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Summary: This is my take on the aftermath of Living Doll

Brass found Grissom sat behind the wheel of his Denaili, his eyes puffy and red from his obvious crying. Brass opened the passenger door and climbed in.

Brass says "They'll find her, every available officer is out there looking for her"

" I can't lose her Jim, not now." Grissom sighs in reply

" You surprised a few people in there you know, of course I guessed a while back, I'm just surprised that you managed to keep it secret for so long." Jim says almost proud of himself that he had guessed Grissom and Sara's secret.

" Well Jim, I don't really care for people's opinions right now, I just need her back, safe. God I feel so helpless, Natalie is too disturbed to get any sense out of her, she wants me to suffer the way she has suffered."

"We'll keep pushing her, see if she gives anything up, we're still trying to find out who helped get the car out to the desert, she can't have done all this alone." Brass offers in little comfort to his friend and he moved to leave the car.

Grissom whispers "Where are you Sara?" and let out a deep sigh and closed his eyes. A tear fell down his cheek which didn't go un-noticed by Brass.

Grissom stared straight ahead as the rain continued to fall "You know I'd given up any chance of being happy, I'd consumed myself with my work for so long that I couldn't see what was right there in front of me. I pushed her away when she tried to get close to me because I was too afraid to let myself risk everything for her. She never gave up on me, even when she knew that I wasn't sure what to do about us."

" Everyone deserves to be happy Gil"

" You know I didn't realise just how much I needed her until we got together. She's the most important person ever in my life, spending four weeks away from her while I was in Boston made me realise just how much I love her and need her in my life. "

He looks over towards Brass and continues

"We both know that people will frown on our relationship and say that I'm compromising my position as her supervisor by dating her, but I ask you Jim, have I shown her any special treatment this past two years?"

Brass was shocked at this, " Wow, two years, I figured 6 months maybe, but hey I'm only a detective!!!"

"She completes me Jim, she's allowed me to open up to my feelings and a life beyond the lab. You could say that she's made me human again!" "You know, we've even got a dog - I got him to keep her company while I was away, I didn't want her to be lonely and spend all her time at the lab - we've given each other a purpose to life other than work."

" You know Ecklie will try and break you two up in the lab" Brass replies in concern

"Only if he finds out and I'm not ready to tell him yet Jim."

"Well he won't hear it from me."

"Thank-you, we would appreciate the courtesy."

Grissom lets out another deep sigh "Where are you Sara?"

Brass's phone rings

"Brass - yeah, where, are you sure? Ok, he's with me, we'll meet you there. Two members of the public out for a little cruise down lover's lane have found a car wreck just off Boulder highway."

"Is it the Mustang?" Grissom asks with the sound of desperation in his voice.

"Hard to tell in this weather, are you OK to drive or do you want me to?"

"I'm fine Jim, just give me the directions."

They head off into the stormy night, Grissom saying to himself "Hold on Sara, I'm coming to get you."

They head off into the stormy night, Grissom saying to himself "Hold on Sara, I'm coming to get you."...

The pain she was feeling was like nothing she had felt before but the belief that he would find her was some comfort. She had no idea how long she'd been there, all she could remember was getting into her car and someone call her name. Then it all went black.

The pain was shooting up and down her spine and her head felt so heavy she could hardly move it at all. He will find me, he has to find, I need to see him again, I need him to hold me again, kiss me again, hear him say that he loves me and tell one more time that I love him...

30 minutes pass as Grissom and Brass head across Las Vegas and by now they had been joined by a trail of squad cars, lights flashing and sirens in full voice speeding their way through the stormy night.

"Hey, Gil do you wanna slow down a bit, you'll be no good to her if we crash!"

" Sorry, I just want to find her."

They turn off the highway and head down the dirt track that appears to go nowhere.

" Are you sure this is right? This looks like a dead end to me." Grissom asks

Brass replies "Let's just keep going...hey...wait a minute...slow down, what's that over there?"

There it came in to the view of the headlights...an upturned car.

Grissom slammed on the brakes and jumped out of his car and ran towards the upturned car shouting Sara's name, stumbling in the wet mud in his eagerness to get to her.

He saw her outstretched hand and dropped to his knees as he nervously checked for a pulse. It was weak but it was there however Sara was unconscious.

