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Bookstores and Puppies

Chapter 2

Mokuba loved his brother.

He knew that deep down – around 6.3 miles down – Seto was a very kind man. The young boy had respected him all of his life. Kaiba was the strongest person he knew. He was always calm and collected, and in times of crisis, the elder Kaiba brother always had a plan ready. If he was ever scared of anything, he would never show it in a noble attempt to protect Mokuba from worrying. He never seemed to let anything affect him, never seemed to have any sort of weakness. He was also the bravest person he knew.

So when Kaiba slammed the front door to the mansion open and stormed inside, running to his room screaming something about "eye molestation," and cooties, the raven haired boy felt that he was perfectly justified when, after realizing Seto had barricaded himself into his room and dead bolted the door (and unbeknownst to the younger Kaiba, also reinforced it by pushing his desk, dresser, and nightstand against said door), he ran to the garage to fetch a chainsaw.

"Big Brother," Mokuba warned, "open this door right now."

A muffled "No" was the only reply that floated through the door (and other furniture) attempting to separate Kaiba and the outside world. And Mokuba would have sworn, if it was not completely against the laws of the universe, that it sounded like the CEO had been pouting.

And somewhere in the world, a kitten instantly combusted.

"I mean it," the younger teen plowed on, fisted hands resting on his hips. "Don't make me come in there after you." Fully aware of the irony in the role reversal, he resisted the urge to role his eyes. Honestly. And he was supposed to be the more immature one.

He pressed his ear to the door, all the better to hear a reply from his beloved brother. No answer. He strained his ear a little more, and thought he heard a small noise inside. Was that a--? Mokuba's eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. Was that a sniffle?!

Completely disturbed – and rightfully so, as the sound of a sniffling Kaiba is not one that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling (but instead usually makes one want to throw themselves off the nearest cliff) – Mokuba revved up the chainsaw. Something was seriously afoot here, and no force on heaven or earth would stop the younger Kaiba in his quest to found out what it was.

Several seconds later, Mokuba stood in the remains of what had once been a beautiful (and expensive) door. It now resembled sawdust. Stepping over a small pile of decimated woodchips, he surveyed the mess with thoughtful grey eyes, vaguely wondering if he had gone slightly overboard.


Inside, Seto Kaiba paused in his trying to set fire to the pillows on his bed by the intense heat of his glare alone, and slowly gazed up at the new hole in his wall, face suddenly a blank mask.

Mokuba belatedly realized that maybe knocking down (read: obliterating completely and totally beyond any sort of recognition) Kaiba's door may not have been the smartest decision in the world. Cringing, he waited for the impending tide of grounding to start. Not the cable, not the cable, he mentally chanted. I will spear you in your sleep if you take away my morning cartoons. Never let it be said that Mokuba wasn't just the sweetest little angel.

After a few seconds, Mokuba chanced a quick glance up at his brother. Kaiba was still staring at the now empty space between the doorposts with a glazed look to his eye.

Now, a normal person would be shocked and angered over the sudden need for a new door. A normal person would be horrified by a twelve-year-old using a chainsaw, and indoors no less. A normal person would be furious at this turn of events. Seto Kaiba, however, is not a normal person.

Seto raised his hand to stroke his chin in a thoughtful manner. His eyes narrowed in his shrewed, calculating stare that has sent more than one fully grown man running away, screaming for his mommy. Slowly – oh so slowly – a small grin began to form on his face. Mokuba began to worry. This was not Seto's 'I'm so proud of you I'm going to give you your Christmas presents early this year' kind of smile – not that Mokuba had ever seen that smile (though he certainly kept his hopes up).

No. This was a different kind of smile. A smile that oh so clearly said 'I'm going to slowly murder you in a thousand and one ways, but not until after I have torn out your bleeding entrails and use them to hang you from the nearest structure over seven feet tall. And then I will poison your corpse and feed it to your pet kitten.'

It was that kind of smile.

Kaiba abruptly stood up, still grinning with an expression that was, in all likelihood, far beyond insanity. "It's perfect!" the normally stoic teen all but cheered. "It couldn't possibly be any better!"

Mokuba stood with his jaw hanging wide open, fighting the urge to faint. Oh dear God, he had just single handedly destroyed his brother's sanity. He ran over to the brunette, who was now beginning to mutter to himself, and pressed his hand to his forehead. No fever. That was good, at least.

"Big brother, are you okay?" Large grey eyes peered worriedly into widened blue ones.

Almost instantly, Kaiba snapped out of it, returning to his present task into glaring a hole into the pristine pillowcase before him. "I'm busy, Mokuba. Go away." At the derisive snort in regard to his present state of sitting on his bed obviously not doing a damned thing, Kaiba scowled. "I'm busy plotting. This takes a great deal of concentration."

Mokuba raised an eyebrow in a command for clarification.

Kaiba sighed. If he didn't give Mokuba an explanation, he knew he would be waking up to honey, glue, and all other sorts of nasty, sticky liquids in every single pair of shoes he owned. Which was a lot. As embarrassing as it was, he knew better. Hell hath no fury like a Mokuba deprived of his gossip.

