what I thinking." Said Sammy.

"As long as it's not the mountain hut maid café, I'm fine." Said Peter.

"May I ask why?" asked Sammy.

"If Mina returns to normal and finds out I went with out… she's going to kill me." Said Peter who began to shiver.

Everyone who heard sweat dropped.

"I heard the place isn't all that special." Said Megan, "I don't think we should go."

"Hey Beth! Sanji were you paying attention?" asked Sammy.

"They weren't paying attention to you." Said Akane.

Megan gritted her teeth in anger.

And so the group headed to the café.

"So you're that crazy psychic girl I heard about." Said Sanji.

"Crazy!" yelled Maggie who put Peter in a head lock, "Peter did you tell people that!"

"It's not my fault!" he whined.

Sanji sweat dropped when he saw this.

"You know what…" said Megan, "I'm going to investigate around… in case anyone from the Elemental Council is following us again."

Megan began to leave.

"If you don't tell them. I will!" said Maggie dropping Peter.

"Oh crap." Said Megan turning around, "You know?"

"I'm psychic, remember!" yelled Maggie.

Megan gritted her teeth, "Fine let's go!" she muttered.

"What's going on with her?" asked Akane.

"I cant' say… as long as long as she tells you…" said Maggie.

They arrived at the café… a handsome young man was the host, he looked around 16 and had very dark blue hair and the same color eyes as Megan.

"Welcome to the Forest Pokémon Café." Said the host , that's when he noticed Megan, "Megan! Wow! Long time no see."

"Hey… Mikey." Said Megan nervously.

The young man named Mikey looked at the group.

"They're fine I take it." Said Mikey.

"Yeah…" said Megan.

"You told them the situation." Said Mikey.

"No… I didn't…" muttered Megan.

"I see…" sighed Mikey, "I'm Michael, but everyone calls me Mikey. I'm Megan's brother."

"My family runs this place." Said Megan.

There was silence... when they realized why she didn't want to come.

Meanwhile in the HQ of the Lethal Council.

"So that's how you had a battle on your day off." Said Damien with his eye twitching.

"Yeah… just bad timing." Sighed Feather.

"Okay… you know what…" said Renji, "I'm going, who wants to come with me…"

"I will have I have the weirdest feeling that something interesting is happening." Said Kenny.

"Sure… let's go." Said Renji.

Back in the Forest Pokémon Café. The group had taken seats. Megan began to introduce everyone.

"This is Akane a klutzy ninja… Maggie, she's crazy, Sammy who's a girl, Peter our group's butt monkey, Beth who falls in love with every guy she sees and Sanji… one of Beth's boy friends who knows nothing about Pokémon." Said Megan, "Oh yeah that Beldum who can talk… it belongs to Sammy, Ralts who belongs to Maggie and Smoochum who belongs to Mina who is very sick."

"That… introduction… was terrible." Said Sammy with her eye twitching.

"Sorry about that… ever since Megan was a kid she wanted to be a cook here… but she's always been bad at it so she lashed out at people." Said Mikey.

"We noticed." Muttered Sammy.

"So why didn't you want to come home?" asked Beth.

"Hey honey." Said a voice.

That's when two people showed up. One was a man with black hair while the other was a woman with dark blue hair. Both of them had deep blue eyes.

"Hi mom… hi dad." Said Megan.

"I can't believe your home." Said her mother.

"I didn't have a say in it." Said Megan.

"So I take these are your parents." Said Peter.

"Shut up…" muttered Megan.

"Big sister." Said two voices.

That's when two 4 year olds… one was a girl with dark blue hair while the other was boy who looked just like a four year old male version of Megan.

"Hey brats long time no see." Said Megan.

"These are our youngest children… Kenny and Kathy." Said Megan's mother.

"Wait… Kathy Kathi?" asked Sammy.

"Weird name." said Peter.

"Your family seems nice. Why didn't you want to return home?" asked Beth.

"Other than the whole broken dream thing…" said Beldum.

"Well, well, well looks like the pathetic loser is home." Came a voice.

They looked to see an older version of Megan standing there with a ponytail and apron.

