Re-write of Surprise

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Time line: Set during Surprise and going into to probably all the seasons...

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Summary: What I think should have happened after Buffy and Angel made love. Jenny's still a gypsy, but he uncle never came to town. She does tell them about who she is, what she's their to do, and tells them other stuff.You'll half to wait to find out about the other stuff.

A/N: My thoughts in ( ) and characters thoughts in italic (slant).

A/N: Point of views may differ between characters,but I will let you know who's point of view (POV).

A/N: If you haven't watched Surprise then you know what I'm talking about or have someone fill you in. Or go to and go to season 2 of Buffy and go to episode 25's transcript and read through that to understand.




"It's already closed. You're fine." He tells me and I believe him.

I lean back into him and he cuddles my face to his. He puts his arms around me.

"You almost went away today." I say to him. Oh. My.God. Thank you, you didn't.

"We both did." He tells me the truth. We both did almost go away. Him with the Judge's arm and me for kicking the Judge.

"(sobs) Angel... (sniffles) I feel like I lost you... (sniffles)

You're right, though. We can't be sure of anything." I say to him as I start to cry.

"Shhh. I..." I hear him say,but he doesn't finish. So, I turn around to look at him.

"You what?"

"I love you. I try not to, but I can't stop." OH.MY.GOD. He loves me.

"Me, me, too. I can't either." I say back to him the honest to god's truth. We start to kiss. After a moment Angel breaks off the kiss.

"Buffy, maybe we shouldn't..." He says,but I cut stop him.

"Don't. Just kiss me."

(Angel's POV)

I wake up after the most magnificent dream ever, but then I realize the I have someone else in my bed and all the stuff from tonight come rushing back at me. I look down at my beautiful sleeping goddess. OH.MY.GOD.Isn't she the most beautiful goddess ever? I then realize that we never checked in with the Giles and the Gang at the library. I better check in with Giles or he'll be worried. But, I just can't get up. But, I slowly get up and go out into the living room to use the phone.


"Hello?" I hear Willow pick up the phone.

"Hey, Willow its Angel..."

"Oh. Thank God! Guys, there just find" I hear Willow say to everyone as I also hear everybody say Thank God,too.

"Willow, we're at my apartment. Because we got wet. But, tell Giles that the Judge is fully assembled. That we got captured, but Buffy kicked the Judge, I got us out of their and back here. Buffy is fine and so am I. She is sleeping right know. I just figured I'd check in so nobody worried." I say to her leaving out the events of mine and Buffy's love-making which knowing Buffy and Willow they probably will talk about tonight.

"OK, thanks for checking in. Do you want to talk to Giles.

"Yes, can I please?" I say to her.

"Hold on,Giles. Angel wants to talk to you. I'll keep looking through that book with Miss. Calendar you talk to him." I hear Willow say to Giles and I smile. Looks, like Willow is in charge

"Yes, Angel." I hear Giles say on the other line.


Meanwhile in Angel's room

I wake up remembering what just happened tonight. Its still thundering outside I reach out for Angel and find him not here. I sit up,clutching the sheet to my chest.

"Angel" I say into the dark of his room. I get ready about to get up to get dressed and go find him as soon as he walks into his room.

"Hey,how are you feeling?" I hear him say as he sits down on the bed.

"Sore,wonderful,amazing...there's so many amazing words that I come to mind" I say with a smile on my face which he gives me his famous Angel half-smile. Then, I hit him on the shoulder, but not the hard just enough to hurt.

"Ow...what was that for?" I ask me while rubbing his shoulder.

"I woke up and you were gone." I say to him and then I go on to ramble.

"I thought you left me because I was bad...but, it is my first time...and I know you have so much experience..." I say as I start to ramble,but he cuts me off with a kiss. When he breaks the kiss,we are still touching nose to nose, forehead to forehead.

"NEVER,EVER THINK THAT BUFFY ANNE SUMMERS. You hear were amazing my goddess,my love...I love you so much. It was amazing. And I half to admit that I am glad that you gave me the precious gift of letting me be your first and hopefully last. And I will admit that if your up to it I would do it again." He says, when he finishes he smiles and I smile. I leap into his arms and hold him and cry.

"Your Welcome, ever since I saw you I wanted you to be my first and my last. And you are going to be my last. And I want to make love to you again." I say to him as I look up and smile.

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