Grissom pleads "Hold on Sara, just you hold on, don't you leave me now."

Brass shouts back at the rest of the police convoy "Guys get over here now, we need the paramedics on standby too. Come on we need to get this car moved."

A flurry of officers gathered around the car as did Warrick, Nick and Greg who now also arrived at the scene.

"Come on honey, hold on for me, we going to get you out of there now."

Grissom was again close to tears as he kissed her hand and repeated over and over "Hold on."

Warrick, Greg, Nick and Brass all exchanged knowing looks at each other...Grissom really does love Sara doesn't he!!

Brass order "On the count of three we need to lift the car so the medics can get to her, Ok on my count, 1,2,3 lift"

On three they used all their strength to lift the car and flip it back over to free her.

The Paramedic approaches Grissom "Sir, you need to let her go so that we can work on her...please Sir, let us work on her."

"I'm not letting go of her, I'm not losing her again." He pleaded

Brass places a hand on Grissom's shoulder "Gil come on let them do there job so they can get her to the hospital."

Reluctantly Grissom lets go of her hand and the medics load her on to the stretcher to take her to the ambulance

"We're taking her to Desert Palm Hospital, would you like to ride along with her?"

"Thank you." Replied Grissom

Grissom boarded the ambulance and it left with sirens blaring as it made its way back down the track.

Brass, Warrick, Nick and Greg all breathed a sigh of relief that they'd found her alive.

Warrick says "I'll call Cath let her know to meet us at the hospital."

With that they all got back into their cars to head to the hospital still praying that Sara would pull through.

Grissom sits anxiously waiting for news about Sara for what seems like an eternity. All they had told him so far that she required emergency surgery to stop some internal bleeding.

Nick, Cath, Warrick, Greg, Brass and Sophia had now arrived to try and offer some support and comfort to Grissom.

Catherine is the first to speak to Grissom" So how are you doing? We've been worried about you. She's a fighter, she'll make it through this you know."

Grissom just looks back at her and Cath can see the fear in his eyes, fear that he may lose the love of his life.

The Doctor appears from Sara's room, "Mr Grissom?"

" Yes, how is she?"

The Doctor continues" Well she's in recovery now, we managed to stop the bleeding. She's got severe concussion, a couple of cracked ribs, a broken leg and she was badly dehydrated."

Grissom let out a sigh of relief "Can I please see her?"

" For a short while, she needs rest."

"Thank you Doctor."

Grissom moved past the doctor and headed towards the room where Sara had been moved to and gently opened the door and entered the room where he saw Sara, his beloved Sara, hooked up to monitors and IV drip.

He felt so helpless seeing her lying there like this. She had bruises on her face, plaster around her leg and heavy bandaging around her chest. But she was alive and safe from Natalie.

He sat next to her and gently took her hand in his and kissed it.

"I'm sorry Sara, so, so sorry. This is all my fault, it should've been me not you."

He leans forward and kisses her forehead and says " I'm not ready to say goodbye. I love you, please stay with me."

He sits back down and bows his head and closed his eyes still holding on to her hand, never wanting to let go of her again.

Slowly a smile appears on Sara's face as she opens her eyes and looks down at him.

" I love you too Gil." she says croakily.

He looks up at her and smiles back before leaning over to kiss her.

" You scared me, I thought that I'd lost you." Grissom tells her

"I'm going nowhere without you Gil."

Grissom breathed easy for the first time in what seemed like days, he smiled at her before kissing her again before looking deep in to her brown eyes and saying " I love you and nothing and nobody is ever going to keep us apart. I'm never going to let anything bad happen to you again."

"You promise?"

"I promise. I love you." he smiled at her.

Sara smiled back " I love you too."

They kissed again.

Unseen to them both Catherine had been stood in the doorway observing the supposedly private moment between Grissom and Sara.

She just smiled and stepped back out in to the corridor and moved back to join the others.

" I think they need a little more time" she said with a knowing smile on her face!!

Unseen to them both Catherine had been stood in the doorway observing the supposedly private moment between Grissom and Sara.

She just smiled and stepped back out in to the corridor and moved back to join the others.

Catherine: " I think they need a little more time" she said with a knowing smile on her face!!

