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Spoilers: up to the chapter 48 of the manga, AU
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Rated T for the mention of "lower regions" and wet dreams.

The rattling sound of train moving on the tracks was lulling. Like a quiet lullaby which didn't have words. A boy, almost young man, laid on a train seat, a leather bound book covering his face as a suit of armor watched over him. They were heading towards their hometown for his Brother's automail maintenance, surprisingly in schedule. They had even called beforehand to let Rockbells know they were coming. The boy's long, golden blond hair was coming out of its infamous braid as it reflected the light of rising sun. The armor, known by the name Alphonse Elric, smiled inwardly as he watched his older brother, Edward Elric, sleep as the train headed towards east.

But the said older brother wasn't sleeping. No, he just pretended to sleep as he'd decided to use this rare opportunity to have his thoughts all to himself without having his entirely-too-nosy little brother to bug him about them. He did have lot to think about. Mainly the last time he'd seen his automail mechanic, Winry Rockbell. He bit his lip under the protective shield of alchemy book to keep himself from letting a sigh escape between his lips. Al may had been a suit of armor but he wasn't deaf (no matter how much Edward hoped for short periods of deafness, especially at nights when he was having problems with his lower regions).

His golden eyes moved slowly to peek from under the book, to make sure his traveling companion hadn't noticed his bluff. Good, the suit of armor was still sitting on the opposite seat, watching the sunrise ahead. He couldn't help but be grateful of the infamous Elric-focusiveness. Nothing'd wake them from their focus, not even if someone blew the building they're in up. That had happened few times, come to think of it...

Wrong direction, WRONG DIRECTION, his train of thought screecthed to halt. He was supposed to be wondering an enigma with the name Winry.

He didn't know if he should be ashamed and embarrassed about their last encounter on the Central Train Station few months prior. Or if he should just forget it. He suppressed a groan when he remembered it. He'd acted like some... idiot. Yes, that was the best word to descripe it. An idiot. Who in their right mind would shout in a train station full of people that the next time some girl was going to cry, they'd be tears of joy? Not many and certainly not those whose IQ was as high as his. Maybe he should just crawl under some rock and die... Before they reached Resembool if possible. If he was smart he'd jump from the train at the next bridge. Yes, that'd work.

He knew he was hopeless with girls but he didn't need that particular time remind him of that fact. No, he didn't know what to do when a girl cried (especially Winry), no, he didn't like it when girls cried (especially Winry), no, he didn't want to make girls cry (still especially Winry).

This time he did groan pitifully before he remembered that Alphonse still wasn't deaf. He could hear that feared creaking of Al's helmet against the body part of the armor. He froze on his seat before taking his high IQ to use. He made a small whimpering sound and let out another groan when he turned to his side. He seriously hoped that he sounded convincing enough for all to believe that he was having wet dreams about Win-

His eyes widened and he almost choked to his tongue when that particular thought entered his brain. He must be going insane. Nuts. Crazy.

On the second thought...

Winry did look sexy in that tube top.

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