The brunette took a deep breath. "There is someone currently in employment at the bookstore who is keeping me from entering there again. I have been plotting how to cover up his murder to make it look like an accident, while making it the most slow and agonizing experience as possible. I had been considering bleeding to death by means of castration with a rusty spoon. But now—" he grinned up at the space his door previously occupied, "I think total obliteration would be much better." He folded his arms and nodded to himself, looking quite content with his new plan. "Make it so not even the dental records are identifiable."

Mokuba stared. And stared. And just to be safe, stared some more.

And then burst into a fit of giggles, rolling off the bed in his mirth with a loud 'thump.' Seto was not as amused. In fact, he was feeling very much put off; this was not the reaction he had been hoping for. He thought it had been a great plan, dammit!

"Come on, Seto, seriously. What are you doing?" Mokuba questioned with an easy grin. Kaiba found himself scowling as that grin reminded him of the cute, perverted, ill-fated worker from before.

He directed a blank stare towards Mokuba's being. When the young boy realized that Seto was, indeed, considering murder, his jaw dropped open, staring in what was obvious reverence at Seto for being such a brave and intelligent man for thinking of the quickest, most effective way to eliminate his problems.

That was Seto had wanted the little brat to do, at least. He had most definitely not wanted the small punk to begin laughing even harder.

Wiping an imaginary tear from his eye, Mokuba managed to crawl back up from the floor where he had been having a seizure – Seto decided that the poor boy had suddenly developed epilepsy. He refused to believe that his kind, sweet brother would ever ridicule one of his plans – and cheerily asked, "So what has this employee done to keep you from going back? It must have been something good. Usually it would take an act of God to keep you from going there."

Or an attempt to rape and deflower me, Kaiba sullenly thought to himself, feeling his face heat up in recollection of the prior events of the day.

Mokuba's heart stopped. Seto Kaiba was blushing?! It had to be Armageddon.

Then he donned his impish, Cheshire cat grin, asking in a teasing voice, "Would this certain employee happen to be cute, at all?"

Seto bristled. What kind of question was that?! I will not blush, I will not blush, I will not blush. Blushing is for little sissy girls.

Mokuba's answer was the heat from Seto's face increasing global warming by at least fifteen degrees.

In an attempt to salvage the minute shreds of dignity he had left, he arranged his face into his most fearsome scowl – which, unfortunately for the brunette, Mokuba was completely immune to – growling, "He won't be after I'm through with him."

Stifling a grin, Mokuba gave a fake gasp of shock. "Big brother, I didn't know you were into S & M!"

As the world temperature grew another thirty degrees, causing the South Pole to melt entirely, and Kaiba nearly fell off the bed, he made a mental note to put parental locks on all TV channels except for the Disney channel. And even then he would have to closely monitor it. Damn Mokuba's cable.

"I meant that I was going to maim him beyond all recognition!" Seto Kaiba most certainly did not cry out in exasperation, for that would be most shameful for someone of his stature.

Mokuba regained his stern expression, his fists finding their way back to his hips. "No, you won't." Seto raised his eyebrows in slight disbelief, but the younger boy continued on, ignoring this. "What you are going to do, big brother, is march straight back to that bookstore and get that cute guy's phone number!"

Seto resisted the urge to hiss. Like Hell I am, you conniving little brat of a brother.

"You never get out, and I worry about you. You need someone in your life who will care for you—"

You mean rape me, Kaiba mentally added, just slightly bitter.

"—and you are not coming back here until you have got a date. Do you hear me?"

Yeah? Let's see if I get you anything for your birthday this year. What's that? You want a new TV? Well, too bad for you. All you're getting is death.

As if reading his older brother's thoughts, Mokuba continued on in that annoying tone of voice that mothers too often use with stubborn little children, despite the fact that Seto was several years Mokuba's elder. "I'm doing this for your own good, you know."

No, you're trying to kill me. After all I've done for you, you're going to hand me to the first mad ass-rapist you can find. Not if I have anything to say. I'm not doing it and that's final.

Mokuba stared at him expectantly, tapping his foot on the carpeted floor of Kaiba's bedroom.

You can't make me. Nothing will make me leave this spot here.

Then Mokuba hit below the belt, and utilized his secret weapon: Puppy Dog Eyes.

Damn you, you little brat. Damn you to Hell

Replying in what was certainly a haughty tone – Kaiba would like it be known that it was not a grumble, as he would never do something as immature and childish as acknowledging his defeat to his little brother in any way – he mumbled something about going back the next day. And under his breath, something about changing his murder plans to include a certain raven haired brat. Mokuba pretended not to hear.

As Mokuba prepared to skip out of the room, Kaiba's voice called him back.

"Can I at least blackmail him into quitting his job? That would just save everybody a whole lot of trouble," he almost pleaded. If only he knew how right he was.

After a stern "No," Kaiba turned to the corner and sulked. Sulked!

And somewhere in the universe, an entire planet exploded.

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