Brass notices the smirk on Catherine's face and smiles and nods back at her in acknowledgement.

" So how long have you known?" she asks Jim

" I'd had my suspicions for a while, I told you I knew something far more juicy that Grissom and Lady H!" " He told me earlier that they've been together for two years - hey they've even got a dog! Cute little family" he says laughing slightly.

"WOW Two years - how did we all miss that?" Catherine says shocked.

Nick asks curiously " What do you mean two years? Wait Grissom and Sara? Together? No way man - I mean, nah together?"

" It's obvious I guess when you really think about" Warrick added

" It is? When he said earlier that Natalie Dell was taking something away from him that he loved, I just thought that he meant love in a caring way." Enquired the Texan.

" Think about it - I never really used to pay much attention to it but they have these looks you know, something that's personal to them."

" I can't believe Sara's with Grissom - no wonder that she was never interested in me!!!" Greg added with a hint of disappointment

" Personally - I think this has been brewing between them for years, I mean come on, he brought her here from San Francisco when Holly was attacked, he's always had here back what with the DUI, getting suspended, numerous run ins with Ecklie." Catherine offered

" I've never seen him so cut up about anything before, he was scared he was going to lose her. I don't think he's felt this way about anyone before so I say good luck to the both of them." Says Jim

At that moment Grissom exits Sara's room and re-joins the group.

" Hey how is she?" Catherine asks as she gets up to greet Grissom

" She's going to fine, she's still very tired and dehydrated, she's resting right now. I'm going to go home and get changed and fetch some of Sara's things in for here."

" You need a ride?" Catherine offered

" Thank you."

"Do you think she'd mind if we stayed?" Nick asked hesitantly

" Please stay, I don't want her being alone, I don't ever want her to be all alone again. Just don't all crowd her at once, she's still very tired"

" No worries boss. We'll take bedside shifts." Warrick assured him

Catherine and Grissom leave with Nick, Warrick and Greg still a little shocked that Grissom and Sara are together.

Greg still in shock " Wow, Grissom and Sara - together, who'd of thought it huh?"

" Let it go man!" Warrick replied playfully punching him in the arm

Grissom and Catherine are in the car heading back to Grissom and Sara's townhouse. The journey began silently , Grissom overcome with relief that his Sara was safe. He was conscious that Catherine kept on glancing over at him.

" Whatever it is you want to say to me Catherine just please say it."

" I'm sorry Gil it's just that I thought we were friends, that we could trust each other you know. You helped me when I was going through all that crap with Eddie and Sam, you could have told me about you and Sara." she says with a hint of annoyance and upset in her voice

" Catherine you have no idea how difficult it has been for us. It took me far too long to admit my feelings for her to myself and to Sara let alone tell anyone else how I feel about her."

I'm sorry I didn't mean to be angry with you, it's just well, you could have trusted me, both of you could."

" I'm sorry, I do trust you Catherine and I'm sorry if you feel offended or betrayed in any way, that was never our intention."

" No wonder Sara didn't have too much to say after Keppler and me worked secretly without them while you were gone - she was keeping a bigger secret!!! " Catherine says with just a hint of sarcasm.

Catherine pulled the car into the driveway and Grissom got out of the car first and walked ahead of Catherine to open the door to the house.

"BRUNO!!" Grissom called as he opened the front door

"Bruno??" Catherine asked

Grissom smiled at Catherine as Bruno came running down the stairs excitedly to see his master home.

"Hello boy, come on you must be hungry." - He headed towards the kitchen to feed the dog and Catherine followed close by.

"No offence Gil, but I never pictured either you or Sara as dog people!."

Grissom looked over at Catherine " We got him just before I left for Boston. I was worried about Sara being alone while I was gone and I knew that she would spend far too much time at the lab, so I figured she needed a reason to come home so we got Bruno - he's a great dog and very protective of Sara. (he laughs) you know he wouldn't let me anywhere near Sara when I first got back, he kept on getting in between us and growling at me!!

" How sweet!" Catherine replies sarcastically

Grissom shoots Catherine a disapproving look.

"I'm sorry, I'm just trying to get my head around you guy being together - a couple, I mean, I always sensed a connection between you two but figured that you were both too stubborn to do anything about it. So how long has Sara lived here?"

