Ranma: evolution: A nice quiet dinner… Episode 140743

by dogbertcarroll

Pyro's mind was considering taking a nice long vacation, preferably someplace warm and quiet.

Seeing Magneto turned into a woman had been a bit of a shock, but her subsequent actions had proven that he was still her… err something like that.

The ghost chasing them had scared the hell out of him, even more so when it had shrugged off his powers like they were nothing more then a minor irritant.

Other things were far more nerve racking however.

The Ice Bitch herself, Emma Frost, had curled up in Magneto's lap and responded tearfully if he/she was anything, but affectionate to her. A slightly neutral tone would earn a tearful glance and a sniffle from the mutant psionicist and if Magneto's wince was any indication, the feedback was not pleasant. It had taken a bare five minutes before the leader of the Acolytes was speaking in honeyed tones and behaving sickeningly cute.

"Would you like some more rice, Sweetie?" Magneto offered the scantily clad woman perched in his lap, a bit nervously.

"I'd love some, Honey!" Emma replied snuggling into Magneto's impressive chest with a contended smile on her face.

Whether or not he was mentally 'all there', Pyro was doing his level best to pretend everything was business as usual.

Colossus, strangely enough, was completely relaxed and working on his seventh helping of pressed duck. As far as he was concerned the boss's relationships was his own business. Wanda's assurance that whatever spirit they had run across wouldn't return till noon tomorrow at the earliest may have had something to do with it. He, like Pyro, was also pretending Sabertooth did not exist, whether for the sake of sanity or health is up in the air at this point.

"Pressed duck is very good. You have cooked well." grinning Peter poured ranch dressing on it and quickly devoured it, before making a move on the yams.

Ranko just grinned in response.

She'd cooked up a storm with Wanda's help. Wanda wasn't the best cook in the world, but she could follow directions with the best of them. Of course neither one had any idea what they should make for dinner, so they both had just paged through a cookbook and cooked anything that looked good. The resulting mix actually looked like the standard dinner for the Acolytes, who were known to do the same thing, but with rather less success at it.

Ranko was curled up in Wanda's lap feeding her sushi, although they tended to switch back and forth a lot. Magneto had seemed a bit embarrassed at first, but Emma's sudden appearance and claiming of her lap, as Sabersmurf had leapt onto the table, had distracted her enough to take her mind completely off her daughter's sexual preference.

Sabertooth was not a contented tent dweller. He was currently sitting on a full sized turkey as he chewed on a drum stick. Being reduced to ½ a foot high and painted blue was… just mildly upsetting, because as everyone could attest he was just a complete and udder sociopath big fluffy teddy bear at heart with a great sense of humor. What had really angered him however, was the sudden change in his vocabulary.

It wasn't commonly known, but Sabertooth considered himself a bit of a poet. Sure his poems were all composed of four letter words and helpful suggestions, which while not physically possible in most cases were however grammatically correct. No one had ever taken the time to really listen to what he was saying, because most human and mutants have a limit to the amount of profanity they can consciously process before it becomes meaningless filth, but if Andrew 'Dice' Clay had met him, he would have assured everyone they Sabertooth was a 'Fuckin' Genius'.

So it comes as no surprise that 'Sabersmurf' was beyond pissed and entering that delightful little zone that the mental health professionals would describe as 'psychotic rage'. All that was really missing from his life at this moment was a convenient target.

Cue Gambit…

On with dinner!

Anyone care what Mystique is up to?

Dinner with the mutants down in Bayville.


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Ranma: evolution: Smurf or Die! Episode 141613

by dogbertcarroll

"What the smurf are you starring at, you smurfing idiot?"

Gambit stared blankly at the small blue figure on the table for a moment before answering absently, "When we start accepting Smurfs in t'ee Acolytes?"

A rumbling growl emanated from the small blue figure, that had been savagely devouring a turkey leg moments before. Normally one would assume that no smurf, no matter how savage, could be considered terrifying. One would quickly change their tune upon finding this particular smurf growling at them. Even the pansy white footie pants and hat did little to dispel the air of menace that Sabersmurf was radiating.


Despite his surprise Gambit's reflexes were quick enough to avoid Sabersmurf's initial leap, but Sabersmurf's rebound off the wall took him by complete surprise.


Colossus shrugged and scooted his chair back, as the two rolled underneath the table, an assortment of curses and smurfes floating up through the table.

Grabbing a turkey leg Colossus began to make inroads in the turkey supply. He'd seen the two go at it before and with Sabertooth… smurfed, he was less worried then usual about how Gambit would do.

Ranko giggled and blushed as Wanda whispered something in her ear.

Wanda yawned in an exaggerated manner, "I think it's time for us to go to bed."

