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Pilot's Manual: A flutter of wings Episode 125083

by dogbertcarroll

Rei continued to pat down his crotch, while her right hand began hesitantly making its way to his zipper. From the sharp intake of breath she heard she knew that Shinji was aware of what she was attempting.

Unnoticed the drink had done it's work upon her as well as him, loosening not only her sexual inhibitions, but her usually suppressed doubts of self worth as well.

She'd just taken the tab of his zipper between two fingers when an unfamiliar emotion swept through her, making her wonder if, perhaps, he didn't really want this. At least… not with her. Their class had quite a few females that were more developed then her and were more outgoing, more… human.

Glancing up she met his eyes and he saw the uncertainty and fear of rejection. He'd seen them in the mirror enough times to make them unmistakable.

He reached down and pulled her to her feet.

"Are you ok?"

Rei held his hand and stared at her feet, unsure if she was being rejected or not.

"I am fine."

Shinji gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

"Did something I did upset you?"

"No. It's…."

Her already soft voice trailed off for a moment before she lifted her head and met his eyes once more. Letting go of his hand she stepped back and took a deep breath before finding the words.

"I'm not like other girls. I'm not… real."

It was a safe comment. She wasn't allowed to tell anyone without the proper security clearance what she was, however no rules had been set for saying what she wasn't.

Shinji grinned. The hormone rush and whatever it was Rei had given him to drink had made him quite lightheaded, combine that with the stark unreality of the situation and his assumption was quite understandable.

"Ahhhh. So I'm just dreaming of you again. I should have guessed. There's no way any girl could be this sexy in real life, especially if she was interested in me."

"You dream of me?"

"Of course."

Rei was more then a little shocked at his confession, which said things that contradicted all the nagging little doubts she had begun to have about herself after watching how other girls her age looked and behaved.

"But the other girls…"

"What about them?"

Shinji pulled her closed and wrapped his arms around her.

"They are not different like I am."

Shinji's right hand stroked her bare back as he drew the scent of her skin into his nostrils and kissed the side of her neck.

She could feel his lips vibrate against her skin as he answered.

"They're not special like you."

She shivered slightly and found her own arms encircling him.

"How am I special?"

Shinji kissed her softly on the lips before answering.

"Because you have given me no pain, because you've been prepared to sacrifice your life to save mine, asking nothing in return, because you stood up for my father, who even I can't see anything good in."

Kicking off his shoes he led her towards the bedroom.

"For all those reasons and more you are special to me."

"But I would have done those for anyone if ordered to."

They paused in her bedroom's doorway.

"Would you really?"

She bit her lip and nodded. Seeing a hint of pain in his eyes she felt a coldness grip her as she searched her brain for a response that would remove it.

"But I am happier knowing that I am doing it for you."

His returning smile brought a surge of warmth to her, as she led him towards the bed, this time as his own self doubts returned.

"But I'm no one special. I'm just Shinji."

Reaching up she cupped his face and returned the kiss he had placed on her lips moments before.

"Everything you've said about me is true about you and what I see as admirable in your father is what I've seen you demonstrate yourself."

Three steps took them to the bed and clothes were hastily shed, as hands and mouths franticly went to work.

Satin sheets provided a slippery work surface, as Rei attempted to position him for entry. Moaning into his mouth she grasped his member and slid the head just inside her slippery lower lips…


…as their phones rang signaling another angel attack.


"Figures. Even in my own dreams I can't catch a break."

Rei pulled him closer to her, slipping an inch or two of him inside her.

"You are not dreaming."

"I'm not?"

Gently biting his lip she watched his eyes widen.

"I'm not dreaming this!"

Shinji and Rei decide to hurry and take care of the angel…

…but Rei recalls that a male's first sexual experience usually ends
in under five minutes. That's not a significant delay according to
her calculations.

Section Two interrupts them after several hours go by without a
response from their cell phones.

Misato and/or Asuka enter to retrieve them while enroute to Nerve.

Something Else happens!

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Pilot's Manual: New operational procedures Episode 126066

by dogbertcarroll

Gendo sat quietly in his office, waiting for the Magi to give its summary of the situation.

The Magi had it's sensors in a number of pies, chief among them the phone system. As an additional security precaution the pilots' cell phones contained both a tracking unit and an 'omega' modification, that allowed the Magi to keep the line open while the phone was 'off'.

Utilizing the audio input from the two phones and a couple of hidden cameras, installed by unit 2 personnel who were then transferred leaving no one but the system itself aware that the cameras existed, the Magi quickly compiled the following data;

1. Rei was a screamer.
2. 'Hands on' was the best way to teach Shinji anything.
3. Interrupting the two was hazardous to Nerv personnel.
4. Emotional bonds had formed between the two, the
... sundering of which would result in destruction on a
... massive scale and would likely prove to be temporary.
5. The last article of data was calculated without the Eva
... units themselves factored in.

Presenting the information to Gendo in a format he could deal with and waiting for his response always took a significant amount of time, so the Magi fell back into their usual time wasting argument, trying to figure out the sexual orientation of Dr. Akari's protégé Maya.

Gendo stared at the screen in front of him. This was intolerable, this was impossible, this was insane. The thought that his son had not only been able to seduce Rei, but had drawn her into a web of sexual ecstasy so strong that she had ignored regulations and assaulted Nerv personnel…

Suppressing a surge of pride in his son, he forced his mind back on track.

