----Chapter two----


Dear Tsunade-sama,

As the next President of The Board of Seals, Curses, Demons, and Angels, you are aware of the Uzumaki situation.

Currently, we know that he is on Earth, but we can't seem to get a signal from his wings. That is hardly surprising; our ANBU scientists have deduced that the demonic side of Naruto has negated any of the angelic broadcasting effects he may have. As of right now, he is hardly an issue, not at all compared to the death of the Angel of the Leafe. I believe you know, but I shall remind you, that Uzumaki was believed to be the -obviously- illegitimate child of the Angel of the Leafe.

If that is true, we must find the demon who the Angel of the Leafe was having an affair with and make a decision as what to do from there. We have narrowed it down, thanks to Naruto's appearance, to a select group of Fox demon.

Gaara is currently still in his holding cell, we cannot dispatch of him properly until we have regained possession of Naruto. No parents have been found, I have a team on the case, but they are not making much progress. There is a chance he may actually be a step-brother to Uzumaki, but that would only be possible if- well frankly, if the Angel of the Leafe was 'sleeping around'.

As to the Angelic guardian of the Cursed Children, we must have as little as possible know about the Angel of the Leafe. I have recruited an angel who has been seen interacting with the children before to pose as our guardian. Unfortunately, I do not believe he is aware of what exactly his position will force him to do...

Anyway, his name is Umino Iruka, Angel of Dolphins and other intelligent Aquatic life. I believe his demonic counterpart is Kisame, Shark Demon and higher up of the Kissing Snake.

I am aware of your past with Uzumaki, Umino, and The Angel of the Leafe, and I must pose a friendly warning. You put your job and your soul on the line by interfering. Your fiery temper must not get in the way of the sacrifice, for it is the Law of the Nameless that all Cursed Children are sacrificed; you mess this up Tsunade-sama, you risk the death of all three known Realms.

Tread carefully.

With all due respect,


Secretary to the Kissing Snake and President of the Board of Angels, Demons, Curses, and Seals on the Bridge of Death



I dare you to move

"Come out, little Sasu-chan, I promise not to hurt you," Kisame of Earth said, "C'mon, I just wan' your money. You have debts to pay to the Akatsuki, you know."

Sasuke hissed out a breath, leaning more fully against a wall in his kitchen, sandwiched in-between his fridge and stove. He cursed himself for forgetting to stash some weapons in his kitchen.

Kisame slowly progressed from room to room; the kitchen was in the back of Sasuke's apartment. Itachi had ordered him to Sasuke's apartment to 'test' his little brother, to prepare him for when Itachi visited himself. The orders were to try to kill Sasuke, and if he made it through about an hour of 'testing', leave. Then let the boy lick his wounds for a couple months, come back with a few friends, repeat the experience. All leading up to a visit from Itachi. The big brother always had a thing for grandeur.

I dare you to move

Taking another breath, more deeply, Sasuke begin shimmying slowly out of the space he was crushed in, preparing to run for it.

"Sasuke-kuuun," he cooed, walking up the hall that contained the front door and bedrooms and advancing into the large living room with kitchen on the side. He paused in the opening between the living room and the final bedroom, carefully scanning everything in sight with his eyes.

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

Feet firmly on the floor, Sasuke crouched like a cat, waiting for the perfect moment.

I dare you to move

Just as Kisame lowered his gun, Sasuke sprinted forward, vaulted the bar between the two rooms, and started running towards the window. Kisame, not expecting this, quickly brought his gun back up and tried to aim and hit the boy. He wasn't expecting Sasuke to actually make an escape attempt; they were after all, on the fourth floor.

Accidentally, Kisame shattered the window with his bullets, aim going wild because of his haste, nevertheless, one bullet hit Sasuke high on the collar bone. Still he ran, almost falling to the window and pulling himself out to fall the four stories.

I dare you to move

Kisame smirked and lowered his tranquilizer gun. Black liquid could barely be seen flowing around in the cartridge, it had the consistency of saliva, and occasionally it burst into flames before returning to its liquid consistency.

"Tch, branded already? I was hoping you'd last a little longer."

Like today never happened

Sasuke jumped the window, making it all the way to the other side of the not-so-wide alley, thanks to some over hanging fire escapes. He held on to one with his right hand, leaning over to unhook the ladder. The rungs slipped, and the ladder fell down, Sasuke still attached to it.

Three stories later found him on the hood of a convertible, bent over on his stomach between the windshield and convertible cover, groaning in pain. He rolled off the car and onto the ground, narrowly missing the remnants of the broken ladder. Using the wall as a brace, he pulled himself up, stumbling down the alley towards the exit out into the street. A few feet before, he turned and retched; a combination of the tranquilizer and falling three stories on his stomach.

Taking a few moments to breathe, Sasuke rubbed his eyes and wiped the grime off his face before walking further out onto the sidewalk. Bent over, he scanned the street for more of his brother's goons, only to see a boy just as bedraggled as him, plus a huge pair of wings, in the middle of the street with a car speeding towards him. Apparently the person didn't see him, because he didn't step on the brakes or swerve, just drove straight forward about to kill the poor kid.

The gunshot must have addled Sasuke's brain, because he started running into the street, to try and shove the kid out of the way. Slowly the blonde boy turned his head and seemed to see him, for he frowned, obviously irritated. Just as Sasuke reached him, his eyes flashed red.

It was then that Sasuke passed out.

Today never happened before

----Chapter epilogue----

Excerpt from the Sprite Guide to the Realms-

Life and Death:

-In-between the Realms Heaven, Hell, and Earth, there is a crossing, called the Bridge of Life and Death. Heaven lies on one side, Hell on the other; Earth is under. The Bridge of Life and Death can never be both Life and Death unless there is a meeting between the Realms. Therefore, depending on which Realm you wish to travel to, you need a different Bridge. An Alter-Ego, if you will.

If you need to get to Hell, you need the Bridge of Death; Heaven, Life. If you wish to travel to Earth, you need merely to decide if you wish to travel as a Ghost, or a Live Entity. As a Ghost, you can not speak or interact with any Life Forms on Earth, but if you go as an Entity, you may not be able to come back until your death. One must know the appropriate Jutsu, or Incantation, to keep you from forgetting your past as you travel to Earth, for the sights on the way are said to be so literally mind-boggling that you forget everything about your former life.-

----End chapter epilogue----

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