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A/N: This idea came from watching two of my friends arguing over what was better Pirates or Pokemon. It did end differently to this though as the argument turned into a full blown fight complete with swords (plastic for obvious reasons but still extremely funny). Anyway I apologise if characters seem a bit OOC.

Greg Sanders was bored. The lab seemed way too quiet, it was if the residents of Las Vegas had decided that tonight no one would get hurt…for a few hours at least. He would have put some Manson on or possibly Back Flag and rocked out in the comfort of his lab. However Ecklie had confiscated it earlier that night on the grounds it was distracting people from their work. The only thing Greg could think of was what work.

He decided that one way of passing the time was to get some of his favourite coffee. Looking around to make sure that there were no prying eyes he found his secret stash of Blue Hawaiian and headed towards the break room. As he approached he could see Hodges and Archie having what looked like a conversation. As he got nearer however it was obvious that they were in fact having an argument.

As he walked through the door it took all his will to not burdt out laughing then and there. The argument was so unlike what he would have expected from his fellow lab rats, and definitely something he would never have imagined Hodges defending.

"Star Trek" Archie said on the verge to full out yelling

"Pirates of the Caribbean" Hodges replied simply

"Star Trek"


"Star Trek"

"Sorry Archie but Pirates are way more exciting than a bunch of aliens"

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that"


"Star Trek"

While this was happening Greg had stood to the side poured himself a cup of coffee and had let them carry on. The longer it went on the more Greg found himself unable to handle it anymore. It was just too funny.


"Star Trek"

"Pokemon" Greg yelled

The looks he was getting from Archie and Hodges confirmed his suspicion that they didn't know he was in the room. Both had gone bright red and looked at Greg with guilty expressions on their faces. That was it Greg couldn't take it anymore he burst out laughing, watching as Hodges face went from red to purple.

"You say anything about this Sanders and I'll make your life a living hell"

"You already do Hodges" Greg said before turning back towards the door.

"I'm going to go back to my lab and invent some DNA to process or something. Archie get out your Phase pistol and shoot him" He said pointing at Hodges. "See if your Pirate sword can stop that"

As Greg headed towards the door Archie spoke for the first time.

"Why Pokemon?"

Greg smirked before replying

"It got your attention didn't it?"

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