Selkies and Sparrows

Summary: When Jack Sparrow sailed into Port Royal that sunny day, it was his intention to commandeer one of those ships, pick up a crew in Tortuga, raid, pillage, plunder and otherwise pilfer his weaselly black guts out. What he ended up with was a young Selkie who used to go by the name of Harry Potter, but is currently in hiding from his friends, his enemies, and, most importantly, his destiny.

Parings: Jack Sparrow/Harry Potter (in other words, Slash. Non-slash people, ye be warned.)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter isn't mine and neither, sad to say, is Pirates of the Caribbean, in any shape, form or manner except the one with does anyone actually read these?


"I linger in the doorway,
Of alarm clocks screaming, monsters calling my name.
Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me,
Where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story."

Evanescence, 'Imaginary'


Where now?


The pirate Captain edged out of the shadows wearing a vaguely quizzical expression. His hands were still chained, one raised and clutching a hammer, the other dangling from it by the handcuffs.

"Who in Rum's name are you?"


Harry opened his mouth to answer. And paused, closing it again. "Uh…" What could he say? Somehow he didn't think it would go down too well if he just said that he was the seal who followed him here, except he's not really a seal, he's a Selkie and he thinks that's some sort of sea spirit in seal form, except he's not that either, he's a human who became a Selkie and got trapped, and then he wanted to follow Jack but he went on the land so he took his skin off and became a human Selkie and Jack called him Wolf but he thinks his name is Harry, although he's not too sure because the Sea stole all his memories.

"Oh," Jack said, nodding intelligently and lowering his hammer.


"What you said," Jack elaborated, appraising the donkey in the turn-stile. Harry blinked, non plussed.

"I said that out loud?" he asked, staring at Jack in confusion. The captain shrugged, now moving his gaze onto the large cog-wheels above him.

"Hand me that poker, will you?"

"And you understood it?" Harry said incredulously, taking Jack's shrug as confirmation. He slid a poker out of its stand, wincing slightly at the scraping sound it made. Jack paused in the act of taking the metal rod from him, looking at Harry bemusedly.

"Didn't you?" he asked with what seemed to be an honestly curious expression as he nonchalantly held the poker in the forge fire. Then again, why settle for honest when you can have reliable dishonesty after just a lifetime or two of innate Jack Sparrow-ness?

Harry blinked, then shook his head in bewilderment. Bringing Jack and reason together was an exercise in futility, and he was just seeing the beginning of it. He frowned at the glowing poker in Jack's hand. "Hey, what're you going to – YAAHHH!"

Harry leapt backwards, narrowly avoiding being tripped up by the long wooden spokes attached to the donkey's turn stile, his ears still ringing from the animal's pained cry. This may or may not have been a contributing factor to the fact that his scrambled leap sent him crashing into and through a wooden door behind him, landing in what seemed like a closet.

"Hey, clothes!" he muttered snarkily to himself, rubbing his head where it had hit the door. The small cupboard didn't hold much – maybe one pair of trousers, a couple of shirts and an overall – and they were clearly work clothes, stained with soot and burn marks. Nevertheless, beggars can't be choosers; Harry shrugged into the clothes as best he could while in the small space (unconventional Jack may be, but Harry still didn't fancy sprawling on the floor half dressed in front of him).

"You think it wise boy, to cross blades with a pirate?"

Harry froze, halfway through rolling up the trouser legs to his ankles.

"You threatened Miss Swan."

Oh, crap. That wasn't Jack's voice.

"Only a little," and that was Jack – Harry could practically hear the smirk in it.

His mind raced, keeping time with his heart and – ohmygod those are swords I can hear swords ohshitohshitohshit – the almost choreographed sounds from the forge. He was torn; half of him wanted to run out and help Jack, his Alpha, his – friend? He still retained the knowledge of how to fight even if he couldn't remember where he learnt it. The more rational side of him cautioned that this body hadn't learnt; the proportions would be wrong, the muscle memory would be lacking. Besides, he had no magic; even when not consciously using it, his magic had always been a source of strength to him. It made him that little bit stronger, that little bit faster; it could sense a threat he hadn't and react faster than he could.

