Harry and Voldemort: The Final Conversation

The battle was over. Harry Potter had won. Voldemort lay on his back, too weak to move.

"Harry," Voldemort said, "you are a great wizard. But you lack the power that could make you the best."

"Riddle," replied Harry, "you have pushed me to a place I thought I would never go. I have used spells that most people would consider evil."

"Were they?" Voldemort asked.

"No," Harry answered, "they were refreshing. They opened my eyes to what power truly is."

"As a last request, Harry," said Voldemort, coughing up blood, "take up the role as the new Dark Lord. Kill me with Avada Kedavra, and take up the position, in the name of power. Take over the world. Unite it over a single banner. And bring peace to the entire wizarding world."

"Riddle," said Harry, "I will take up the role as the Dark Lord. All will fear me and bow before me. Now die Voldemort, your time is at an end. It is time for a new Dark Lord to rise! AVADA KEDAVRA!" Voldemort's body crumpled, but Voldemort's face was calm and peaceful.

Harry Potter then pointed his wand at the sky and shouted "Merido" and a shape was formed in the sky. Two basilisks tearing apart a phoenix. And that was the end of the most feared Dark Lord in history, Lord Voldemort, and the rise of a new Dark Lord, Harry Potter.