Ah my fiancée/Incarnations: The Fates have left the building Episode 106968

by dogbertcarroll

The storm had been contained.


Eilistraee had been too horrified at her own actions to do anything when the wind had picked her up and flung her into the sky. The chill in the air had torn the breath from her lungs as it sucked the blood from her wound, but she couldn't find it in herself to care. All she could do was relive that final fateful moment when she had slid her sword completely through that boy…. Ranma. She had felt pleasure at his pain, a wild untamed joy and it sickened her.

Her very life was being drained into the storm, fueling its movements and she couldn't bring herself to care. It seemed a fitting end to her.

Her limiters had begun to crack as the drain increased, drawing even more power from somewhere else.

Bast and Eris had been trying to catch their breath as Eris had explained what had happened to Cologne. Eris had just finished warning her when the limiters had finally shattered under the strain. They had only been designed to hold back the powers of a 3rd class goddess. The additional power, equivalent to a Goddess 1st class, that had poured into the storm shattered the wards holding it in place.

The storm had broken free.

The Tendo sisters had fled when Ranma had apparently lost his mind and attacked a Kami.

They hadn't gotten far however before they had felt the Irresistible pull to return. For better or worse Ranma was family and Tendos never deserted family. They had lost both parents when their mother had met her end. Even after all these years Soun was still just a pale shadow of the father they remembered. They could not accept losing another, no matter how much of a Baka he was at times.

Ranma for all his flaws had captured their hearts, be it as a brother, a possible lover, or something else altogether. Not a word was spoken as they had suddenly reversed direction as one and sprinted back to the house.

Akane had barely been able to keep up with Kasumi, who seemed to radiate an anger that was completely at odds with her usual calm demeanor, as she raced back to her home. Nabiki had panted like a racehorse, but managed to keep them in sight.

They had arrived just in time to hear Eris's warning to Cologne and see the pillar of destruction break through it's bonds. Akane had tried to reach it only to find herself buried under her two sisters. Nabiki had clutched her desperately and Kasumi… Kasumi had held them both in a grip of iron.

Two more Kami added their power to the growing storm as it swallowed them and everything within a mile radius in a heartbeat.


Ares watched the chaos in Yggdrasil's main control room and knew he had made a mistake. It had seemed like a simple trade of favors. Nothing major. All he had to do was spike a foreign goddess's drink and he was assured a favor from a like minded goddess in another realm.

The screaming alarms and frantic personnel rushing abought brought home to him exactly how much he had screwed up.

"We've completely lost the files on several mortals and Eilistraee as well. They are no longer in the system." Com yelled out as her fingers danced across the strings and keys of her personal interface with the world tree.

"Retention?" Peorth called out as she watched the imaging globe hovering above the chanting Norns in the center of the room.

"I've got links to Eris and Bast. They are safe, kinda, but I can't pull them out of the storm. We need to overpower it and frankly I don't think we have that kind of power without using the ultimate force directly." Bat answered as her own fingers danced across the surface of the jeweled scrying bowl she used as her personal interface.

The true depth of his mistake was slowly beginning to dawn on Ares when he felt a cold chill run down his spine. Turning around he found himself staring into the Allfather's one ice blue eye.

Odin had said nothing as events had occurred. He had just stood and watched, implacable as always during an emergency, but the look of pity he turned on Ares had him ready for a change of pants.


The storm was driven by the cold hard rage of one driven to insanity by recent events. The force needed to counteract that would require someone equally driven. Ryoga driven into a killing rage would have been tossed aside like a straw in a tempest, but someone inside the storm was being driven by a raging inferno of repressed rage at the theft of someone she had loved.

Rage had found a new home.

The storm dissipated, dropping the airborne goddesses to the ground and revealing three sisters standing solidly on the ground.


Ares couldn't tear his gaze away from his father's. Not even when the Norns collapsed and Peorth yelled something abought their mortal anchors. The pity unnerved him, but not as much as his father's next words.

"I would start running if I were you son."

See Ares run. Run Ares Run.

Follow the lost files.

The Fates at war.



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Ah my fiancée/Incarnations: Incarnations Episode 109009

by dogbertcarroll

Files are tricky things, anyone that owns a computer can tell you that.

Files can be; lost, deleted, copied, corrupted, compacted, unpacked, and dozens of other things too numerous to mention.

And that's just the ones on a normal computer.

Add in Yggdrasil and a couple of mortals, one with a divine weapon piercing his chest, and who knows what all the possible permutations are or when and where the files could end up? Let's see what happened to the lost ones, shall we?

Evangelion Universe – Rei-incarnated

Sailor Moon Universe – Mooned

Faerun Universe – Realms

Gold Diggers – Golden Eyes & Silver Blades

401 – File not found SE!

5150 – It's crazy and should be locked up! SE!

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