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Ah my fiancee: A killing frost Episode 57982

by dogbertcarroll

Tatewaki knelt at Elistree's feet, her outburst forgotten as the changes ripped through her mind, body, and soul.

"Thank you mistress, you have blessed me beyond compare. I don't know how I can ever repay you for freeing me from that nightmarish existence I was trapped in, my White-Haired Goddess!"

Ranma and the others watched stunned at the changes wrought in Kuno. While the others drew back, Ranma became unnaturally still.

"It's always good to have enthusiastic help." Elistree said with a small smile gracing her lips, pleased with her Voice upon this world.

"You shall go forth and spread the word of my faith, while attending to my duties upon this world."

Shampoo shivered and edged further away from Ranma as a chill ran through her body. Glancing over at Ranma her eyes grew wide as she took in the mist swirling around his feet and the moisture beading on his skin.

"Shampoo not think this good sign." Shampoo muttered anxiously.

"What are you talking abought… sugar?" Ukyou trailed off, staring at Ranma in dismay.

All eyes focussed on Ranma as he began to speak.

"I have ta admit ya really know how to twist the knife." Ranma's voice seemed conversational, bland even, until you looked into his eyes.

His eyes held a cold hard rage.

The 'soul of ice' helped the user maintain a calm focused mindset while dampening all emotions. Used by Ki adepts it allowed them to cool the air around them. There was more to the technique, but that covered the basics that was told to the Nerimain crew by Cologne.

Shampoo could have told them a little more abought it. A few amazons had gone beyond the basics of the technique and into legends of the tribe. Laci for instance had seen her lover struck down while in battle with the Musk and even the 'soul of ice' hadn't been enough to contain her anger, just her focus.

The 'soul of ice' only dampened emotions, it didn't erase them.

"I use ta joke that the Kami were out ta get me. With all that goes on in my life it's not that suprisin ta find out that it's actually true, because there's no way in hell this was all on accident."

Shampoo watched fearfully as Ranma's hair began to grey and the colors faded from his clothes.

You come in here and point out everything I ain't and probably never will be no matter how hard I try. You decide I ain't good enough for ya and dismiss me like I ain't worth nothin'"

Elistree and Tatewaki looked on in confusion at the changes in Ranma's form and demeanor, neither sure exactly what was going on.

"But the final little twist of the blade is ya take a guy, and not just any guy, but the one that's been houndin me and gropin me, turn him into a real girly girl and try to push him forward as my future bride. Like a funhouse mirror of my worst nightmare come ta life."

Understanding began to dawn in those present, as the mass exodus demonstrated.

"You Kami have fucked with me for the last time."

Ranma attacks...

...but is stopped by another Goddess arriving.

...is squished like a bug.

Shampoo runs to get Cologne.


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Ah my fiancee: Lighting a fire. Episode 106161

by dogbertcarroll

He didn't play with her or hold back so he could test her level of skill. He simply attacked.

Kuno was backhanded out of the way, throwing him through the stone wall surrounding the property as Ranma struck.

A flurry of blows pushed her on the defense as she blocked them with the flat of her blade. The clang of his fist against her blade rang through the yard like a jackhammer against a steel vault.

Ranma's fists quickly passed chestnut speed as he poured his ki into the attack trying to overwhelm her defenses.

As fast as he was, she was faster. Her blade danced in the air seemingly everywhere at once. Sparks flashed as he relentlessly hammered her back. The grass had become cold and brittle under their feet, crackling with each step they took.

The force of his blows was driving her back an inch at a time but that was worse then useless as she simply circled to the right. The Tendo's yard was far too large and she too experienced to trap her in a corner.

Worse she was fending him off without a great deal of effort and looked to be able to do so until long after he had dropped in exhaustion. For a brief second he knew how Akane felt when he 'sparred' with her.

This would never do.

There was one arena of combat she had no chance of matching him in. Genma Satome had trained his son since birth to make his opponents angry with a smirk or an offhand remark as Happosai had trained him.

Ranma had raised it to an art form.

Ranma Satome could piss off a saint in just under a minute with a casual unthinking comment. Imagine what he could do if he was really trying.