"A year now."

" So are you going to tell me how and when it all began? Come on Gil spill the beans, I want know it all warts and all."

" Well if you insist but first I need to get a shower and change my clothes and get a few of Sara's things together. Make yourself at home, I won't be too long."

Grissom heads off upstairs leaving Catherine to wander...

Meanwhile back at the hospital,

The boys were still trying to get their heads around the events of the past 36 hours in particular the revelation about their boss and their co-worker.

" You guys mind if I go in and see Sara first?" Nick asks

"No man, you go ahead." Warrick replies

"Sure just don't tire her out too much." Greg added

Nick walked towards Sara's room and gently knocked before entering the room. Sara turned and greeted him with a smile.

" Well hello there gorgeous, I'm so glad to see you again"

" Thanks, could you pass me some water please?" Sara replied croakily

" Here you go, so how do you feel?"

" I'm exhausted, the painkillers are doing their job thankfully. Grissom told me that I'd been lucky, I've no idea how long I was out there, I'm just so glad he found me when he did."

" I've never seen Grissom so cut up before, he was so worried about you." Nick says softly

" He was worried about you when you went missing, you saw his reaction when we found you."

" Yeah but Sara, Grissom isn't in love with me is he!"

Sara looks at Nick with a look of shock.

" Sorry sweetie, he let it slip back at the lab although to be honest it didn't really register with me at first. Brass told us that you guys had been together for a couple of years now."

Sara smiles back at him and says " Yeah, it's been the best two years of my life." Her gaze drifts passed Nick in an almost daydream as she imagines Grissom arms wrapped around her, smiling at her, looking deep in to her eyes, whispering I love you before kissing her...

"You really love him don't you?"

" Yeah I do...you know I waited a long time for him, even gave up on him but what do you know, he took me by surprise!"

Just then the door opens to Warrick and Greg

" You up to two more visitors?" Greg asks in anticipation

" Yes Greg you can come in."

" Looks like your going to be holed up here for a bit huh?" Warrick adds sympathetically

" I hope not, I hate hospitals, always have, I just wanna go home."

" with Grissom?" Greg asks cheekily

" Yes Greg with Grissom!" She replies with a huge smile on her face

" Hey man, stop teasing her. I'm really happy for you, for both of you." Warrick says in support of Sara as he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

"Thanks Warrick"

Meanwhile back at Grissom and Sara's townhouse:

Catherine couldn't help but start to have a nosey around the living room and her attention was drawn to a photograph of Grissom and Sara together - they looked so happy and right together she couldn't help but smile. She felt that the house was homely and she imagined many happy times here for them.

Grissom re-joined her in the living room carrying a small overnight bag.

" I made some coffee, you want a cup?" Catherine offers

"Thanks but I want to get back to the hospital."

"Come on Gil, have a coffee, take a rest for half an hour, the boys will keep her company until we get back."

" OK then." he says reluctantly as he takes a seat on the sofa, Bruno laying at his feet and Catherine takes a seat next to him.

"Some come on, spill, when did it all start? You've kept it from me for long enough.

Grissom smiled at her as he began...

" You're not going to let this drop are you Cath?"

" No, now I'm sitting comfortably, please begin"

" I guess I'd always felt something for her, I just didn't want to admit it to myself because then I'd have to deal with it and I'm hopeless at personal stuff. So, I chose to ignore it. When I felt that she was getting too close to me I would push her away and now I hate myself for doing that to her. I guess I feared that if she got too close to me then she would really know me and I got to feeling that if she really knew me she would run a mile. So she then started to see Hank and I don't blame her for choosing someone else, I told her she deserved a life, I never thought that she'd act on it so quickly but she did and I'll be honest with you Catherine, I was jealous of that bastard. I can't believe that he cheated on her and yet I still pushed her away when she asked me to take a chance on us, but I just didn't know what to do about me and her. She told me that by the time I figured it out, I may be too late.

" No wonder she was so pissed with you after you turned her down." Catherine says

" You remember the Debbie Martin case? Grissom asks

Catherine: "Yeah, wow that girl was the image of Sara, you got pretty involved in that case, was it because of Sara?"

