A/N: I need to apologize for how long this chapter is taking…a lot has been going on lately and my muse has taken a temporary leave of absence from the stress…I'm going away for the week…hopefully the lack of tension a trip to Vermont with my cousins will bring will help coax it back…I'm bring my journals and more paper than I know what to do with and a dozen pens and I plan to come back with at least 2 chapters. Forgive me please for this…I haven't been able to write anything in weeks and it's really been getting me down…I'll be back on the 12th of January and I plan on typing furiously the minute this computer is back in my lap.

P.S. How mad is everyone that American Idol is gonna be on on Tuesday's at 8? And the fact that we won't be getting a new episode for God-knows-how-long? Do the PTB know what happens when they deprive us of Booth for too long!?!