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The marriage of Crown Prince Yuuri Shibuya and Wolfram had been the most beautiful thing that had ever happened in this kingdom. Just like what Wolfram's mother always said, "Someday a knight in shining armor will come and rescue the beautiful princess!" Well, in this case, a prince came to save him.

Wolfram gazed through the castle window and let out a heavy sigh.

"What's wrong?" His husband, the Crown Prince asked. "Don't be too depressed. It's not good for the baby." He gently touched Wolfram's belly. Wolfram's been pregnant for a month but he never looked happy.

"I'm thinking of Lady Peril, Gwendal and Conrad." Wolfram finally said.

"Don't worry about them."

"I can't." Wolfram sat up from his chair. "They always treated me like their slave, but they still took care of me, Yuuri. No matter what, they are still my family."

Yuuri placed his hand on Wolfram's shoulder and smiled. "I understand. Let's talk to my father."


A few weeks later, Lady Peril's family was surprised by a sudden visit from Wolfram. They no longer lived in the Bielefeld Mansion. Instead they lived on a small house on a dark alley.

"Why, why are you here?" Lady Peril asked. All she could ever think of was revenge. She was afraid of Wolfram's revenge. "I will not let you hurt my sons!" She shrieked.

"Lady Peril." Wolfram tried to hold the woman's hand but she slapped it away. "No! Don't hurt me!"

Hearing their mother's shrieks, Conrad and Gunter got out from their bedroom and they paled when they saw the Crown Prince and Wolfram.

"Please, we didn't come all the way here to punish you." said Wolfram. He glanced at Yuuri and the Crown Prince nodded. A guard handed him a scroll and he begin to read, "The King has granted Prince Wolfram von Bielefeld's request and from now on Lady Peril and her family may return to the Bielefeld Mansion. There will be no charges against the Peril family."

So finally, everyone live happily ever after!


Note: Yay! Finally finished! I will be posting my new AU fic soon: "The Young Wizard and The Demon King", but it won't be a Wonderland theme fic.