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It was dark, pitch black as he stood there. There was a figure he could faintly make out against the blackness. The creature could be no taller than up to his ankle, but it had a certain sense of power emanating from its being. The creature reached out to him and said in a barely audible voice "Come". As he reached out to the small, brown creature, it started to get distorted and fade away.

Kail Somers woke in his bed, blinded by the light pouring in from the window. He had had the same dream each night for the past week, but every time he reached out to the creature, it was gone. He caught a glimpse of his hand and thought he saw something, but when he looked it over, nothing was there. Must be my mind playing tricks on me, he told himself.

As the grogginess of his mind dissipated, he started to smile. He turned 13 today, which meant today, he was starting his Pokemon journey. "Kail honey, you better wake up if you want to get your Pokemon from Professor Palm!" his mom yelled up the stairs. Kail realized if he didn't hurry, all the good Pokemon would be gone! He grabbed his hat, put on his backpack and he was out the door.

Hm, what should I get? Treeko or Mudkip would be good against Roxanne, but then Torchic could learn a lot more moves when it evolves. I guess I'll just decide when I get there. But before he could make it to the lab's door, he heard a loud howling off in the distance. He was taught never to abandon anyone or anything, so he raced off in the opposite direction into the woods.

As he walked on, he felt something strange about this forest, it almost felt as if the air itself was alive. He searched around the area he heard the noise, it looked as if whatever made the sound put up with a good fight, but he could see a trail with a set of prints and something dragged behind it. Without thinking he rushed in not so much as thinking twice. If he had been more patient, he would have noticed that all the noise in the forest had become dead silent, almost as if it were waiting for him to come.

As he looked on, he saw a Ninetails being dragged by a Machoke. This immediately ticked him off, so looking around, he saw a hefty sized rock. He lugged it at the Machoke with a force that could have knocked out an adult human. Unfortunately, Machoke was far from human. It dropped the Ninetails and started charging for Kail. Kail had nothing to do but stand and take his beating. He had never before felt pain like this, as the Machoke grabbed him by the neck and repeatedly slammed him against a tree. As blood sprung forth from his face, the Machoke started to get more and more fierce. Pretty soon, Kail had to do everything in his power to stay conscious. Finally, Machoke was done with him, and with one final blow uppercutted him in the stomach.

What Machoke had failed to notice was that while he was fighting, Ninetails had slipped away, making Machoke angry enough to blindly run into the woods. As Kail lay there, smiling and dieing, he knew he had at least done something good enough for him to rest in peace. As his life began to slip away, a pair of red, glowing eyes peered out from a nearby bush.


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