Title:A Sketch in Steam


Pairing: Axel x Demyx
Prompt: steamy

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney.


He'll have to go in a few minutes but Demyx doesn't really care. Axel will be gone for who knows how many months and he'll be damned if he doesn't get a goodbye kiss first. A lot of them, actually.

"Demanding today, are we?" Axel's breathy little murmur is hot against his skin and laced with amusement. His hands are on either side of the blonde, gently bracing himself against the smooth metal of the wall.

"Shut up and kiss me." Gloved hands used to handling delicate strings tangle in vibrant red hair, yanking the owner back down for another searing kiss. The Nocturne's mild manner washes away in heat.

Viridian eyes miss the strangely solemn look in the other's face as the Flurry willingly dips his head back down. "As you wish…"

Rain periodically sweeps over the World That Never Was, determinedly pattering down on dark streets. Absorbed in each other, neither of them notices the cold shower that gently courses down around them.


With a sigh Demyx steps out of the bath, still dripping water and steam billowing in his wake. The warm vapor is comforting next to the biting cold air outside the glass divider.

The days are too cold, recently.

Demyx isn't fool enough to have to wonder why.

He bites his lip slightly as his eyes turn to the fogged mirror, unseeing. Thirty-six days, seven hours and forty-eight minutes. That was how long it had been since Axle had been sent to Castle Oblivion. He's vaguely aware that the slight pallor on his face can't be healthy, and the others were beginning to notice. But it wasn't as though he could help it.

-He wanted Axel. -

Like a man trapped in a dream, a bare finger reaches up to the glass, a quick little circular motion and a dart of a fingertip leaving behind clear trails, lazily sketching a picture like he was a child again. Like he was Meyde again.

-He wanted him here, now. He wanted his smile, more a grin, often edged with a tilt of mischief and cunning, his lightly-chapped lips on his own, his striking green eyes.-

Demyx's hand lingers tenderly as he paints small tear-shaped tattoos under the slash-shaped eyes.

-He wanted his voice, his hair, wild and free and tufting, his fire and his wiry arms around him as they passed another frigid night away.-

The musician is not Namine, but he knows every detail of Axel's face intimately. His movements are fast and fervent. He doesn't even pause over the untamable spikes of his lover's hair.

-He wanted him. So desperately, so passionately, so truly. And that convinced him more than anything that they had hearts

He wanted Axel's hands, teasing the edges of their black coats, his fingers tucking themselves in the waistband of his pants, his body pressing him back, tongue teasing down his neck.-

And for a moment, he's here. In the hazy stillness of the room, he can almost feel it. Feel the ember-flame presence, so familiar and solid and real.


The illusion shatters with his first gasping breath, far more fragile than Zexion's carefully-wrought sleights.

And all that is left is Demyx's own face reflecting back from an inexpertly drawn Axel in the mirror, clear and blurred where his finger had made inroads in the condensation.

"I miss you."

The choking little whisper receives no answer and Demyx lingers for far longer than the steamy room takes to clear, the sketch on the mirror to fade.


A/N: originally written for a request on LJ… This actually flowed very well, and I really liked writing it (I ship akudemy lots). I experimented a little with style here and I think it turned out ok…