July 10 – 12:55 AM

I woke up around midnight. I thought about going out for a run before remembering that the others are still watching me. I thought maybe I could ask someone to come out with me but that would mean I would actually have to talk to one of my brothers, something I've been avoiding.

Instead, I sat down to write to the other me when I realized something odd. I was the other me. I am the other me. It's the most bizarre feeling. I guess I didn't quite realize it at first. The two parts were so much alike but there were differences. The memories, mostly.

You see, I remember setting up the video camera to catch Mikey pulling his practical joke but I also remember turning off that camera. I remember splashing acid all over my arms and I remember waking up to find burns all over my arms. And I remember taking the sheets to central park, spending the whole night lying out there until, come morning, took those sheets and I threw them in a garbage can, thinking, This'll trick him. But I also remember my confusion when I discovered those sheets missing and my growing fear as I realized what that disappearance of those sheets meant.

I remember being so confused. Catch between wanting to tell me what was going on and knowing that I had to protect… myself.

And, of course, I remember what happened that night. It was raining, I was coming back from the Laundromat and I just wanted to get home. I wasn't being careful enough. She was there and she caught me on film and, well, you know the rest.

Is that all it took. Owing up to what I did? Is everything back to the way it was? I have a feeling that it is. After all, you're me and I'm you.

Actually, maybe I'll ask one of the guys to come out on a run with me. I feel cooped up in here. And I could really use something to drink. Something warm and red maybe?

A/N: So, I've decided to end the story here. Endings have never been my strong point and I'm a little disappointed with this ending. I feel that he later entries were not as well developed as the earlier ones. As I wrote, I noticed the journal entries getting progressively shorter. This was extremely hard for me to do, since I'm the sort of person who works months on a piece before posting. However, it was also a good experience and I can blame any errors or inconsistencies on the fact that it is suppose to be experimental. Thank you all for reading and reviewing. Your support really helped. : )