Chapter 1: The Final Year

Once again, Team Kiwi was in the Final Match; with this win they would once again be in the Lyoko Tournament. This being the final year they could enter since after this Yumi would be heading off to College, along with Aelita and Jeremy because their grades are so high.

But it didn't seem like they were having any problems beating their opponents this year, Jeremy already telling his teammates they are near the end where the other team were still near the beginning fighting off a few Mega-tanks.

"Alright team," Jeremy reported, "even though we are far ahead, don't get too cocky."

But within the Desert Region of Lyoko, the team rode on their Vehicles as Aelita hitchhiked along with Yumi. "Ah come on Einstein," Odd couldn't help to comment, "we have always ranked in the top when in the Tournament, we shouldn't have any trouble beating these newbie."

"Still, there are other things to worry about then the competition," Jeremy replied, just as he heard the warning signal blaring, "watch out, there is a Mega-Walker up ahead."

"I really hate those things," Ulrich added.

Then as they came up on the recently created creature of Lyoko, it was about the size of a Mega-Tank and as heavily armored, but the steel colored creature was supported by four large spider-legs like a table with a cannon hidden below, firing a beam if it hits takes at least 40 life point damage; the Lyoko symbol centered on the top.

It locked on to its target and fired, but Yumi was able to dodge at the last minute where her Overwing was hit from the blast, causing it to be devirtualized and the two girls rolled as they hit the ground. "Yumi, Aelita, are you two alright?" Ulrich called out.

The girls of Team Kiwi dusted themselves off. "Yeah, we're ok," Miss. Einstein replied.

Then the team looked in the direction of the Mega-Walker charging up for another attack, but Odd was already flying straight at it. "Eat this, Dragoon want-a-be," he called out, firing his special arrow right at the creature, locating the weak spot and destroyed it. "Oh yeah, whose the man!" he cheered, adding a victory dance on his board.

"Cool it, Odd," Jeremy stated, "even though the Tower is close we still have some Hornets coming towards your location."

Odd then landed next to his favorite cousin. "You guys can handle those weak insects; so do you need a lift, Hime (princess in Japanese)?" he winked; holding out his hand as his cousin graciously accepted it.

"I will be honored," she replied in a high-classed tone, grabbing his hand to be pulled up on the board.

But Jeremy grinded his teeth; even though they haven't lost a match yet during the preliminary rounds, Odd was just too cocky for his own good. "Just hurry up and get Aelita to the tower."

"Already on it," Odd shot back, flying at full speed while leaving his two teammates to deal with the five Hornets that just appeared.

"It looks like Odd's going to play hero again," Ulrich chuckled as he drew his sword.

"He is just trying to impress Sam," Yumi replied, readying her Fans for the fight.

Then as the Hornets started to circle them like vultures over their next meal, Ulrich asked. "So, are you still thinking about it?"

Her eyes saddened, looking away from her boyfriend for the past two years; remembering that day almost a year ago.

When her heart was racing faster then ever before, stunned from his proposal. She never saw a ring that beautiful as the one before her in her entire life. She looked up, tears forming in her eyes and said. "I'm sorry."

She hated that look on her face, she really didn't want to break his heart like that but she didn't know any other way to let him down. "W-why not?" his voice trembled, closing up the box.

She looked away from his eyes with her arms around her chest; she couldn't bear to look at his face right now. "I-It's just, after all that's happened, I'm just not sure right now," she looked back at him, holding the box close to him, "I know it took a lot to say that, but for right now I would like to stay boyfriend and girlfriend."

He put the box back into his pocket, exhaled a deep breathe and put on a smile for her sake. "No problem, so where would you like to go next?"

And even though she said she would make up her mind shortly, she still hasn't given him an answer after nearly a whole year, being glad he was so patient with her.

But she was keeping a few secrets from him; ever since she came back to school she has been going to a psychiatrist four days a month, being able to hide it by telling her friends she has been visiting her grandmother that recently moved nearby.

The reason she has been going to the psychiatrist is because of her night terrors she has been experiencing even before they got back from their last Tournament in Japan. Even though they were able to figure out it was because of what Will did to her it didn't stop them from getting stronger and stronger every time they occurred. Nearly unable to tell her dream from reality; usually waking up her entire family with her screams of horror while she stayed asleep herself.

Her family has been very helpful in keeping it a secret from her friends, not wanting to burden them with this. She wanted nothing more then to say yes to her boyfriend's proposal but knew she couldn't till she was cured of those horrible dreams.

"Come on, Ulrich," she stated, hoping to cover up her cheerless expression with her smile as she prepared her defenses against the Hornet's that were charging up, "right now isn't the best time to talk about that."

Ulrich exhaled again. "Alright then, let's get rid of these monsters firsts."

She grinned. "Sounds like a plan."

Aelita held onto her cousin by wrapping her arms around his stomach. "We are almost there, Hime," Odd grinned with the tower in sight, "you ready to get us to the Championship once again."

Aelita nodded back. "Let's do it, Odd."

But as they came up onto the activated tower, they spotted two Mega-Tanks guarding it; still moving around since they haven't been spotted yet. "Well the fun isn't over yet," Odd chuckled, hopping that it wouldn't have ended this easily, "time to clear the entry way."

