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The thing was, Remus Lupin snored.

Sirius wasn't even completely sure you could call it a snore: It wasn't particularly loud (it was loud enough to keep James awake, but that wasn't saying much), nor was it from his nose. It was a gentle rumbling originating from somewhere in his chest. "A purr", Sirius decided, shifting onto a more comfortable part of James' floor.

The Marauders lay sprawled out around the room. Peter had somehow managed to score the bed, and despite his small stature he managed to cover it completely; James was curled up on a beanbag on the other side of the bed, his head buried under the blanket in an attempt to block out any sound that might wake him. Remus was sharing the floor with Sirius. He lay beside James' dresser, his head resting on half of a rolled-up blanket with the other half was spread across his middle.

Sirius hadn't slept well since they had left Hogwarts, because the silence was deafening. There were noises: The wind rustling the trees, Peter's deep breathing…but they weren't enough. He had slept in a bed next to Remus for five years and without realizing it, he'd become dependant on the sound Remus made to get to sleep.

Every year when Sirius went home he slept badly. He had always assumed it was because he missed his friends or that he didn't feel safe with his family, but as he lay there in the dark that night he knew the truth.

The Marauders had been staying at the Potter's residence for the past week and Sirius had slept like a log until tonight, when James had declared that he needed some sleep and forced Remus to lay on his back because all of his snoring was keeping him awake.

Sirius shifted again, drawing a little closer to the werewolf and straining his ears to hear.


He moved even further towards his friend until he was lying only a few centimeters away from the boy.

Still nothing.

Sirius looked at him-he had an idea.

He moved even closer to Remus, until he was gently pressed against him, and then he squirmed down so he could rest his head on the other boy's chest.

Remus was as much of a heavy sleeper as James was a light one.

He had once slept through a storm whilst the other three boys applied makeup 'borrowed' from Lily to his face. Sirius sighed quietly to himself.

It was faint but it was there: The gentle rumbling that was Remus' purr.

Sirius dropped almost instantly into a dreamless sleep.


Remus has always been an early riser, and as he slipped slowly into consciousness he realized something was different-a weight against his chest and an unbelievable warmth.

He opened his eyes and his heart starting racing as his entire body went ridged. Raven hair was obscuring Sirius' face but he knew it instantly to be him. The boy's muscled arm was sprawled across Remus' abdomen and his whole body was gently pressed to him.

Unlike the other boys', Sirius only wore boxers to bed, and now Remus found himself wishing he did the same and then instantly cursing himself for it.

He was wearing pajama pants and a loose top, but he could feel the heat radiating off Sirius. It was making his blood feel like fire in his veins.

Remus froze as Sirius shifted in his sleep and his arm dropped lower, causing Remus to suppress a moan. He nearly jumped to his feet when Sirius managed to roll off him.

Remus ran from the room and locked himself in the bathroom. He lent against the wall and sunk to the floor, his face white. Tears welled up in his eyes.

He had been in love with Sirius Black for five years, and it was like a great pain that couldn't be cured, a pain that just kept building inside him until it hurt to even be near him.

Remus had vowed that he would never tell the other boy, because he couldn't handle the thought of Sirius hating him…and he was sure Sirius would if he ever found out about the things that Remus thought about him.

Tears streamed down his face as he slipped his hand into his pants. He wouldn't loose Sirius, he didn't care how much it hurt.

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