It was a slow day. Duo Maxwell is not one to be idle. 'No, no I'm not.' He was sprawled out on the lush grass in a secluded part of the Winner estate... stranded. Wufei was off worshipping Nataku, and all of his attempts to pull Heero away from his laptop had deemed fruitless.

'I hope he dies from wrist cramps from typing so damned much.' ...young Maxwell pouted. He knew he didn't want that to happen - he freaked every time Heero did overkill kamikaze stunts. Every time he saw Heero go for his sidearm, his heart pounded like a fat man at the door of an all-you-can-eat buffet.

'I must be really bored to think up imagery like that,' Duo sneered... such ugly expressions weren't meant for his heart-shaped face. His forehead would crinkle, and his lips would purse... and he looked constipated. There was little if any other way to describe it. Which is why he usually settled for pouting in public... but since no one was around anyway, he'd risk breaking his cool facade.

'Sleek charming Duo...that's me,' he paused. Truly, his charms were wasted here. He looked left... and then right. Nobody. His gaze wondered back to the huge estate... flirting with the maids was occasionally fun, until one of the older servantry would scold him and he'd be shooed out of the picture. In a fluid motion he sat up, his knees propped up, resting his elbows on them, in a rather lazy posture. His arm dropped to the grass, finding one of the longer blades to gnaw on.

'Trowa and Quatre have abandoned me...the only people who could stand me for extended periods of time, and they had to go and couple up on me. Great.' He smirked bitterly. Happy for them, he was. Envious, definitely. Duo's eyes wandered to the emptiness on either side of him and sighed deeply. He felt out of place here at Quatre's... welcome, but very much out of place. This isn't the type of place orphans turned soldiers end up... unless you're Rambo-Annie. The American's eyebrow twitched... the longer he kept out of touch with people, any people, his thoughts and charm were gonna get more warped and beyond wasted. The longer he kept out of touch with people... the longer he remembered the past.

'Maybe I should go try Wufei...again.' Duo nixed the idea as soon as it had been conceived. Wufei would skewer him if he came between him and his beloved Gundam. Naughty pictures flushed into Duo's mind...and he quickly shook them off. To be perfectly honest, he didn't WANT to see Wufei alone with his Gundam. A guy whose only companion is something that doesn't have a pulse... it's time to worry.

...then again, Duo's best friend in arms was Death. His hand moved to scratch at the back of his neck... where miraculously he found many of the hairs on the base of his neck scratching back in a standing ovation. Truthfully, he didn't like Death. To be surrounded by it constantly. To have the Grim Reaper know what size underwear he wore. It was just something that was there. And he was akin with it. The image he had of Death was a reflection of what he was to others in the driver's seat of Deathscythe... Duo squirmed in his spot, suddenly finding the need to get up and move around, insisting to himself that it was because his foot would fall asleep or something if he didn't. He began to stalk back to the house, since he truly had little if anywhere else to go... that dampened his mood. Determined to be back to his happy go lucky self by the time he got back to the house... within eyeshot of anyone, he tried to think happy thoughts. What was happy about being stranded with nowhere to go? ...he winced. If he went back to his home... he had nothing to go back to. Nothing structured anyway.

'No picket fences in my future,' he shrugged nonchalantly... he was getting some humor back at least, and he could form a smirk on his lips. Mercenary and theft was no longer in his style. Well, okay, it was, but could he go back to the streets after being lavished with Winner riches? The future was a mystery for him... he basically figured out the other pilots destinies. Wufei would become the leader of some great dojo or something, or become a philosophy scholar or something like that. Heero would end up in intelligence in some world organization - under Relena no less. Duo visibly shuddered as a cold shiver ran throughout his entire body. If someone had been passing by, they would've thought he was having a seizure. He did NOT like that thought ended... Heero being under Relena. Another cold shiver, causing him to trip over his own foot and fall flat on his face.

'Cool...sleek Duo,' he frowned into the soft ground and he slowly peeled off of it. Sputtering a trail of curses mixed with blades of grass, re-evaluating his last thoughts. When he'd first met Relena, he didn't mind so much. Sure she popped out of nowhere and waved like a maniac at himself and Heero... more at Heero, of course. If she had been anyone else, with a LOT less money, she would've been named a stalker and probably locked up and slapped with a restraining order. In her case, she's queen of the world. What are the odds?

Before he could continue with his train of thought, he was rudely interrupted by a loud noise. Duo jumped in his place... he hadn't expected anything, his guard was down now... his eyes darted around frantically, and then the noise again... accompanied with a shuddering stomach. 'Great, I'm jumping at my own stomach grumbling at me. Paranoid, me? Never...' He stopped with the quips and moved onto more important priorities. His stomach. He stalked back to the house, slicing the thick silence with a persistent whistling.