Grissom: " I couldn't get Sara's face out of my head, it was like her lying dead in that house. It was then when I finally admitted that I felt something for her but I couldn't completely let myself go to my feelings. I would have compromised both of us and I felt that it would be better for both of us not to act on them, I couldn't take that risk. I didn't want to hurt her but the truth is that I did. She overheard from behind the two-way mirror, me taking to Dr Laurie about my likeness towards him and how he had been in my position and taken the chance with Debbie but that I couldn't take that risk. I hurt her and I blame myself for her behaviour in the months that followed, you know the DUI, the argument with you, the suspension, she felt rejected by me."

" So what changed?" she ask, pushing him to continue.

Grissom continued " I went to see her when she was suspended and she opened up to me and told me some personal things about her life that she hadn't spoken about to me before and that gave me a greater understanding about her and I saw how much she needed me even though she accused me of being emotionally unavailable. I guess I realised too that I needed her too. Then we were working that case at the Mental Institution and she got cornered in the office and I saw fear in her eyes and I felt fear for myself, that in an instant I could lose her. Nicks kidnapping was the wake up call I needed, I asked her for a second chance, asked her if I was too late and since, she has given me the happiest two years of my life."

He smiles as he gets lost in thought of him and Sara together and re-living in his mind that moment she said yes to request of a second chance.

" You know, I've waited a long time to find someone to fall in love with, who will love me for me, someone who doesn't judge me, accepts me for who I am, and I've finally found that with Sara. I just wish that I'd admitted my feelings to her sooner."

" I can see it in your eyes Gil, you're truly happy aren't you?"

" Yes I am and it's all because of Sara."

" You know Ecklie's not going to be happy." She warns

" I couldn't care less about Ecklie, he's a dumb-ass, he wouldn't understand and besides I'm not going to tell him, he's not guessed so far and I know Brass won't say anything, I'm kinda hoping that the rest of you won't say anything." He replied

" Sure - let him wonder!"

He stands up to leave and says " Come on lets go, I want to get back to see Sara, I'll follow in my car."

Back at the hospital...

" So what's Grissom really like then? I mean he always seems so serious, I mean I've never really thought of him having a normal life!! You know, he's all work, bugs, work, bugs.." Greg asks curiously

" Come on Greggo lay off Griss, of course he's normal!" Nick adds

Sara laughs " I know he can be serious in the lab but that's because he's so passionate about his work. He's a very caring man."

"So ... when did it all start?" Warrick asks hoping she will spill all to them

"San Francisco." She says which shocked the boys.

" Excuse me?" Nick asks

" You could say that I had a crush on him when I first met him at the seminar all them years ago, I'd heard that his lectures were a little dull to be honest with you but what can I say, there was something about him that made me want to get to know him more."

" So you guys hooked up all those years ago?"

"No Greg, we met for coffee a few times, went for dinner and we became friends and kept in touch once he was back here until he asked me to come to Vegas and work with him but deep down I knew I had this huge crush on him." she says with an almost daydream look on her face.

she continues..."look guys, I don't expect you to understand but Griss and I have always been close and even when he said that he couldn't risk a relationship with me, I never really gave up him, I just figured that he needed time.

She looks over towards Nick " it was after your kidnapping that made him realise that as clich├ęd as it may sound, life was too short. Warrick, you got married, Griss and I got together."

The boys all smiled as they listened intensely as she told them her story.

Sara continued " we went for breakfast one morning after shift and (she smiles & laughs gently) he was really nervous about asking me but he asked for a second chance and I admit I was surprised but I said yes.

" Well I must say that he certainly has been more chilled lately!!" Warrick informs her.

" You know just before he went away, I thought that maybe he had a girlfriend, I mean he was leaving at the end of shift, lost a bit of weight and shaved his beard off." Nick adds

Sara couldn't help but smile, she was glad, relieved actually, that everyone knew, no more sneaking around, except that is for Ecklie!

" You know Ecklie is gonna be pissed!! Greg says hesitantly

" You know that I really don't care much for Ecklie's opinion - do you guys think that you could keep mum about this?

" Sure" they all agreed

Just then the door open and Grissom and Catherine enter the room.

" Hey Sara, so good to see you again - how are you feeling?" Catherine asks, relieved that her friend is now safe

" I'm doing ok thanks, painkillers are still working for now anyway."

