Alexander's fingers shakily adjusted the collar of his shirt before allowing them to flutter down and rested his hands at his sides. He took a deep breath smoothing down his beige slacks and giving a final hand sweep through his now short cropped hair. The bangs still hung loosely to lay down against his forehead but the back, it was so short. His fingers trailed to the back of his neck. The only reason he had ever grown it out in the first place was to imitate his older brother when Edward finally gave up at the age of fourteen, he said the walk down to the barber shop was too far away and he had paintings to finish. Alex smirked closing his eyes.

"Won't brother be surprised." He said giving himself a final glance in the mirror biting down on his lower lip before exhaling a small breath of air and exited the room to make the preparations downstairs.

Rosie had distracted Edward for most of the day, even though that had just meant that he had accompanied his younger sister on her pointless errands of getting her nails done, buying hair products and purchasing manga.

"Alright, I'm going to stay over at Amy's house for the night." She said turning to catch the bus. "Oh yeah by the way mom and dad aren't home tonight. Alexander really misses you, you should stop by the house and see him." As if it were an unimportant afterthought. Edward smiled widely as his bored expression left him and he nodded.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do." He said to her with a wave of his hand. Rosie glanced back at him.

"I don't want to get arrested Edward, geez." She replied. Edward let out a mock laugh.

"Funny! You know you should be a comedian." He stated. Rosie climbed onto the bus taking a seat close to where Edward was standing outside and opened the window.

"Yeah right! I can just hear dad now; 'My kids? Oh well they're all gay you know and my daughter on top of being gay is a comedian….'" She said in her best Benjamin impersonation. Edward laughed for real at that.

"He doesn't know about you yet though. Does he?" He asked curiously. Rosie shook her head as the bus began to pull away.

"No but I've been thinking about telling him. See ya' later Ed!" She called out with a short wave of her hand as the bus turned and she sat down in her seat. Ed smirked shaking his head.

"Well, thanks for the warning I'll stay clear after that bombs dropped." He muttered to himself. He sat down on the bench that the bus stop offered threading his hands behind his head smiling at the anticipation of seeing his lover.

Alex heard the front door open and the characteristic stomp of his brothers footfalls as he entered the house.

"Al are you hear?" Ed called out into the seemingly empty house. Alexander took a shaky breath his body trembling with anticipation.

"I'm down here in the cellar brother." He called up as he already heard the sound of the door being opened. Edward glanced down at the stairs seeing the candles lit on either side of the steps flickering as he walked down the steps past them. He furrowed his brow walking slowly following the candle lit trail to the space that he used to occupy as his art studio.

"Alexander?" He asked as soft music reached his ears. He stopped in his tracks glancing around the room at all the lit candles that set a romantic mood to the otherwise mundane basement, in the center of it all stood his little brother. Edward's mouth opened slightly as his eyes widened.

"Well Edward what do you think?" He asked his hands motioning to the general vicinity around him.

"My god your hair is so damn short." Ed replied. Alex's face flushed.

"All this and that's all you say Ed about my stupid hair?" He said his voice going up an octave. Ed closed his mouth and glanced around.

"It's nice but what exactly is this Al?" He asked. Alexander walked slowly to his brother creating an air of seductiveness around him.

"Our prom brother," He said taking Edward in his arms kissing his lips softly. "Just for us where we can be together." Ed smirked as his eyes softened the way they always did when Alex was around.

"Alex…" He began before his lips were covered with two fingers.

"Brother lets dance." Alex whispered softly into Edward's ear. Edward nodded taking Alex's hand leading him to the center of the room. Ed took him into his arms as Alexander wrapped his arms around Ed's waist resting his head against his older brother's chest breathing in his scent deeply. He shut his contently as they moved to the music.

I could lose my heart tonight if you don't turn and walk

Cause the way I feel I might lose control and let you stay

Cause I could take you in my arms and never let go

"We've never done this before have we Alexander?" Edward asked softly kissing his lovers cheek. Alex shook his head once lifting it slightly to stare into the endless tawny orbs.

"No never." He said with a smirk placing his head back down against Ed's chest.

I could fall in love with you

I could fall in love with you

And I know it's right

And I guess I should try

To do what I should do but I could fall in love

Fall in love with you

Ed rested his face against Alex's hair and sighed.

"I'm sorry I couldn't take you to the real prom Al." He said. Alexander shook his head.

"Brother this is so much better than that stupid school dance could ever be. I mean there we couldn't be together. At that dance there would be guys like Todd acting stupid and getting drunk ruining it for everyone." His gaze returned to Edwards as he locked eyes with him. Ed's eyes glanced off to the side.

"Yeah I know but…"

"But nothing Edward; forget it. Don't bring all of them into here. This is just for us, no one else." Alexander said forcefully interrupting his brother. Tears sparkled in the corners of his eyes threatening to spill over. Edward smirked bringing a hand up to brush Alex's bangs away from his forehead. He placed a gentle kiss against the soft skin and shook his head slightly.

"I won't let them into our lives Al. Never again."