Chapter 18

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A furious Mulder arrives at the Lone Gunmen's apartment. He knocks and knocks on their door until one of them finally gets up and answers the door.

Byers:" Oh hey Mulder."

Mulder:" Dont you hey me. Where is he?"

Langly:" Where's who?"

Mulder makes his way into their apartment and starts looking around to see if he can find Frohike.

Byers:" Mulder what are you looking for?"

Mulder:" Where's Frohike?"

Langly:" Oh well I thought I told you at the bithday party but I guess I forgot, um he moved out."

Mulder:" Moved out?"

Byers:" Yeah he said that he could not live the life that he wanted while being here."

Mulder:" Do you have any idea where he moved to?"

Langly:" Not a clue. Why? What do you need to see him about?"

Mulder:" Scully."

Byers:" Scully? Why is something wrong with her? Can we help?"

Mulder:" Look boys Sculy has been kidnapped and I think it's Frohike."

Langly:" Mulder that's crazy! Frohike would never do anything like that!"

Mulder:" Who else could it have been? He's truly my only enemy right now and the kidnapper says that he is hurt because I married Scully. He hates me because Im with Scully. He even made her loose a pregnancy!"

Byers:" Scully was preganant?"

Mulder:" Was being the key word Byers! Frohike took Scully from the hospital and now she's missing. I've been getting calls fromthe kidnapper and when I mentioned the name Frohike he hung up."

Langly:" Mulder, I'm yourfriend and everything and I'd help you through anything but not for this. his is just crazy. I will not have you making veryflse accusatins about a good friend of mine. Now Mulder if you dont mind please leave!"

Mulder walks out of the apartmnt hurt and now evn more angry but just as he approaches the elevator he hears footsteps coming from behind so he turns around and it's Byers.

Byers:" Mulder I'm sorry for what happened in there, rally that was just rude of him, telling you off like that."

Mulder:" Byers I really appreciate this but I've got bigger problems right now. My wif is missing and pobably hurt or God only knows what else so for now ixing my relationship with Langly is not at the top of my list right now."

Byers:" Your right and I'm sorry about Scully but I'm gonna help you find her."

Mulder:" How?"

Byers:" Look just come by tommorow, Langly is going to be gone all day so that will give us time to try and find Scully."

Both agreed and went their seperate ways.

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