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The evening was quiet as Director Jenny Shepard looked down from the balcony on the top floor next to MTAC. She was glad Gibbs and his team was having a rest. She knew in the coming months his team would be pushed to the limits of endurance. Faith in one of their own. With the knowledge that an NCIS Agent would be caught up in the middle of an act of terrorism. She was still deep in thought when a steaming cup of coffee was placed under her nose. She accepted the cup gratefully and turned to Gibbs. "Thank you Jethro."

"My pleasure Director." Gibbs gave her a smile that suggested an innuendo. "You wanted to see about something?"

"Yes, I want your team to take three days off." Jenny said turning to him. "I won't take 'no' for an answer."

Gibbs sipped his at his cup of coffee. "Any particular reason for this order, Director?"

Jen shot him a glance she could tell when his character was rebelling against a direct order. "Because I need my best team recuperated before their flung into the biggest inter-agency counter-terrorism operation."

"When were you going to tell me about this?" Gibbs said slightly disgusted.

Jenny arched her eyebrow at him. "You have been pestering about it for the last three weeks. You were so concerned for Tony's welfare in regards to this case as I remember. I informed you earlier about the briefing. So now finally I've told you about it!"

"You had your chance to talk to me about it four weeks ago when Tony was still in the hospital, Jen!" Gibbs snarled angrily.

"Special Agent Gibbs!" Jen's voice turning to ice water as she spoke. It softened as she placed a hand on Gibbs' wrist. "It wasn't my Op at the time. I wasn't authorized to tell anyone." She turned away for a moment. "It only became an NCIS controlled operation when Tony agreed to…" She trailed off and then turned back to Gibbs. "Jethro, your three days leave starts tomorrow."

Gibbs bowed to her insincerely. A mocking gesture to her authority. "Thank you Madame Director!" He left her standing on the balcony. Mixed emotions rolling around inside him, he descended the stairs and walked into the bullpen.


Stan sat down at his desk he dialed his home number for the third time in three minutes. All he got was the voice mail on his home phone. He had tried Karen's cell phone that had gone unanswered. Worry was beginning to crease his face. Anxiety and stress was starting to creep into his stomach. He inhaled and exhaled deeply a couple of times. "Where could she be?"

"Driving perhaps?" Ziva suggested helpfully, but sounding unconvincing.

Gibbs walked angrily into the bullpen and round to his desk. He slumped down into his chair. He took a small hip flask from the draw beside him. Gibbs unscrewed the lid and knocked back the contents. He set the flask down and looked up at Detective Sergeant Robert Brock who had his backpack slung on his shoulder. "Where are you off to Brocky?"

"Canada, the Australian High Commission." Brock shrugged making excuses. "Home!"

"Home?" Gibbs asked quizzically.

Brock nodded understanding. "Yeah, I just received my recall to Canada. Apparently my boss at the Australian High Commission can't do with out me."

Gibbs rose and walked round the desk and extended his hand. "Thanks Robert. You've been a great help over the past couple of days."

"Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the team, Gibbs!" Brock said accepting the hand. Nodding at Stan, Ziva and McGee who had just appeared. "All of you, it's been a great ride." He turned and walked towards the elevator. He paused and tuned back around to face them all. "If you're in Canada in the next six months look me up. If you're in Australia you'll find me in Canberra don't hesitate to give me a call. Thanks guys and girl you've been great!" Brock reached the elevator and hit the button. He waited for a moment. A young woman with a screaming infant quickly rushed out. "Thank you!" The young woman said. "Not a problem!" Brock nodded, a final wave to the team. He stepped into the elevator and disappeared.

Stan rose from his desk. "Karen, sweetheart you had me sick with worry what happened?"

Karen Burley walked up to him with Kelly Louise in her arms and buried her head. Tears streaming down her face into Stan's shoulder. "Stan, she been crying all day. I've tried everything. I fed her. Changed her nappy. Put her to bed. Darling I'm at the end of my rope."

Stan gently lifted his little baby girl from his wife's arms. Gently cradled the two week old in his arms softly. Kelly cried even louder as Stan tried to soothe her. Stan whispered to Karen. "Sweetheart wait over the window for a moment. I'll be there in a sec!" Stan then motioned with his other hand for Ziva to walk over to him. "Ziva I need you to hold Kelly for a few minutes. Can you do that for me?" Stan asked like an older brother asking a younger sister.

Ziva nodded with a terrified look on his face. "Sure, I mean how hard it can be." Stan gently handed Kelly to Ziva. Who held onto Kelly to worried to let go of her? Ziva hadn't even tried to hold Kelly when she and Tony had visited. Tony had taken to cradling Kelly like a Goose took to water… that wasn't it a duck to water. Kelly continued to scream her head off even as Ziva giggled her softly. She looked up for help. McGee had his fingers plunged into his ears so he wasn't going to be much help. Stan was busy talking to Karen in low tones and hugging her tightly. Ziva turned to look at Gibbs who was smiling. "Gibbs a little help?"

"If DiNozzo could see you know!" Gibbs had lightened up looking at Ziva who was feeling out of place.

"Gibbs!" Ziva hissed over Kelly's screams. "This isn't the time or the place a little help, please." She felt like she was drowning in the sea.

Gibbs walked over. Gently taking Kelly from Ziva's arms. "Depend on the older folks!" He smirked as Kelly quieted down. She stopped crying. Gibbs whispered. "Depend on us to know what to do eh!" Stan, Karen, Ziva and McGee gapped at Gibbs. Gibbs walked slowly over to Stan and Karen. He handed a now sleeping Kelly back to Karen carefully.

"How did you do that boss?" Stan stared at him in awe.

Gibbs smiled and walked back to his desk. He scooped up his jacket, coffee, weapon and badge and looked up. "Everyone has three days leave, see you back here at 0700 three days from now!" He walked out of the bullpen. Pausing he turned and looked at Stan. "You'll pick it up in the next week or so. It's an innate thing." He walked into the elevator and disappeared. Gibbs smiled as it descended. Tonight he would try and finish the boat.

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