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Ranma: evolution: Nodoka's secret Episode 41947

by Demonhawk01

Ranma waved goodbye to his mom and then turned from the door, heading to the stairs.

"Where ya going, Satome," drawled Nabiki.

"I'm just going to take a nap," Ranma responded, as he disappeared up the stairs and into his room, ignoring the disbelieving look, Nabiki shot his way. Shutting the door, Ranma stared at his sleeping futon for a second, before quickly slipping out the window and roof hopping down the street.

He had a good reason for lying, or so he told himself. It had to do with his mother, Nodoka. He couldn't put his finger on anything specific, but the last few times she had come to visit him, she had seemed... troubled.

He had tried asking her what was wrong, but she just brushed it off, asking him to tell her about his latest adventures. Ranma however was not to be deterred. No, today he was determined to find out what was troubling his mother, and help her with whatever it was.

As he hopped along the roofs he couldn't help but smile, apparently his danger sense was inherited more from his mom, than from Genma. He saw Nodoka, down on the street, looking around nervously and had to hide several times, as her gaze turned to the roof tops.

"Hmmm. Well, I guess I got no choice." Ranma muttered, as he drew upon his knowledge of, Genma's forbidden techniques, rendering himself invisible to both the naked eye and chi sense.

Sure enough, a few minutes later Nodoka stopped acting nervous and went on her way in a much more relaxed manner, unaware of her tag along.


Nodoka smiled as she felt the presence fade, the shadow on the rooftop disappearing. Such a caring boy, Ranma was. Apparently she had managed to convince him that everything was alright and he had left.

Smiling Nodoka turned and headed down the street. It was for the best really, Ranma shouldn't be involved in her world. Shouldn't be put in a situation where his innocence would be destroyed and he would come to hate her. Like all her other children did...


Ranma scratched his head in curiosity, still cloaked in the Thief's Cloak . This wasn't the way to his mother's house. His curiosity enflamed even more, Ranma followed Nodoka into a rather old looking building.

He blinked as she pushed aside a stone, revealing a secret compartment and placed the Satome Honor sword inside, before sliding the stone back.

While he was pondering why his mom would hide her sword like that, things got really weird.


Nodoka turned to leave when suddenly the sound of scraping stone reached her ears. Whirling around she watched the stone slab slide back to reveal the Satome sword, which suddenly quivered and floated up into the air, unsheathing and gleaming in the receding sunlight.

"No..." Nodoka whispered, her eye's narrowing in anger.

"Such an interesting toy you have here, Mrs. Satome... or perhaps I should call a spade a spade, Mystique," a dark voice commented out of nowhere.

Whirling around, her form shifting to the black outfit and blue skin that she normally wore, Mystique glared into the shadows.

"What do you want Magneto," she hissed. Damn it! She thought she kept her Nodoka identity hidden from him!


Ranma's jaw dropped and he almost lost control of his technique, as he watched his mother's form change into a blue skinned woman. A brief check of his senses confirmed that her aura was the same, this was his mother. She was one of those mutants that Genma was always ranting about.

He frowned, his own mother a mutant? That would send pops into a conniption fit. Not that he believed any of that trash Genma preached about them. Besides in the end run he had to weigh the words of Genma, a man who has repeatedly used and abused him, against his mother, one of the few people who supported him unconditionally. No contest really, Nodoka may be a mutant, but she was still his mother! He tensed as a caped figure with a red bucket on his head, floated out of the shadows.


"I have need of you for a plan of mine," The master of magnetism commented simply.

"Like your other plans with me, as the principle or with Risty," Mystique spat back, "Those worked out real well, didn't they? We're through Magneto."

"Very well, I suppose I could always use someone else. I hear this Ranma is quite the martial artist, perhaps he will suit my needs?"

Mystique's eyes widened. "He has nothing to do with this! He hasn't even displayed a mutant power yet! He's of no interest to you."

Dammit! That came out harsher then she meant it to, but Ranma did that to her. He was her only child that didn't hate her guts. Even though she had all but abandoned him to that foolish oaf who thought he was Ranma's father. It was odd, feeling that sort of love, especially when she was used to fear and hatred from so many others. Though she was loathe to admit it out loud, Mystique liked the feeling and because of that, she wanted to keep Ranma as far away from her real life as possible. Least he discover her true self.

"Do I sense some motherly concern," Magneto chuckled in amusement. Mystique had been steadily slipping through his fingers lately, but it seems that fortune had handed him just the tool he needed to reel her back into his clutches. "Whatever will his siblings, Kurt and Rogue say?"

Mystique snarled for a minute. "Damn you..." then her shoulders slumped, "Alright Magneto, what do you want me to do?"

Magneto grinned under his helmet. Yes this Ranma would be the perfect tool to keep Mystique under his thumb. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could...

"YOU LEAVE MY MOTHER ALONE!" Mystique's eyes widened, as she saw the red and black blur leap over her and slam feet first into Magneto.

