Mortis' Quest

By Silvain

Author's notes- This was inspired by an odd little roleplay of sorts that took place when I was helping my friend Calilea and her family move. Calilea, her brother, and I were sort of playing around while we worked…. And, ta-da! This story was born!!


Young Mortis, probably between 17-20

Dragon priestess 1 (2 years older than Mortis)

Dragon priestess 2 (4 yrs older than Mortis)

The blazing afternoon sun beat shone down on a young dragon priest, walking through the dry wastelands with two priestesses following him. He looked around, frustrated, and swore loudly, stabbing his staff into the ground so it stuck. He yanked off his helmet and wiped his forehead.

"Alright, where is this scaling place?" he muttered, pulling out the map Tannis had given him. Behind him, one of the priestesses snorted in amusement, leaning against a rock.

"Lemme guess, Mortis. We're lost again?" she said with a smirk. The other priestess sat down beside her, stretching.

The two girls were older than Mortis, but only by a few years. He ignored them as he put away the map and pulled his helmet back on.

"This way," he said, pointing off into the dry, deserted wastelands. He pulled his staff out of the ground and started walking, the two girls right behind him.

The group walked for a while, not stopping until the sun began to set. Again, Mortis stuck his staff in the ground and pulled out the map. The two priestesses, meanwhile, watched the dark cave behind him nervously. Just as he put away the map, they grabbed him by the arms, yanked his staff out of the ground, and ran.

"Move it, Connor," the older priestess snapped. "That's the Muhorta's cave!"

The three ran across the wastelands as if their tails were on fire, not stopping until the cave was just a speck in the distance. Mortis pulled out the map again as the other two collapsed onto the ground, panting and tired, but grinning in relief.

"Scales! We're way off course!" Mortis swore, folding the map roughly. "We'll never get that rock now!"

"ROCK?!" the girls shouted, outraged. "We came all the way out here, nearly got attacked by the Muhorta, spent the morning running from hydrags, and nearly roasted to death ing this weather… FOR A "

"It's for Tannis' collection," Mortis explained calmly as the two girls grabbed him by the arms and dragged him back to the temple.

"Next time, Mortis…" the first girl began.

"Tell Tannis to get the rock himself," the other finished.