"Is there anyway of separating the two that does not cause massive damage to the surrounding area?"

Low Probability

"How low?"

.05 percent

Frowning, Gendo wished once more that the Magi could report things in a reasonable matter somewhere between data deluge and data dehydration. You could get a thousand page report on a simple question requiring days to sort or you could deal with simple answers that always lead to more questions. It was like pulling teeth to get the information he needed. The only saving grace to the Magi system was the fact that the data could be relied upon to be correct.

"What is the plan?"

Terminate both pilots and incinerate all clones simultaneously. Launch the ashes of Pilot Ikari into the Sun and Pilot Ayanami's into deep space.

Gendo sat quietly, knowing that the Magi didn't have a sense of humor and was unlikely to have developed one in the last five minutes and tried to deal with what he had just read off the monitor in front of him.

"What is the best way to minimize the effects of their new relationship on our projects goals?"

Misato awoke to the ringing of her phone. Stretching and yawning she glanced around and wondered why she was dressed and on the couch. A vague worry about her young charge's absence floated through her mind, despite the Commander's assurance that he would take care of things.

5 minutes later…

Misato sat frozen in place, the phone still in her hand.

'You've got to be kidding me.'

Operation 'Hear no evil, See no evil' commences.

Operation 'Send in the clones' commences.

Asuka arrives.

Back with Rei and Shinji.


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Pilot's Manual: Connections Episode 126311

by dogbertcarroll

Shinji awoke with a start as Rei's alarm went off.

Sore and more then a little sticky, he swung a hand out and silenced the alarm.

The slender blue haired figure, curled up on his chest with her arms around him, went a long way towards explaining both his situation and condition, not to mention the unfamiliar warmth in his chest.

"Rei, we have to get up now."

Her arms tightened around him as she snuggled into his chest, before answering in a her usual soft spoken way, already awake.


"No?" Shinji queried her gently.

A little iron slipped into her voice. "No."

"We can't stay in bed forever. We have to get some clothes from my place and get to school."

He stroked her back and gave her a little squeeze as he waited for her to respond. It was pretty obvious that she had something on her mind.

"I do not think that I can stand going back to being alone again."

"But you're not alone, Rei. You're with me."

He could feel a damp spot on his chest and even though he couldn't hear her crying, he knew it was her tears.

"I did not know loneliness until you arrived. It was simply another word in the dictionary that separated me from everyone else, but as I grew to know you I began to comprehend what loneliness was."

Her voice had a slight hitch to it as she stopped and attempted to regain a little more control.

"Loneliness is being without Shinji."

He held her tightly as she sobbed brokenly into his chest.

He murmured assurances into her ear, wondering what he could say to make her feel better.

"I am afraid that when I am not in your arms I will feel the loneliness return."

Sitting up, he carefully pulled her into a sitting position with him and wondered what he could possibly say that could make her feel better. Mentally shrugging he kissed her tears away and decided to wing it.

Doing something was infinitively better then doing nothing but listen to hear cry and wince at the reflected pain in his own heart.

"Then we'll just have to test that theory while I'm here with you, so if you feel the loneliness return I can hold you in my arms again."

Rei regained a little of her composure as she replied. "Agreed."

Slowly they pulled apart, Shinji found himself loathe to let her go.

"Do you feel ok?"

Rei took several deep breaths before replying. "I do not feel as good as I do in your arms, but I do not feel… bad."

Shinji smiled, relieved that he had managed to do something to calm her down.

"Close your eyes."

Rei complied and sat quietly with her eyes closed. After a couple of seconds a nervous frown formed on her face.

"Please say something. I can not see or hear you. I do not like it." The nervous quaver in her voice was painful to hear.

"I'm still here Rei. If you listen carefully you can hear me breath, feel my weight tilt the mattress a little, and if you're sensitive enough, feel my body heat on your skin. Even if we are not physically touching you can always sense me if you try."

She sat quietly for nearly a minute before speaking again. "Yes, I can sense you. You are sitting right in front of me watching me and wanting to take me in your arms because you hate to see me in pain."

Shinji blinked. "You got all that just from trying to sense me?"

"Yes. Haven't you tried?"

"Not yet."

Closing his eyes, he pictured Rei in his mind and stretched his senses to try and feel her…

Misato crushed another beer can and sent it winging it's way to join it's brothers in the garbage can.

"Yo, Pen-Pen. Beer me."


The warm water penguin quickly waddled towards the fridge to grab another can for himself and Misato.

Thankfully she had managed to get a shipment of Blue something or other, a Canadian beer that Pen-Pen favored, else she'd have to fetch her own beer.

Assured that another beer was on its way, Misato examined the package that section 2 had dropped off.

Keys for the apartment next door and a revised synch test schedule.

She could hear the workmen hammering away next door.

'Why are they installing so much soundproofing in Rei's new place anyway?'

Rubbing her temples she couldn't help, but sigh.

'I'm much too young to be raising kids that are… . I was sure I wouldn't have to put up with this until I was at least 30. And I'm not even suppose to mention I know unless they tell me!'

Rei and Shinji's Arrival...

... 3 hours later.

Rei and Shinji still at Rei's...

...in the shower.

SE! By order of the Magi.

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