With that, he jumped right off the board, falling straight at the two creatures as he left Aelita to surf the skies.

But as he fell the two Mega-Tanks locked onto him and one started to charge. When it fired Odd fired at the other Mega-Tank just as he put up a shield to deflect the attack. The arrow hit the mark and destroyed the one that was charging for the second attack as he landed safely on the ground. He smirked and fired at the second Tank, just to be shocked to find out he was out of arrows. "Einstein, I need a reload."

"Give me a second," Jeremy grinned, "for now distract the Mega-Tank so Aelita can deactivate it."

"No problem, Jeremy," Odd quickly replied, looking back at the giant metal sphere, "a cat getting played by a giant ball, there has to be some irony in this."

He then ran off in a different direction to make the creature follow after him; leaving Aelita a wide open space where she landed and walked into the tower.

There she floated up to the top platform and walked over to the floating screen; she placed her right hand on it where the screen said, Aelita, then it went blank until it added, Code... Lyoko

After all of the screens feel off the tower, the Lyoko Announcer stated, "and the Winner of the match, Team Kiwi!"

The audiences cheered their lungs out as Team Kiwi walked up to the front of the stage, taking each other's hand and bowed to their fans. "Well do you have anything to say as you are going to the Lyoko World Tournament for the third year in a row, not to mention looking to be a shoe in for first place this year?"

Their team leader was chosen to answer this question. "We're going to win!" he replied with an enthusiastic thumb up, replied by cheering and clapping.

Just like the years before, the Ishiyama's held a party at their house to congratulate the Team's victory for once again making it to the Championships.

"Cheer's!" they all cheered, taping their cans of soda together as they relaxed into the couches.

Aelita relaxed into her boyfriend's arms, taking a small sip of her coke. "I can't believe it's already been another year, it feels like it's only been a few months."

"Time sure is flying these days," Odd replied, feeling his girlfriend Sam's arms around his neck.

"Come on, Odd," she replied, "your going to sound like an old man if you talk like that."

"Well this year is going to be different," Ulrich added with his hand cupped in Yumi's, "I heard besides us, all the teams are new."

Jeremy nodded. "Yeah, Team Sin doesn't have a Controller, Team Extra's Will and Peeacee are no longer in Canada, Team Project is missing Fredi and Michael as they are both in College while Team Mew Zakuro also is in College while I heard Ichigo went to America with her boyfriend to study abroad."

Yumi giggled. "We are going to be looked as the senior team to the Lyoko Championships. On no, now I'm starting to sound old."

"Well you are old, Onee-chan," Hiroki stated, appearing behind his older sister, he himself now attending her school and in a Lyoko Team of his own, but they were no match when they went up against his sister's team.

"Beat it, Hiroki," she yelled, her brother always loving to annoy her any chance he got; like any normal younger sibling.

"But this party is boring, just a lot of older kids and grownups talking; it's a lot more fun over here."

"Didn't Johnny come?" Ulrich asked.

Hiroki shook his head. "He's at home with the Chicken-Pocks along with the rest of my team for another week."

"Too bad you had them when you were younger," his sister replied with a smile on her face when he stuck his tongue at her.

Just then, the news report about the Lyoko World Tournament started to come on. "Alright," Yumi replied, "as long as you don't talk you can watch this with us."

"Alright," he cheered as he jumped over the couch and sat on the floor in front of them.

Then everyone started to gather while Jeremy turned up the volume. "Well it's that time of year again," the male newscaster stated, "the World Tournament to the Lyoko games is about to start."

"That's right," the female newscaster added, "soon the five top teens from all over the world will meet in one place and battle for the Lyoko Cup, not to mention all of the new blood that will be entering this year."

"Yup, but let's start off with last year's second place team all the way from France, Team Kiwi of Kadic High!"

Everyone in Ishiyama's house cheered. "Two years ago they were underdogs that were able to get first place and took the Lyoko world by storm and now they have come back to get that place back."

"But they will have to beat these other teams if they want a chance at that," the female newscaster added, "like all the way from America, this year taking place of Team Project will be Team Tempus of AD Tech High. They are rumored to be as good as Team Project."

"And then from China, we have Team Horror from China Springs High School. They say they were first inspired by the Lyoko games from Team Sin; so it looks like another dark team will be joining the fight."

"And all the way from Japan, we have with us once again from two years ago, Cromartie High's Team Shadow."

"Yet we have a special announcement for this last team that will be in the Lyoko World Tournament, the only team ever to make it this far without a Controller," the male newscaster stated, "all the way from Transylvania, Vlad High's Team Sin!"

This announcement completely shocked the ears of Team Kiwi. "You've got to be kidding me," Odd stated.

"The darkest team in the Lyoko Game's history will be back for one more round, dedicating this year to their Controller that is off at College and are willing to go to any lengths to win this year."

"But now for what all the Lyoko Teams have been waiting to hear, the Location of this years World Tournament," the female newscaster said, "and this year the Lyoko Warriors will be heading to, the city of love itself, Paris, France."

Team Kiwi smiled. "That's not far from here," Hiroki stated, "it looks like I can come and watch your matches in the stands."

Yumi rolled her eyes. "Oh great."

To Be Continued

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