"That's why…" said Maggie.

"Hey! I came here with my friends." Growled Megan, "So go away Clara."

"I bet they tried to run away from your food… that's why their here." Said the girl apparently named Clara.

"Actually I'm the one who cooks." Said Maggie.

"What ever…" said Clara, "But I'm possible she's the worst cook in the universe." Said Clara.

"Uh…" said Sammy, Maggie, Sanji, Peter and Beldum.


In the World of Chaos, a girl named Akane Tendo was cooking when suddenly the food she was cooking came to life as a giant blob.

"I hunger for the souls of the living." Said the blob monster.

Akane Tendo yelled out "Kasumi it happened again."

(End of Flashback)

"I don't know someone who can cook soul eating blob monsters has to be a far worst cook." Said Sammy.

"Okay… what ever! I have to get back to the kitchen." Said Clara leaving for the kitchen.

"Freudian Excuse much?" asked Peter.

"You're in love with Mina." Snapped Megan.

"If only those two got along." Said Megan's mother.

"I have an idea." Said Beth, "Sanji can you teach Megan how to cook? Pretty please."

"Of course! There's no way I can say no to you." Said Sanji with his eyes exploding in hearts.

"Thank you." Said Beth happily.

"This isn't going to end well." Said Sammy.

"Exactly it's going to end a way that no one would ever except in a million years." Said Maggie.

"Is Megan going to learn Sanji's awesome cooking skillz?" asked Sammy.

"I'm not at liberty to say." Said Maggie.

There was a silence. Everyone knew it meant… no… Megan was not going to get better.

"I hate you Maggie." Said Megan.

Sometime later in the kitchen.

"So Megan… I don't know who that guy is… but I doubt he can help you." Said Clara.

Megan glared at her older sister.

"I'll have you know he's a master chef…" said Megan.

"If you say so." Said Clara with a laugh, "By the way I have a question for you."

"What?" asked Megan as she began to peel potatoes.

"How big of a Sailor Senshi fan are you because I saw the news and…" said Clara, "After all fighting evil dressed like a Sailor Senshi wanna be."

The air became tense.

"Sanji… get out… now…" said Megan dangerously.

Sanji didn't' have a chance to respond as he noticed Megan's eyes were a lighter shade of blue.

"Hydro Pump!" she shouted blasting him out of the room.

Outside they saw Sanji was blasted out of the room.

"I take it Megan used one of her Pokémon to get you out the kitchen." Said Megan's mother.

"I guess you can say that." Said Sanji.

"Pokémon is one of the reason why those can't get along. Clara is a Electric type trainer while as you know Megan loves water types." Explained Megan's mother.

"So are you a type specific trainer as well?" asked Sammy already knowing the answer.

"I'm a grass type trainer." Said Megan's mother, "They always seem so calm to me."

"And when I grow up I'm going to be a Ghost Type trainer!" said Kathy.

"That's sweet." Said Beth looking at Kathy.

"Don't you think it's strange that my mom and sisters have a certain a love for a single type?" asked Mikey.

"Yes… strange…" said Akane sifting her eyes.

Back in the kitchen.

"How did you find out!" yelled Megan.

"You think I would recognize my own little sister?" asked Clara with an evil smirk.

"You didn't tell the others did you." Said Megan.

"No I deiced to keep it our little secret." Said Clara.

"What do you want from me?" asked Megan.

"I have to think about it." Said Clara.

"You have no idea how lucky you are." Said Megan.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Clara.

"Just drop it." Said Megan.

"Tell me what you mean! Now!" said Clara.

"Do you really want to know…" said Megan, "Then again that doesn't matter your life is danger along with mom's and Kathy and you're the only one aware of it."

"What are you saying?" asked Clara.

"The enemies we fight are different than the Sailor Senshi. We are decedents of an ancient clan or something… and my enemies… wants to kill every single decedent they can." Said Megan, "And I just happen to have been one of the ones who discovered our clan's power and now I have to fight them for the hope of everyone… I'm just fighting to protect mom and Kathy okay… but if you know what good for you… just avoid me after here on out…"

"You trying to protect me…. Aren't you?" asked Clara.