Magneto opened her mouth to say something, but the White Queen whispered something in her ear that froze her to the spot with her mouth hanging open.

Ranma wasn't sure what the White Queen had whispered, but Magneto was turning a bright red so it was probably something similar to what Wanda had suggested.

Normally Ranma would have been worried about what Wanda had planned, but it appeared that his luck had changed. He hadn't been malletted or called a pervert since he had arrived and Wanda had plenty of reasons to do both.

Wanda wrapped her arm around the blushing redhead and led her from the table before Magneto could open her mouth, or rather close it since she was still sitting with her mouth open and face a bright red.

Slipping off Magneto's lap, Emma kissed the side of her neck and giggled as she slipped out of the room.

Magneto closed her mouth and absently lifted her feet as Gambit and Sabersmurf rolled past.

Slamming his staff against Sabersmurf's head, Gambit managed to stun him long enough to fling his diminutive form into the hall and slam the door shut. A regular thumping noise, along with tiny fist sized dents in the steel, let Gambit know that Sabersmurf's quest to tear out Gambit's jugular vein was just beginning.

Panting he collapsed on a chair and guzzled down a glass of water, "So what did Gambit miss?"

The White Queen had slipped into something a little more comfortable and a lot less concealing. It looked like lingerie made out of dental floss, of course the reason for that was because it was lingerie made out of dental floss (Happosai's latest creation for the man who likes to floss after he eats. Available in mint as well as plain).

Fluffing the pillows on Magneto's bed she positioned herself for best effect and waited for her darling to arrive. Victoria's Secret's Happy Lingerie line had never failed to get her what she wanted and what she wanted was a certain silver haired C-cup, who was wonderfully bashful.

The lights were turned down low and Barry White was playing on the stereo as she waited for her prey partner to arrive.

Lets tune in on…

Mystique's adventures in Nermia Nerima.

Gambit's dating advice for Magneto.

Wanda's wandering hands…

Something else!

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Ranma: evolution: Current events! Episode 147904

by dogbertcarroll

Wanda pulled a reluctant 'Ranko' into her bathroom, as Ranma nervously muttered something about it not being proper for a boy and a girl to bathe together. Wanda noticed that despite the nervousness she displayed she was putting up only a token protest and her nipples looked about ready to cut through the dark blue blouse she had loaned her. The fact that Ranma had refused to wear a bra just made her that much easier to read.

"Well since we're both girls right now it's ok, right?" Her hands toyed with the buttons on her own matching dark blue blouse, drawing Ranma's eyes and further scattering her wits as she slowly unbuttoned her top.

"Hot water…" Ranma trailed off as Wanda's blouse dropped to the floor revealing a lacy black half-cup bra that stopped just above her nipples. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched Wanda slowly strip in front of her, clearly enjoying having Ranma watching.

"We'll take a cold shower then." Wanda smirked as she slowly slid her black leather mini-skirt down her stocking clad legs.

"Ok is not the word." Ranma answered her early question echoing a comment overheard from what seemed to be a lifetime ago, lust blazing in her eyes.

Gambit placed a hand on Magneto's shoulder and stared forcefully into her eyes, trying to impart a little strength of will into their badly shaken leader. "T'ere be mutants and mages t'at can make you male again if t'is spell don't wear off on its own, but t'ats not anything you need be worrying 'bout now."

"It's not?", Magneto asked, feeling quite relieved that being female was probably only going to be a temporary problem.

"No, it's not. You should be worrying about ole' Queeny waiting in t'e bedroom and expecting you to perform like t'e future leader of mutantkind with equipment you ain't never drove before."

All the blood drained from Magneto's face as the term 'performance anxiety' took on a whole new meaning.

The Kino Shrine had been a well respected place of spiritual cleansing before the latest generation had taken over. Hot springs had been changed into hot tubs and the mountain streams had been diverted into multiple waterfalls scattered throughout the area.

Steam arose from a nearby pool as a waterlogged panda, wearing a pair of garish green swim trunks, held up a wooden sign with an unreadable message on it.

The red headed women, relaxing in a hot tub and sipping a drink with a tiny umbrella in it, smiled as he went past, not bothering to try and read the sign, it had been soaked so many times that the ink had run. "Just six more hours dearest and all will be forgiven." she lied easily.

Genma sighed as he stepped out of the hot shower and headed back towards the icy cold waterfall for the thousandth time. The sudden temperature changes were definitely beginning to turn his skin blue. He made a mental note to remember to bring Ranma here for some training.

A handful of teenage mutants, sprawled around the living room in their run down boarding house, were just relaxing when one of their number turned his silver haired head towards the others and said the two words that were written in the book of ages as the signal to begin Armageddon.

"I'm Bored."

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