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A Hellblazer/Ranma fragment.

A Laughing Horse : Another laugh at the mage's expense. Episode 154377

by dogbertcarroll

He'd been met at the airport by a detective and chauffeured straight to the police station. The officer had held nothing back and had laid the entire problem out in a straightforward manner, almost as if talking to a blonde haired Brit in a dirty leather trench about a boy fading like a bad special effect was normal. It was so nice to work with a professional. 'I may have to visit Japan more often.'


John Constantine winced, when he spotted the kid.

It looked like something had sliced half of the rugrat's essence away. He could actually see the kid's form waver and change as the different police officers walked past the bench where he was sitting. How the kid was staying intact was anybody's guess, but if John had to lay money on it, he'd bet the kid had some sort of talent or gift that was keeping him together.

'For now, anyway.' And with that pessimistic thought, John cocked his head to the side and motioned Watanabe towards an empty interrogation room.

Closing the door behind them the detective waited patiently for John to finish the first drag off the cigarette he had lit as soon as they had stepped inside.

Reading people was second to nature to the aging officer and John had been an easy read in large print. "So what's the prognosis, Doc? What happened to the boy to cause such a bizarre reaction? I've spent the last three days reading up on anything and everything supernatural I could get my hands on, from the Lovecraft Lexicon to Hansel and Gretel and nothing, but nothing, has come even remotely close to describing what's going on with this boy."

John blew a plume of smoke towards the ceiling and rubbed his temples, trying futilely to avoid the headache he knew was fast approaching. "I can't tell you exactly who or what did it, but I'd lay money on the fey, probably Unseelie. Half of everything the kid is or was, has been wiped clean. The kid himself wasn't the target or there'd be damage in his aura. What happened to the kid is more then likely a side effect. Something twisted the present to remove one of his parents from it, leaving the kid at loose ends, so to speak. Reality doesn't recognize his right to exist. He has enough strength to cling to existence for the moment, but that could change at any moment."

Watanabe's shoulders slumped. "So there's nothing we can do?"

The Brit in the well worn trench coat grinned. "Now, I didn't say anything like that. All you need to do is get someone down here who has a strong connection to the supernatural. The kid will latch on to that connection, quicker then shit and boom, instant heir. Bring in someone from one of those demon hunter lines, who needs a heir and everyone's problems will be solved. The kid will literally alter his mind, body, and soul to match his new family. Can't ask for more then that in an adopted son. Hell, the paperwork will be easy to file with a simple DNA test conforming paternity."

The detective's smile lit up the room. "Thank the Kami, I was afraid there was nothing to be done. I know of at least two families that qualify and could use a male heir. Both the Mido and Mano lines have had only female heirs for so long I'm sure they'd jump at the chance for a male heir to carry on their bloodline."

Unnoticed by either of the prematurely celebrating men, one of the officers had opened the door and was shooing a little boy inside…

John's ice blue eye's meet a matching set, in the little boy with the dirty blonde hair.
His response? "Fuck, I didn't even get laid out of the deal."

John dodges back fast enough to allow the demon hunters to be called in. If he can keep the kid away and the demon hunting females off of him, things might just turn out ok this time.

Someone else with a deep spiritual connection wanders a bit too close to the kid.
"By the power of the Moon… what?!?!?"

Something else…

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