Lunch at Persephone's, the little Greek hole-in-the-wall, was the perfect spot to take a date. That was what bugged Phoebe about it.

All right, she said to herself, examining Cole. Is this a friend thing? Is this an "I like you" thing? Is this just an "I didn't want to eat alone" today thing? Or is this an "I'm gonna play mind games with you for my own entertainment" thing?

Just as she'd screwed up her courage, Cole's pager beeped. He glanced at it and sighed. "Duty calls. I'm already twenty minutes over my lunch break.

"Oh." Phoebe nodded. That was all that she could say. "Oh."

"I'll get the check and then I'll drop you off on the way to the station."

"Don't go out of your way." Phoebe stood up. "I'm gonna take the bus."


"Don't 'Phoebe' me."

"What's wrong?"

Phoebe gave the handsome district attorney an irrated glance. "You should know."

"Phoebe, I really don't."

"Then you..." Phoebe stopped before should could finish her sentence with must be a complete idiot. Even though she was slightly annoyed with Cole, there was no way she could unleash her wrath on him. There was no way to tell if it would improve things between them or worsen them incredibly, and she didn't want to take that chance. "Then it's nothing," she finished. "Maybe you should get back to work."


"Look who it is!" Piper said as Phoebe shut the door to the Halliwell Manor. "The little abandoner, home to roost."

Phoebe winced. "Sorry."

"Now I can tell Prue that I yelled at you so she doesn't have to."

"Thank you."

The aforementioned sister stopped on the landing of the steps, the Book of Shadows in her arms. "Phoebe."

"She's been properly chastised, feels horrible, and won't do it again." Piper winked at Phoebe. "So there is no need for a lecture."

Prue looked somewhat deflated. "How was Cole?"

"He was fine." And for all Phoebe knew, he was. Maybe he was madly in love with her right now and just trying to find the right way to put it.

"Only fine?"


The phone jangled. Prue was the first one to it, answering with "What is it?"

Piper shot her a glare. "That could be somebody about the club."

"It's not." Prue handed the phone to Phoebe. "It's Cole. I checked Caller ID first."

Phoebe gulped. "Hello?"

"Phoebe, I..." Cole's voice faded through the phone line. 'I don't think we left on a good note this afternoon."

"No," agreed Phoebe. "We didn't."

"I would like to make it up to you. Could we have dinner sometime?"

She raised her eyebrows. "I guess."

"How's tomorrow at seven?"

"Works for me."

"See you then."

Phoebe hung up and stared at the phone. "I cannot figure that guy out."

A/N: It certainly has been awhile since I updated this, but I was struck with something. I do love early Cole/Phoebe, don't you?

(Actually, if we're going for truthfulness, I love ANY Cole/Phoebe. Any POSITIVE Cole/Phoebe, I should say.)