Eilistraee was a goddess of good, however she was no saint and Ranma had seen her flinch when he mentioned twisting the knife. It was time to probe that wound.

"So how many people have you had slaughtered to feed your ego?"

She flinched and had to flip over a quick foot sweep and throw herself backwards to avoid the follow up spin kick. The chill in the air had caused her joints to stiffen a little.

Rushing forward he was still too slow to stop her from regaining her feet.

"I don't require sacrifice as a means of worshiping me!" A little anger entered her voice as she dodged a series of kicks and blocked a follow up two-handed blow using her bastard sword like a staff, before lashing out with a kick that knocked Ranma back a couple of feet.

'Strike one.'

Ranma just grinned and redouble his efforts. He smelled blood in the water and for once in this fight it wasn't his own.

"You know they say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I wonder which of your parents you get it from." he knew it really pissed him off when he was compared to his pop and family was always a weak point.

He smirked as he watched sparks fill her eyes.

'Strike two.'

"I hear your pops an OK guy."

That was always a safe comment. Depending on her reaction he could reverse that stance easily or start scoring on her mom.

Watching her regain control over herself, her breath steaming in the arctic chill that seemed to fill the yard, he knew he had struck paydirt.

"So it must be your mom you take after."

The sparks in her eyes became a bonfire.

Ranma go squish.

Ranma pulls something off.

Ukyou and Shampoo interupt with Cologne.

Bast and Eris arrive.


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Ah my fiancee: Like a house on fire… lots of people running and screaming. Episode 106194

by dogbertcarroll

"I am nothing like my mother!"

Looking into the portals of hell that had replaced Eilistraee's eyes, Ranma almost felt fear.

Slapping his trademark smirk on his face he casually replied, "You have her eyes."

Screaming in incoherent rage she attacked.

Ranma spent his remaining Ki like water. Dodging and blocking he led her into the spiral.

He could feel the muscles in his legs tear as he forced them to move beyond anything he had tried before, only to heal just as quickly as the river that was his ki poured into them.

Eilistraee was know as The Dancer for the way her fighting style moved, disguising the moves themselves as a dance.

The dance was forgotten as she attacked, doing her level best in her rage to flay the flesh from his bones with the edge of her blade.

Ranma learned her style without a thought as he blocked and deflected her blade. Each and every lesson cost him in blood and flesh as his shirt became red once more, covered in his own blood as it froze upon contact with the air.

The ringing of the blade, as he hammered at it with his fists, sounded like the beginnings of a song and he seemed to relish each note.

His voice could barely be heard above the wind that was generated from their movement alone. Two blurs spun through the yard in an ever decreasing spiral as he sang 'The Tomboy Song' to her.

He could feel death looming as his life was burned to fuel his movements.

Every drop of ki he had was burning through him… and burning him out.

He reached the center of the spiral as two new figures appeared rising from the pond. A woman dressed in black leather with long black hair and pale skin and a dusky skinned woman in levis with shoulder length brown hair.

He found his eyes drawn to theirs as something indefinable seemed to pass between them.

He could feel a sense of familiarity and comfort from them, like they were old and true friends. He paid for his nano-second of inattention as Eilistraee rammed her sword through him.

"You lose mortal."

Twin gasps of shock and horror drew her attention to the arrival of Eris and Bast as the sudden reality of her actions hit her full force. What had happened to her? What had she done?

Starring at the blood covering her hands and the way Ranma was still grinning at her, even with her sword sheathed in his flesh, she raised her eyes to meet his slitted pupils.

'Slitted pupils?'

Ranma spoke quietly, almost a whisper. "Ranma Satome doesn't lose."

He brought his right hand around into a bitch slap that carved three parallel into her cheek and slammed her onto her ass a full three feet from him as his voice rose into a lion's roar "Hiryu Shoten Ha!"

The light dimmed in his eyes as he watched Eilistraee get sucked up into the funnel. Slowly his eyes closed and he sank to his knees.

The aftermath...

Where are Ukyou and Shampoo with Cologne?

Eris and Bast...


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