There was an awkward silence in Andy's office for a moment. But then, the silence was broken:

"Mr. Travis, maybe I should introduce myself," Mrs. Bowser began "My name is Denise Bowser," then, smiling, she reached over and put her hand on Grace's shoulder "and this Mr. Travis, is Grace Marie Cumisky."

Andy was speechless. This was actually his little girl. Finally, he spoke.

"I'm very glad to meet you, Grace," He said as he bent down so he could look her in the eye.

"M-me, too." Grace replied shyly. Andy smiled, then stood up to speak to Mrs. Bowser.

"Is it alright if she comes home with you today?" Mrs. Bowser asked. Truth be known, Andy was the most scared he'd ever been in his life, but not wanting to seem like a jerk, he agreed. Little did he know, his young daughter was just as scared as he was.

The three of them left the office full of nosy co-workers wanting to know what was going on, to go get Grace's things. Two small suitcases, a very battered looking stuffed dog, and a cigar box was all Grace had to her name. They retrieved the belongings from Mrs. Bowser's car. Grace almost cried as she said good-bye to Mrs. Bowser. She felt Andy's hand on her shoulder as she watched Mrs. Bowser drive away.

"Well, kiddo, why don't we go back upstairs and meet the rest of the guys?" Andy suggested. Grace looked up at him and nodded. She had so many questions to ask him, but she was waiting for the right time.


When they got upstairs, there were seven people in the lobby. Six were talking amongst themselves and one was sitting in the chair with sunglasses and a coffee mug, not moving at all. When they noticed Andy and Grace, they stopped talking and cleared their throats acting a bit uneasy.

"Guys, I know your wonderin' what's goin' on," Andy began. Everybody was silent. "This is my daughter."

There were several gasps throughout the room.

"Her name is Grace. Grace this is Jennifer Marlowe our lovely secretary "He motioned towards the lady she'd seen when she first came in the station.

"Hello, darling," Jennifer said.

"Hi," Grace replied thinking she looked more and more like a Barbie doll every time she saw her