"No… no…" said Megan.

That's when there were several explosions out side.

"What was that?" asked Clara.

"Stay in here!" said Megan.

In the main restaurant.

"Please let be the Rainbow Brigade…" muttered Sammy.

"No chance." Said Maggie.

Megan ran though.

"Sanji! Peter! Make sure they stay in no matter what." Said Megan.

They got outside to find many of those Pokémon Monsters with Kenny (the villain) and Renji.

"So you are here… that's good." Said Kenny (the villain).

"Why is it saying (the villain) after Kenny's name?" asked Renji.

"Let's just ignore it." Said Kenny (the villain).

"All right everyone! Change!" yelled Sammy.

They went into the bushes and came out a few seconds later.

"I to the hand of it." Said Maggie.

"Yeah… yeah… I'm not in a good mood today." Said Megan.

"That's interesting." Said Kenny (the villain) looking at a strange computer on his wrist, "There are three inside… that never awakened their powers."

Megan paled.

"Oh no…" she whispered.

"We can't let them get away…" said Renji.

That's when several big Pokémon that were mutated appeared and used string shot on the Neo Pokémon Guardians.

"Oh no…" cried Megan.

"Oh I get it! Clara's going to awaken her powers and join us." Said Sammy.

"Good guess… but no…" said Maggie.

That's when several more Pokémon Monsters jumped though the windows and grabbed both Megan's mother and Kathy.

"Why you!" yelled Sanji kicking the gem of the one that grabbed Kathy… shattering it. Turning the Pokémon back to normal.

"Help!" cried Megan's mother.

That's when there was a lighting bolt hitting the gems. Turning them back into Pokémon. Everyone turned to see Clara and a Raichu.

"All right! Raichu! Hit the gems!" said Clara, "That's how you get rid of them right?"

"Yeah…" said Peter.

"All right!" said Clara.

That's was when one of the Pokémon monster used String shot on her mouth. And began to carry her away.

"Why you!" yelled Sanji.

That's when the same monster used String Shot on Sanji's legs.

"Damn it!" he yelled.

That was when Clara was brought outside.

"Well, well… your power seems to be of the Electric variety." Said the Kenny (the villain).

"That's pretty cool… but too bad you have to die." Said Renji.

"Stop it! It's my sister!" cried Megan.

"Oh… that's a shame…" said Kenny (the villain).

Renji pulled of a knife.

Mina's other self watched.

"I guess I have to stop this." She sighed.

"Stop this now!" she cried out.

That's when Megan began to glow. So much there was a pillar of blue light.

Mina's other self stopped.

"No way…" she whispered.

Those watching inside the restraint were shocked.

"What's happening?" asked Mikey.

"Damn it… not again…" muttered Peter.


"Damn it! This again!" yelled Kenny (the villain).

When the light died down, not only was the string shot gone but Megan looked older, she had blue streaks in her hair… not only that but it was no longer Megan but Megan's other self.

"This is just what you were referring to… right?" asked Sammy.

"Yeah…" sighed Maggie, "But unlike Mina, it's a good thing."

That was when Megan's other self called out "Water Spout!"

Water rose to the sky and hit every single Pokémon Monster on the Gem destroying them turning them back.

"Leave her alone now!" order Megan's other self.

Renji dropped Clara and the two ran for it.

"So… you think that it will be like Ice Guardian?" asked Kenny (the Villain).

"I have no idea… but it she is… the better for us." Said Renji.

Back in front of the Café, Maggie used some of psychic attack to get rid of all the String Shot.

"You could have done earlier you know!" yelled Akane.

"Yeah… but I didn't' want to…" said Maggie, "Just watch."

That was when Mina's other self jumped down.

"I had to no idea you would awaken." Said Mina's other self with a smirk.

"I'm not like you." Said Megan's other self, she took a breath, "I prefer a symbolic relationship with Megan… unlike you! You have to give Mina back her body! It's wrong!"

Mina's other self glared at Megan.

