Note: Chapters one and two contain the formerly missing beginning to this story and all chapters have been edited.

Ranma: Evolution: Not May flowers this time. Episode 148832

by dogbertcarroll

Inside the large attic room of the X-Mansion a pair of sleeping girls dreamt…

Storm swam in her own private pool, an oasis of calm among the jungle and grasslands of her homeland, where she was worshiped as a goddess. It was a pool about the size of a baseball diamond, fed by the falls above her and drained by the falls below, surrounded by large flat ledges that she used for sunbathing. With a hundred feet of cliff face in either direction you would assume she had no visitors.

You would be wrong.

He was a large man, well over 6 feet tall and just come into his manhood. The sun gleamed off his sweat soaked muscles as he climbed. His people knew their goddess bathed here, in fact it was one of the rites of manhood for a young man to spy on her.

It wasn't anything voyeuristic, as clothing was pretty minimal beyond a loincloth and some jewelry for the tribes in the area anyway, rather it was the three mile trek downriver to the cliff above her pool and back with all its inherent dangers, that was the test. Seeing the goddess of rain herself was just considered a reward for reaching that milestone.

This young man however, had a different goal in mind. He had passed his manhood rites the year before and although he wasn't in Storm's class, he did have his own link to the Earth. He was a little faster, stronger, and tougher then the others of his generation, but that wasn't the main thrust of his abilities. He drew strength from the ground and could read its secrets.

Anything hidden within the earth was bared to his sight, be it gem or vein, and a particularly large ruby was the reason for this trip. So spear in hand and gem in pouch, he was climbing up a hundred feet of sheer cliff the way most people climbed a ladder.

The last five years had been good to his people, very good. The reason they had done so well, while other sections of the country were suffering from the worst drought on record, was obvious to all.

The goddess deserved more then a little praise for her efforts and although she didn't demand tribute for her actions, she did enjoy the gifts they gave her. He had high hopes she'd accept his token of appreciation for all she'd done.

Beneath the sun warmed waterfalls of her native land she accepted far more then just a ruby and gave him far more then just her thanks.

And as she relived a very, very fond memory of her past, her powers responded…

Ranma-chan shivered in her sleep and burrowed deeper into the welcoming arms of the woman next to her.

She was trapped in a reoccurring nightmare, second only to The Pit in the way it disturbed her.

Ranma was relaxing in an onsen and surrounded by warm water, but decidedly male and stuck in female form when suddenly he was being chased by a naked Kuno (fortunately as genderless as a ken doll) proclaiming his 'love' for her and waving a large fleshy looking pink bokken.

Normally he'd awake from this dream by being thrown out the window and into the Tendo koi pond or splashed by a bucket of cold water and immediately assert his manhood by either; A beating the hell out of a certain endangered species reject or B being as insulting as possible to the idiot who seemed to feel waking guests with a bucket of cold water was the polite thing to do.

Not this time however…

A mild shower of warm water rained down on the sleeping couple deactivating Ranma's curse and altering his dream.

Ranma leaned back in his seat as the high speed bullet train headed towards Hokkaido and far, far away from Nerima and any possible contact with the Kuno species.

He was feeling rather good. He was male, dry, and feeling a tad hungry for something, but he wasn't sure what. Still he was feeling rather good and being hugged by a goddess, so all was well.

The lack of clothes didn't even panic him as they normally did when in the presence of the opposite sex.

Was that the Seikan tunnel ahead?

Professor Xavier blushed for a moment before regaining control of himself. He'd managed to pull back before interrupting the two, but their emotions had come through loud and clear.

Normally he'd be against a student dating a teacher, but Ranma was of age and it was the first time Ororo had really shown an interest in anyone. As long as they could keep up a professional relationship while in class he had no real problems with it.

He'd simply have to reschedule things a bit so he wouldn't have to interrupt them.

Glancing around his office he sighed. 'I'll need to get my office cleaned before I do anything. I wonder if Scott is busy.'