A/N: Just a little glimpse into a normal day with the Charmed Ones and Belthazor. It takes place during the time between "All Halliwell's Eve" and "Sight Unseen." Enjoy (please)!

Cole Turner's to-do list was quite short today. All he had to do was pick up his black suit from the dry cleaners, drive past the station to have a few words with Inspector Morris, and "just happen to drop by" Phoebe Halliwell's house. Deciding the shirts and Morris could wait, he decided to deal with Phoebe first.

Outside the Manor, he adjusted his tie and knocked on the door.

There was a crash, and an annoyed groan. "Tell whoever it is to go away!"

"That'd be Piper," he murmured.

"Have" (slam) "Phoebe get--oh no you don't!" Crash.

"Prue, we just got that fixed," Piper moaned.

"It stopped him, didn't it?"

Cole knocked on the door again. "Phoebe?" he called, hoping his voice hit just the right notes of confusion and concern. "Are you all right?"

"Who is that? Is that Cole?" asked Piper. "What's he doing here?"

"Outta the way, outta the way." The door opened just a crack and Phoebe laughed nervously. "Cole! What're you doing all the way over here?"

"I just dropped by to see if you'd like to go to lunch. everything okay in there?"

"In there? Oh yeah. Peachy dandy."

"I thought I heard-"

"Our cat just...went crazy in there," explained Phoebe. "You know how tempermental they get. So. Lunch. Let's go!"

She eased her way onto the step, careful not to open the door any more than she had to. Cole extended his arm, and the two walked down the steps.

Inside the Manor, Prue and Piper looked at each other.

"We're fighting a demon and she gets to go on a lunch date?" Prue said. "Okay, remind me to have a discusion about priorities with her tonight."

"She can't fight it, Prue," said Piper, leaning against the banister. "She's in love."

"Remind me to have a discussion with her about that too."

A/N: Anyway, this is more randomness from moi. It sort of came out without me having to really even think about it.