"We maybe equals… but I don't think we're going to get along." Said Mina's other self.

"I know that…" mutter Megan's other self.

"Just do me one favor…. Those other three… the ones that should be involved… get rid of them." Said Mina's other self.

"No." said Megan's other self, "They have every right to fight them… you have to understand that."

Mina's other self gritted her teeth and left.

Megan's other self then clones her eyes and collapsed. Fortunately Maggie caught her in time.

"What's happening to her?" asked Clara.

"It's a long story." Said Maggie, "A long story."

Meanwhile on some breach Megan woke up. She found herself in the middle of a lake on a small island.

"Where am I?" she asked.

"This is your inner world." Said a voice.

She saw her other self and began to freak.

"Oh no! Oh no! I don't want to end up like Mina!" cried Megan.

"Don't worry… I'm not an Ice Other Self… I'm different." Said Megan's' other self.

"Then what's going to happen?" asked Megan.

"Don't worry… I'm your side." Said Megan's' other self, "If you need it, I'll take over. But it's only when desperate time calls for desperate measures situation. I want us to live together in harmony. Okay."

"Okay…" said Megan slowly.

"Good." Said Megan's other self.

Megan once again woke up… she found her self in a blue bedroom. "This is my old bedroom." She said.

She went thought a hallway which connected to the front of the restaurant.

"So that's what happening." Said Maggie.

Everyone remained silent.

"So it's going to be like that girl Mina." Said Clara.

"No…" said Maggie, "Her other self is different."

"So you told them everything." Said Megan.

"Yeah." Said Akane.

Megan noticed her backpack.

"I'm leaving." She said coldly.

"You shouldn't do that! You should at least talk to your sister! I mean I was awakened." Megan's other self's voce echoed though her head.

Megan stopped…

"What's wrong?" asked Akane.

"There's a voice in my head." Said Megan with a sweat drop.

"Oh yeah…" said Maggie, "You are able to talk to you other self mentally."

"Oh great why me…" sighed Megan.

"I think I know what the problem is." Said Clara, "She wants to talk to me."

"Oh yeah what about it." Said Megan.

"Oh come on… you know why…" said Clara with a smirk.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Megan.

"I think you did that to save my life." Said Clara.

"Yeah… right… That wasn't the reason…" said Megan lying though her teeth, "I'm leaving."

Megan's parents and Mikey couldn't help but to smile as she left.

"I can't believe it…" said Mikey.

"I know…" said Megan's father, "They're relationship… it improved."

Sometime later Megan waited on a rock, the Neo Pokémon Guardians, their Pokémon and Peter arrived.

"Where Sanji?" asked Megan.

"He had to part ways." Said Beth with a blush.

"I wanted to thank him for trying to teach me how to cook." Said Megan.

"Maybe you shouldn't have left like that." Said Akane.

They continued on their way.

"I wasn't awake during that time… so id my other self get with Mina's?" asked Megan.

"…" was everyone else's response.

"So I take it as a no." said Megan.

"I know I was hopping that she would be able to talk some sense into her." Said Peter, "Because I can't seem to figure out that hint Maggie keeps giving."

"Okay… it time for the second hint." Said Maggie.

Everyone looked at Maggie.

"It's Sleeping Beauty." Said Maggie.

There was a salience.

"What's the next one The Little Mermaid?" asked Peter.

Maggie sighed…

"Well I guess your not going to figure it out any time soon." Said Maggie.

"I know what it is." Echoed Megan's other else.

"What?" thought Megan.

She heard her other self giggle, "Just think about those two stories…" she said.

Megan sighed…

Meanwhile back at the Café, Clara was cooking for some costumers, she looked up to the ceiling.

"Next time Megan comes over… I'm going to apologize…" thought Clara, "after all… for what she doing for everyone… it take courage… much more courage than I have…"

And so Megan gained a lot that day… although she too gained an inner self. It was nothing to saving Mina. But only time will if Peter is able to figure out the meaning of Maggie's hints.

Next Time: Peter is sick of all these vague hints so he demands for another. When Maggie tells him it he does something and figures out what she means. What is it? Find out next time!