Ranma had seen enough. Sure, Nodoka had turned out to be some mutant named Mystique, but she was still his mother. More importantly, it seemed that this Magneto was using her to do something that she didn't want to do. The comment about him having siblings was ignored and filed away for later consideration. What really clenched it was when Magneto tried to force her to do it, by threatening to use him should she refuse. Mystique had chosen to concede to his demands, rather than have himself be used by this man.

'It was time for this 'Magneto' to learn why you didn't threaten the friends and family of Ranma Satome!' With that thought Ranma leapt to attack, feeling the satisfying crunch against his feet.

Magneto slid across the room and slammed into the wall.

"Insolent fool! You wish to challenge the master of Magnetism? Very well, let me show you your folly!" With that, he floated up and with a gesture of his hand sent flying several metal girders from the wall, which Ranma deftly dodged.

And the battle was on...

Ranma: Evolution: God Slayer Vs Master of Magnetism Episode 42147

by Philip Weigel

Magneto smirked. This boy was challenging him to a fight to protect his loved one, how noble. It didn't matter though, he would lose easily enough. He wasn't a mutant, and had probably never fought against mutants before, so there was no need to worry, although it was surprising to see him dodge so easily.

Mystique watched in horror, as her son took on one of the world's most dangerous mutants. Even if she got involved, the two of them couldn't stand up to Magneto. Still, she had heard about some of his adventures and hoped that he didn't exaggerate in any of them. It probably wouldn't matter anyways, martial artists were not mutants.

Ranma was getting aggravated at his lack of success at getting close to the caped figure floating there. He had seen Herb do something similar, but not nearly as long. Ranma decided to wait until those support beams that were being tossed around got closer to try something. He had seen Ryoga do it and he knew he could do it as well. As soon as the beams got into range, Ranma tore his shirt sleeve off and focused some Ki into the cloth, turning the ordinary silk shirt into a blade capable of cutting through anything! Combining the Iron Cloth technique and the Kijin Raishu Dan, he swung his impromptu sword and sliced up the beams before jumping out of the way. "Hah! It'll take more than a fancy trick to take me down."

"I must say, I'm impressed boy, most mutants would have a hard time keeping up with you, but now it ends." And with that, Magneto lifted everything metallic in the room; nuts, bolts, tools, pieces of the metal girders and even the Satome Sword and flung them at Ranma at even greater speeds.

"No, Ranma! Leave him alone Magneto, I'll do what you want, just don't hurt him!" Mystique begged him, from the sidelines.

"He has to learn the folly of taking on the Master of Magnetism."

Ranma was getting tired from dodging at such high speeds, he even had to use the Amaguriken to block many of the nuts and bolts. This was getting him nowhere fast and if he didn't do something right now, his mom and himself would be knee deep in shit. He thought about using a Ki blast, but discarded the idea, it would just blow up the instant it hit something and Magneto would probably put something in the way to block it, so he had to use another option. Ducking a beam that would have clonked him in the head and jumping up and back to avoid several nuts and bolts, Ranma started to gather Ki for the attack. As soon as he landed, he jumped forward and landed only a few feet away from Magneto. All the metal was coming at him from all sides, but Ranma decided to end it right there. "Sai Dai Ryu Kijin Raishu Dan!" Swinging his arms backwards, like a crescent moon, the First Rate Demon God Assault Bomb sliced through everything to get to Magneto. At that moment, however, all the metal hit Ranma from the sides and the back, knocking him out.

Magneto smirked, as he saw that the boy was out cold, though he had to admit he put up a good fight. The smirk vanished as soon as a pain hit his left arm and right leg. Grimacing in pain, Magneto looked down to see that both arm and leg had deep slices in them. If he didn't get it fixed soon, they'd be useless. 'How in the world did he hurt me? Wait, when he pulled his arms back, yes that had to be it.' Looking at Mystique, he sneered, "I'll come back for you and your son later, Mystique." And with that, he floated out a window and flew away. The metal that was floating around crashed to the ground.

Mystique watched as Magneto flew away. She couldn't have helped her son at all in that fight. While she was trained to fight and could shape-shift into anything, including mutants, she couldn't gain their powers. She quickly ran over to him and checked to see if he was all right. As soon as she touched him, he moaned and started to get up. "Ranma," she asked tentatively. She knew that he'd hate her for not helping him or at the very least, not telling him about who and what she was.

"Hi mom, did I win?"

She nodded her head, still scared that he'd hate her like all her other children. She was surprised when he hugged her. She quickly hugged him back, but was still shocked.

"Why didn't you tell me? I hated hiding my secrets from you, why couldn't you tell me?"

"Because I wasn't sure how'd you react to me being a mutant. I know Genma hates mutants and I wasn't sure how you felt. That and I didn't want you to get involved in my world." She sighed, "You probably hate me now, just like all my other children."

Ranma didn't respond, just hugged her tighter for a few minutes. "Mom, I don't really care that you're a mutant. You're one of the few people that's supported me. I don't care what you've done in life, you've loved me unconditionally and that's all that matters to me. Besides, that jerk forced you into doing what he wanted and I know what that's like."

Mystique felt the tears rolling down her face. She loved all her children, but now, someone finally loved her back.

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