Harry was only just now realising how much the Sea had crippled him, and he didn't even know why. Hell, he didn't know how he'd ended up wherever he was in the first place, and he had a foreboding feeling that the answers weren't as simple as retrieving his memories from the Sea.

A loud whuff sound drew Harry from his disheartening realisation, in time to hear the strange voice say in disgust, "You cheated."

"Pirate," Jack replied as if stating the obvious.

Oh yeah – Jack's a criminal. "Just great," Harry mumbled, leaning his head against the wall behind him. The only person he had any connection to in this whole situation was a donkey-torturing madman who was apparently a pirate and lawbreaker to boot.


A captured and unconscious pirate and lawbreaker. What next, cursed by dark magic and the heathen gods? Sold his soul to the resident devil of this place and time?

My Jack, a part of his mind whimpered.

A thief and possible murderer, who preys off the poor and has fewer morals than a tapeworm, Harry replied scathingly, diligently ignoring the sound of Jack being taken away by the soldiers,

You're wrong, Wolf – because who else lurked around Harry's mind other than his Selkie half? – answered, He's my Jack and I like him.

Harry ignored Wolf, instead focusing on a bigger problem.

"What the hell do I do now?"


Harry waited a while in the cramped closet until he was sure everyone had gone. Then he waited further, unsure and almost uncaring about what he would do if he did leave the cupboard. Wolf's voice had grown quieter, until the Selkie was barely more than a whisper along his Occulumency walls, still calling bleakly for Jack. Without his Animagus' buoyant presence in his mind, Harry felt – empty. It was a feeling he felt he should recognise – if I don't care, it won't hurt when they die – but from where, he couldn't remember. The answer, like so many in his life around now, lay in the sea.

With no other options, Harry unfolded slowly, wincing slightly at the cramp in his legs as he stood and slowly pushing open the heavy door.

Creeeeaaaa –

He froze, door half open, cursing silently. After what seemed like an eternity, although was most likely not more than a few minutes, he deemed it safe enough to continue.

- aaaakkkk.

"And I love you too," he muttered to the door, not bothering to close it behind him. No point in making any more noise, after all. He headed for the way out, bare feet padding silently on the earthy floor, but a slight shine caught his eye. Closer inspection revealed it to be swords – dozens of swords, some with scabbards, some with belts, some obviously worn from practice. He hesitated; he knew how to use a sword, and it probably be sensible to carry one, but couldn't be sure that this body would fight properly. He didn't want to discover in the middle of a fight that he was as weak as a kitten – and besides, the swords weren't his, and whoever he'd been before, 'criminal' didn't sit well with him.

"Damnit," he mumbled, finally compromising and reaching for one of the less extravagant swords. He tied it hurriedly on his belt as he darted out the door and onto the moonlit street. Once there, he half traced his steps and half followed some sort of internal instinct to guide him back to the Sea and his skin.

The tide had gone out; Harry knelt perhaps halfway up the beach, prying his sealskin gently from its hiding place. For a while, he just knelt there, staring at it bleakly.

"Where now?"

Returning to the Sea was out of the question – he'd only just got his mind back, and wasn't willing to lose it again. And without making that sacrifice, he'd die within a week, most likely of starvation. He doubted he could go home either – wherever home may be – without his memories or magic, both of which lay with the Sea.

So he couldn't go back. Logically, all that remained would be to go forwards. Build a new life here, at least until he found a way to outwit the Sea, and try not to cause too much trouble.

Harry got a sudden image of himself, old and bent with milky eyes and nothing to show for his life but a moth-eaten sealskin. The image almost made him recoil with horror, and without realising it, he clutched his skin protectively to his chest.

"No," he whispered. The truth was something he'd half realised back at the forge, curled in cupboard while Jack was captured. As much as he hated it, he couldn't escape the Sea. If he wanted to live anything other than a pale mockery of life, he needed his magic, needed to know who he was even if not how to get home. This emptiness he felt now, he knew he'd lived with it before – his eyes were pale and bloodshot, and they worried about his health but he had to train more and train harder and never let the dreams reach him – but he couldn't do it again.

"What do you want from me?" he asked brokenly. The waves rolled up the beach as if reaching towards him, but the Sea did not answer.



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