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It was 0530 in the morning. It was Petty Officer Wade Collins turn on detail to open up the motor pool at Norfolk Naval Air Station. As he opened the main gate his breath looked like smoke. "Too damn cold." He muttered to himself. "Too damn Cold." The gate slid opened wide and he pinned it into place. Walking over to the first shed, to unlocked the padlock that held the door in place. He slid the door wide as he walked in, his hand moved to the light switch. Lights within the shed winked on as they illuminated the Hummer's and trucks that were in the shed for maintenance and repairs. Collins gazed at around at the vehicles marvelling at them. Walking over to the small office that he used. He flicked the light on. He turned to the computer and powering it up. Walking over to the door he pulled off the overalls that were hanging up where he'd left them yesterday. He slid into the overalls. They would keep him slightly warmer in the chilly air. Collins walked back out of the office and glanced around the shed once more.

Satisfied. He headed for the opposing shed. He walked back into the freezing wind his breath once more taking the form of smoke and he shivered involuntarily. Petty Officer Collin's CO had been adamant about opening both sheds before the first shift crew arrived. He reached the shed. The keys felt cold in his hand as he looked up to the padlock. It wasn't there. He looked nervously around before sliding the door wide open. His hand searching and finding the light switch. The shed suddenly brightened as halogen lights flickered into life. Petty Officer Collins glanced off to his left and spotted a hammer. Quick as lightening he seized it. His eyes swivelled. Looking for anything suspicious. Eyes locked on a blood trail that led deeper into the shed. His gaze tracked it back to where he had first seen it. It ran right between his feet. His eyes widened further.

"Anybody about?" He shouted. Hoping to scare off any attacker, but knowing it was a futile attempt. "This Petty Officer Collins and I am armed!"

When there was no reply he followed the trail of blood towards its source. Looking into each vehicle as he passed by. Making sure no one was in hiding to attack him from behind or in ambush. Collins walked cautiously through the rows of vehicles parked within the shed. He looked down at the trail. It led to a Hummer that sat in a corner that the light failed to illuminate. He walked slowly over to the car. He could make out a figure sitting in the passenger's seat of the large vehicle. Collin saw the window was down and shouted an order. "Sir, this Petty Officer Collins I would ask you to exit the vehicle." When the occupant didn't respond Collins walked round to the passenger's side of the Hummer and opened the door.

The man inside the car was slumped forward as if he were sleeping. Collin opened the door "Sir…" He froze and his face going pale. "My Lord in heaven!" He crossed himself. "God forgive me." The man was crumpled forward. Restrained by the seat belt. His shirt was blood soaked and the front of his stomach was a mess his intestines and vital organ shredded by what looked to be a shotgun round in the gut. Collins closed the door the bile rising in his throat. He ran for the head, barely keeping himself together and forcing the bile back down. He entered the head, rushing over to the basin. He threw up into it without another thought. A few minutes later Collins walked out of the head. He entered the CO's office. He walked over to the phone reaching for the phone and dialled a number. "Base security, Corporal Allan speaking?" The voice at the other end said.

"Corporal, Petty Officer Collins." Collins said taking a deep breath. "I've got a dead body in the motor pool!"

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