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Ranma: evolution: Anything can be training Episode 54996

by dogbertcarroll

Ranma watched Sabertooth climb back up the cliff yet again, as she pretended to swim off. Hiding among the rocks, she spent an entertaining quarter of an hour just listening to the man cuss as he struggled back up the cliff, and a boring twenty minutes following that listening to him repeat himself.

'Heh. He looks like a drowned dog.'

He had been thinking of leaving, but why? He had everything he needed here. Training opportunities like this group didn't come along every day. They had powers and abilities that actually pushed his limits.

'I wonder if he smells like one?'

Lately he had felt like things were slowing down. Ryoga and Mousse weren't really putting their hearts into fighting him anymore. Kuno was a joke. Akane and the rest of the fiancées were driving him nuts in between the half hearted battles that did occur with the guys.

'Gods he's slow. Next time I'm picking someone who can climb decently as a witness. This is takin' forever.'

Happosai had told him that even he needed a break every once in a while, and since he had no hentai activities planned Ranma couldn't really spar with him. He had offered to bring him with him for the Victoria Secrets Summer Jubilee held in Milan (apparently he was one of their secrets) when he checked the latest designs for flaws, but Ranma really hadn't been that interested.

'Man I'm hungry. I used up a lot more ki then I usually use.'

Cologne had been the most helpful, giving him hints abought Amazon techniques and forgotten martial arts lore. She wouldn't train him in the arts themselves tho'. She said that it would be a lot more satisfying to see what he came up with without knowing the techniques themselves.

'Maybe a ki blast would speed things up? Nah, they have to think I'm gone for this to work.'

He had to admit she was right abought that. He had developed a dozen or so techniques that had been quite entertaining. Not that useful in combat mind you, but quite entertaining. Apparently only when he was really pushed did he come up with useful combat techniques. The rest of the time he developed interesting non-combat techniques.

'Man I'm hungry. Is that a shark down there?' Taking a deep breath Ranma slid beneath the waves.

His attempts at learning the 'Splitting cat's hair' technique, from just what he remembered of it the first time had been fun. He hadn't even come close to the original, but then his could move like the original couldn't, not to mention it didn't have to be an image of himself. Toma had taught him quite a bit without knowing it.

'Hey, that is a shark.'

He could make one image without too much trouble but beyond that he would have to sit still and concentrate for it to work. Not real useful in combat. Plus anyone with the slightest amount of Ki sense could see it was a fake if they tried.

'Mmmm, Shark meat.'

Cologne had taught him a trick she had come up with after facing martial arts ventriloquists. Using a Ki resonance technique you could not only throw your voice but duplicate practically any sound you could think of.

The water churned and took on a pink tinge as bits of flesh floated to the surface.

That had been a fun week. Between the two of them they had caused enough trouble that the Ghost Busters had been called in. Spengler had made them promise not to do it again and Bake-Neko had been captured, but all in all it had been fun.

'Needs soy sauce. I wonder if they have tuna in these waters?'

Ranma sneaks back in...

... to have a little fun!

... to wait for his mom to show back up.

Ranma searches for an empty room to catch a nap

... but it's Wanda's room and she just got in

... and she didn't notice someone else in her bed. (It's a big bed!)

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Ranma: evolution: Candy is Dandy! Episode 100424

by dogbertcarroll

Ranma darted up the side of the cliff like lizard. Quickly and quietly, darting here and there to avoid catching a watcher's eye by forming a pattern of movements. He ducked under an overhanging section of rock, when he heard movement above him in his former cell, he listened to Sabertooth. . . sniffing?

He froze as his stomach rumbled in contentment.

'Did my stomach just purr? Damn I've never felt this full before. I can't believe I ate that much!'

Sabertooth frowned as he stared down at the feeding frenzy at the base of the cliff. The waters were filled with blood and bits of flesh.

"Damn, The boss ain't gonna be thrilled with me for losing his & hostage." He shrugged and strode off deeper into the base unaware of the groups recent problems.

A little judicious use of the Umisenken and Ranma easily slipped past the battered crew, who were currently more concerned with dragging the unconscious and bleeding Magneto to the medical bay, then a martial artist Sabertooth had said was currently in the belly of abought a dozen sharks.

Searching for a safe place to digest the rather large meal he had consumed and thinking up a couple of ways to use his 'death', he ran across a locked room with 'Do Not Enter on Pain of Pain' printed on it. It kinda contrasted with the red and black roses on the border, or complimented it if you looked at a certain way. Not being Kodachi, Ranma decided to skip that line of thought.

He was pretty sure it wasn't a guy's room, not unless this group was freakier then he thought, and he couldn't sense anyone inside so it should be safe for tonight.

He didn't figure any of these losers had regular girlfriends. Not that he knew what regular girlfriends were like, considering who his fiancées were. All in all he didn't think ANY female would come here willingly unless they paid her, so it was probably safe.

Emma Frost sneezed and rubbed her nose wondering if her whole 'white leather and fur lingerie' look was really wise on the coast. It would be kind of ironic if 'Frost' caught a 'cold'.

Grinning to herself she dismissed the thought as Hopscotch, a cute little 9 year old girl that looked suspiciously like a young Jean Grey, teleported her into Magneto's fortress.

"Ahem!" The cute little girl's eyes took on the look of a teamster during a salary negotiation meeting as she let go of Frost's hand and held out a palm.

"Don't worry I'd never forget to add the appropriate tip for my cabbie." Frost grinned as she reached into her purse and pulled out a handful of butterscotch candies that she handed off to the young mutant.

Hopscotch considered whether the gratuity was enough for a moment before shrugging and porting out. She wasn't particularly fond of butterscotch, as it was Frost's nickname for her, but come to that she wasn't particularly fond of Frost.

Frost had tried to probe her when they first met and that was just plain rude as far as Hopscotch was concerned. Now if she had given her chocolate instead of butterscotch, Frost's little running joke, she would have warned her abought the premonition she had had.

Ranma stepped out of a nice hot shower feeling quite a bit better abought life in general and his situation in particular. Dropping his clothes in a pile next to the largest bed he had ever seen he decided he's deal with everything much better after he'd gotten a good nights sleep. He was unconscious before his head hit the pillow.

Wanda sighed heavily as she entered her room, not even bothering to flip on the lights. Her bed was practically pulling her in and she was exhausted. It wasn't the grueling schoolwork from a principal that hated anyone different that was doing her in, it wasn't even the latest battle with the X-Men, it was Toad.

He had asked her out continually since they had first met. Saying no hadn't been enough, disdainful looks and sneering comments on his manhood hadn't phased him. Blasting him with a hex bolt just made him think she was playing hard to get, but his latest attempts to woo her went beyond the bounds of sanity.

Finally deciding that if she spent one more second in his presence she was either going to go mad or remove him from the gene pool she decided to visit 'dad'. A weekend at the base putting up with him was preferable to committing homicide, but just.

'Thank God for Hopscotch' She though wearily to herself. That little girl had been a literal godsend. Hopscotch always seemed to show up just when she needed her.

With that happy though she dropped her clothes on the floor and surrendered to her bed's pull.

Magneto awakes and ...

... Sabertooth explains that his hostage is &ed!

... Frost says he's still alive because she can sense him.

Fast forward to morning and Wanda's Wonderful Wake-Up Call!

The authors and idiot so I'm choosing ...

... Something else!

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