" I've brought some of your things in for you." Grissom says

He shot a look over at the boys before leaning in to Sara and whispering in her ear " Catherine knows"

" It's OK Gil, the guys know it all, you let it slip back at the lab."

" Oh, I didn't think you got what I said" as he takes the seat at the side of Sara's bed.

She takes hold of his hand and gently kisses the back if it.

" Honey, it's ok, they won't tell Ecklie."

" Hey and neither will I." Catherine adds

" Cool, a secret from Ecklie" Greg says excitedly.

" Hey come on guys, what say we leave Griss and Sara to have to privacy yeah." Warrick says to the group as he stands to leave

" OK - lets go get something to eat - we'll stop by after shift if that's ok with you Sara?" Nick adds

" Yeah that'd be good, thanks for being here for me and understanding."

They all give Sara and hug and kiss goodbye leaving Sara and Grissom alone.

the guys and Catherine have just left Sara's hospital room and Grissom makes his way to Sara's bedside and leans in to kiss her.

" So, honey, how are you really feeling?" Grissom asks her sensing the relief that her visitors had left.

Sara sighs and smiles up at him " You know me far too well Gil Grissom...I'm exhausted but the guys seemed really happy to see me I didn't like to tell them that I was too tired to talk to them. You don't mind that I told them about us do you?"

" No dear, not at all, I think given the circumstances it was about time. Catherine certainly wasn't going to let me come back here without spilling the beans. I told her that these past two years have been the happiest of my life."

" Same here."

They smiled at each other before embracing in a passionate kiss.

" You need to rest, you should sleep, I'll be here when you wake up."

" Gil, you can't stay here all night, sleeping on that chair will kill your back! Go home and get some proper rest."

"I'll be fine, I just want to be here with you, I don't want to waking up on your own."

" I'll be fine, besides, what about Bruno? You can't leave him on his own again."

"OK, I'll go home for a short while, take him out for a walk, but I'll be back before you know it."

He smiles at her and brushes the hair away from her face " I love you so much you know."

" I know you do, I love you too."

He kisses her once more before reluctantly leaving the room and heading for home. He knew she was right, he was exhausted too, he hadn't slept much either these past couple of days.

One week later:

Sara is now finally back at home thankfully although she can't quite shake that hospital smell out of her. She hated hospitals as a child and as an adult they weren't any better.

" Damm it!! " she yells as she drops one of her crutches again. She reaches out to try and recover it from the floor but lets out a yelp " OUCH!! Shit! "

" Sara, what are you doing - I told you to ask me if you needed anything."

" I know but I hate just sitting around here doing nothing, I hate being a patient, I have absolutely no patience for being one!"

Grissom was trying not to laugh at her " You've got to take it easy remember, you're still very delicate." he says as he helps her back on to the sofa. " Now what can I get for you?"

" I'm not a doll Gil, I'm not going to brake."

" Is that so? A broken leg and two cracked ribs, I beg to differ my dear."

" Funny!"

Just then Grissom's mobile phone rings.

" Grissom...hello Conrad...no Conrad...I told you, I'm taking some vacation time...it's personal...yes I'm aware that the grave shift is short staffed and Sara won't be back at work for a few weeks but you'll just have to cope...I'm sorry Conrad but I'm on vacation, goodbye Conrad."

he snapped the phone closed

" dumb-ass!! He wants me to go into work but he'll just have to cope without me for a few weeks. Swing and days will have to pull double shifts for a change."

" I don't mind you know if you want to go into work for a few hours, I'll be fine here on my own."

" No Sara, until you're better and stronger I'm staying home with you and besides, it gives us the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together." he says with a cheeky grin on his face.

" I guess so, but you know, there's only so much we can do inside this house, sooner or later we'll get bored."

" Ok then, lets get away for a couple of weeks, maybe go on a road trip so we could take Bruno with us, what do you think?"

" Sounds like a plan to me. Where do you have in mind?"

" How about San Francisco?" he suggests

" Yeah, I'd like that, go back to where it all began huh!"

" Yes, right back to where I started to fall for you!"

He leaned in and wrapped his arms around her and they began to kiss passionately before he picker her up and carried her giggling to their bedroom where, well I'm sure you can fill in the gaps!!!!