Attention fans of this fanfic. I am sorry to say I have lost interest in writing this fanfic. It is because I believe there are just too many mistakes on my part in which I would have to completely rewrite the story from scratch. So to all my loyal fans, here is the summary of what I had planned to happen if I continued writing this story.

In this story I was going to have the true villain being Alexander Tempus, as he is the true CEO of Sphinx Corp., using those attacks on himself to throw off any suspicion. It is revealed that the Tempus family created the Lyoko games as a way to bring the world together, as the game has it to where you choose a unique group of people (jocks, nerds, etc) where overtime become friends; along with the cease fire to become friends with other teams from different countries.

This overall with the Lyoko Games being only a High School sport, will have the members grow up to have powerful positions and through their friendship during their teens help connect the world as a whole; this as well as falling in love with members of separate teams.

Alex on the other hand believed there were too many people to ever truly create peace through this means, and planned to first downsize the populate of humanity. He was the creator of the XANA virus, using Aelita's uncle as the fall guy, hoping the virus will do its role in causing disasters in each country the Lyoko games were held, thus weakening the defenses thus causing wars to shorten the human population.

His plan was thwarted by his own sister after easily defeating Team Kiwi single handedly, as he hid the shut down device in her and himself, where if one or the other was deleted it would cause the actions to stop. She ordered Spec to delete her, but before the attack could go through Alex stepped in her place, thus being deleted.

Team Kiwi goes to the finals and finally defeats Team Sin, winning the Lyoko Championship.

However, near the end it is revealed that Alex wasn't deleted, but a clone he created for the Lyoko games where earlier he is able to use to be in two places at once. He continues to plot, while wondering if he could one day change his sister's mind.

And that's how I was going to end the story. I apologize once again for not being able to finish this story properly.