"'old 'em loik this, Pinters!"


"Come on!"

"This…This is stoopid."

"Fer me?"



"Oy! Don' ye go an' gi' me tha' puppy eye o' yers!"

"Yer always teachin' me 'ow ta do fings! Le' me teach ye 'ow ta do this! Please?"


A moment's pause, and then Ragetti's hand would be lightly tugging on his sleeve.





Pintel sighed and hugged Ragetti back as the younger man held onto him tightly, kissing his cheek lightly.

"Fanks, Pinters!"

"Yeah yeah…I 'old me 'ands loik this then?"

"Aye! Tha's et!"

"Foine…Naow 'ow does et go agin?"

"Our Father, who ar' in 'eaven…"

There were other things that Pintel would have rather been doing with Ragetti before the battle between Beckett's armada; things that would include having him on his hands and knees and moaning deliciously, but Pintel just bit his tongue and kept quiet, allowing his friend to teach him the Lord's Prayer before what would most likely be their last fight together.