Okay, so this is out of Peter's perspective, a sort of silent message left behind when he joined Voldemort's side, to his friends and to the world that one day would condemn him.


The weakest link

I was never brave like you, Prongs
Never talented like Pads
Never strong like quiet Moony
Never had what my friends had

If you always feel you're useless,
one day it'll turn out true.
Can you help turning invisible
if nobody sees you?

But if you could still see me
can I possibly complain?
At least I had what many lack:
I had friends to soothe my pain.

But friends are fickle creatures,
and some things you face alone.
When I needed you beside me
then I found that you were gone.

And the fault was mine entirely
I wasn't strong, couldn't hold on
And it's so easy to just slip and fall,
so easy to go wrong.

I was scared, I will admit it
Wanted to live; and I still do
Though my life is less than worthless
I couldn't give it up for you.

So yes, I am a coward
A very human thing to be
In a deep, dark corner of every heart
Everyone is just like me

Just as frightened, just as sorry
You're all running, just like me
We're all scared of being hurt
We're all scared of being free

Most people fight against it,
those who can't end up like me.
And for that you will despise us,
you look away, don't want to see.

You hate our fear because you see
out of the corner of your eye
a part of you that's just the same:
Afraid to live, afraid to die

You hate our guilt because you know
When the night grows dark and long:
It takes just a little slip
and then no longer you'll be strong

It takes just a little fear,
A little anger, little pain
It only takes to be helpless,
have to struggle in vain

Yes, all it really takes is weakness
just for an instance, that is all
When you're afraid, then you'll be lonely
and I'll promise you won't fall

You'll jump.