A/N: This is a continuation of the experimental fic Descent which was started by Helen Highwater. Unfortunately, real life happens and Helen was unable to finish the story. I offered to continue and was given the honor. I can't promise that it will be as good but I will do my best. Wish me luck. : )

June 20 – 8:18 AM

Why no entry last night? Did you even show up? I don't think you did. I woke up too early. Why was that? I don't understand. I gave you plenty of opportunity to run around outside. I told Leo I didn't want him watching me. I didn't tell him you tricked him last night. I kept my end of the bargain. Why didn't you keep yours?

You're obviously insane and dangerous. You've threatened my family. I took a risk by telling Leo not to watch us last night. You owe me an explanation. I don't want to play these games anymore. I want the truth.

You get one more chance. Tell me what I want to know. If you don't, I'll ask Leo to watch us again and this time I'll let him read the journal. He'll know you're dangerous. He'll tell Master Splinter. You'll never get to leave again.

This is your last chance.